Mission Impossible 2 (2000) (Show Notes)

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Mission Impossible 2 (2000)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Oh, Hi, I’m Sir Thomas Cruise The First Of His Name …do you like my cap? I stole it from Days Of Thunder…but that’s not why  I’m talking to you today….I’m here to tell you  about something very exciting! Long have I suffered from the hateful jealous resentment people aim at me for being a  Scientologist. Well no more, I have decide to start my own religion. I call it…Cruise Control. and If you are into looking good even well into your 50s and like brainwashing/dating honeys in their 20s. Then Cruise Control is for you. First, become an actor. Easy! Now be charismatic…a goofy boyish smile helps… Now here is the important part.,  Running. Ironically, there is  a lot of running in Cruise Control…so run… Don’t walk….no…like this….run like you hate the wind..that’s it..Karate Chop that crap..you got it… Faster….Grit your teeth…more grit….watch them neck veins pop! Eyebrows up…Eyebrows up! run like you are going so fast that the wind is going to rip your head right off your body. OH MY GOD I THINK MY HEART IS GOING TO EXPLODE! Oprah! I’m coming home! I’m coming home. Now play our gospel song…bom. bom.bom bom..bom..bom.booo….Do da dooo…do da dooo….do doo doo.

Theme song, Finally: A theme song to run by,


Twitter:  Mission Impossible 2 (2000) – Like watching a James Bond movie but with Tom Cruise and a better theme song. now stop eyeing my saddle crotch bag Dmitry


Stuff I Loved:

Tomothy Cruise


Sydney Australia

I have a medical device that has a countdown.

Trope: Medicine that takes 24 hours to explode like a bomb in your body.

Dmitry is his code name.

Don’t look at my crotch saddle bag Dmitry

Trope:  2 parts mixer bomb.

Tomothy cruise has some hippie hair.

You just been gassed!

Who thinks up this shit? Mass murder wanna be script writers.

You keep calling me Dmitry…you really shouldn’t

The face off in Mission Impossible.

Terrain…Terrain…pull up…Terrain…Terrain…pull up.

A John Woo film!

Tomothy Cruise doing the climb…this was a big deal back in the day.

Ahhh…the old…based on a television series.

Tubes in scifi always have hydrolics to eject the payload. Even when they are sunglassess.


Most jacked up theme song ever for any action series. Always get stoked.

Seville Spain!

How many buttons is too many buttons down on a shirt. at your age?

5 minute starring contest with the hot girl…go.

Not quite mob prom…but close.

That is one busy bathroom

On top sex joke.

Our job is like having sex.

Where the hell were those security guys. That alarm went off and they were there in 2 seconds. and it was a very generic alarm…is that the only thing they were protecting?

The whole thing is a dance.

She doesn’t even have her own phone number?

Should have already had your seat belt on.

Ahh…the John Woo car dance.

Action like sex

All the passion of a latin dance.

It’s hannibal lector…favra bean

Set the saints on fire.

We have a traitor in our midst.

Do you see what we are fighting for?

Me…oh…just hanging out in my sexy lingerie.

Oh…their passion burns like a match!

This is going to end well…send in the girlfriend of the abusive boyfriend

This transponder is completely untraceable…that sounds like a big ole fat fail.

Sunglasses play a big role in this movie…see the action in the glasses. WHAT DOES IT MEAN!

Montage…in case you forgot who the players are…Crazy Helicopter Pilot. City man messing up his style.

The main guy is crazy. His 2nd is a genius and observant and paranoid.

Technology is never as good as marketing…even in the spy business.

Thandie Newton was only filmed for 5 minutes..but they stretched out her performance to 2 hours with Woo Mo.

We don’t know what he’s got.

No fly’s on her…

Rich Kids of Instagram are out on the dock being rich kids on instagram.

Rich guys like to dress up their ladies like Barbie Dolls. They like to watch…

man…she is skinny.

The ole….try this on…nope…you naked…far enough.

Recombining DNA Molecules.

Does the newspaper proof date still work in today’s world? I mean if you have a 30 million dollar deal…how hard would it be to photoshop a fake newspaper into that.

Chekovs finger chopper.

That was used pretty quickly.

Never put something in your ear just because someone tells you to?

Half dozen blokes.

Sure…looking through binoculars at a race track may seem like a good cover…but not if you are not even pointing them towards the track.

Ambiguous technology.

She’s a wizard gypsy.

Mission Down To The Wire Possible

He felt it…he knows…you so screwed.

Left pocket…right pocket…sloppy sloppy sloppy.

The ole locked in the car…driver switch-cha-roo

I’ll be glad when face technology reaches Mission Impossible level.

Then I can be Randy, Scott or Ibbott

Vign Rames has trouble breathing

Hehe…I like this bad guy…knowing exactly how Ethan Hunt will approach.

You gotta believe in your guys…even if they always run into a glitch.

It’s like if Darth Vader knew about the gopher hole vulnerability in Star Wars.

Why let him get all the way there…I guess so we can have the bad guy explain exactly what Ethan is doing as he does it.

Trope: The perfect plan.


This was a horrible plan. If you know Ethan and what he was going to do…why wait until after he is doing it to show up?

This movie is full of timelines and countdowns.

Put a sock in it…stop shooting the virus…and why are you shooting the virus anyways….you are the worst shot ever.

There are a lot of mirror shots…sunglasses as mirrors…glass as mirrors…mirrors as mirrors.

You know women mate…they are like monkeys…won’t grab hold of one branch until they have let go of the last.

Brilliant and obvious move.

Time released medicine in movies are extremely accurate.


Trope: There has to be another way….It’s a long shot…but let’s try it.

Run Tomothy…Run…as the glorious mane flys in the wind.

Your shorty shirt needs more shirt. I SEE YOUR BELLY!

That was the loudest smackiest smack I have ever heard.

The deal is about to go bad…but glad we can still have casual conversations while under intense pressure.

Sorry Mr. Woo…we were all out of doves…so we used chickens.

How much was I wishing that Ethan would take his mask off and be Vign Raines.

You made me kill my second in command.

Time to get away…I feel a motorcycle chase scene coming on.

Longest most profane use of dirt bike fight in cinema history…only NoWhere to Run was even close.

Good thing she is not getting progressively worse like the guy they showed in the video earlier….she is essentially all good.

They are using their training to fight real good…but who trained harder!

Ethan Hunt coming in with the flying Monkey punches.

Slow mo blow.

Oh no…the bad guy million dollar babied it on the rock.

Good guys wear black…so do bad guys.

Should have killed him.

Gun in the sand…convient…the spy godsreally looked after you.

He wasn’t aiming at you goober…he shot the girl

Big ass needle guns in movies…why does it have to be big ass needle guns…I have only ever see a crazy ass needle like that at the dentist office.

Hey if you save the worl…you can be excused from being a thief…murderer…or whatever…we all good.

Down at Family Day for Mi6…Balloon pops…mayhem ensues.

that is the most crowded part I have ever seen….





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