Escape from Alcatraz (1979) (Show Notes)

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Escape from Alcatraz (1979)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Oh, hi. Not since John Dies At The End has the title of a movie so succinctly spoiled the tension of a story for me. Every time I felt a little worried about one of them fancy french paper art  heads getting touched by a guard and blowing the whole plan, I needed only pause the movie on Netflix and go…oh yeah…ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ… Also, no Snake Plisskin? What kind of pre-quel is this! Dissappointed! 

Twitter:  Escape from Alcatraz (1979) – Like former Warden Johnson,  Like putting bloody numbs in your report. Mr. Zimmerman.

Like eating pasta everyday for  10 years if you get upset you are going to make your mouse a window.

Like getting a lumpy officer report from Mr. Zimmerman. You don’t want to open that bag of vienna sausages. those aren’t bbq vienna  sausages!


Stuff I Loved:

Clint Eastwood and Fred Ward!

We got t he military drums.

No Dialogue intro.

Ethan thinks this is so cool

Geez…boat drive much….watch out for the pier!

That is not a batman spotlight.

That is a lot of pressure driving under a spotlight

mmm…look at dem rotary phones…

Finally Dialogue! We got to get back to the boat.

Checking all the orifices and hair…eeek…clint lice wood!

That one phone is a red phone.

The guy in the operations cage…he don’t look like he trusts nobody.

Lighting and thunder…cause it’s dramatic.

Welcome to Alcatraz….now strip naked so we can parade you down the main strip.

Eastwood is a big man.

Welcome to alcatraz…booom

“Hey! can i get a towel or something…it’s a bit chilly in here…a little shrinkage going on.”

very procedural.

Geeez…button nazi…guess I need to button to the top button….

mmm…big ole steaming pile of grool.

Metal plates….metal spoons…gad…I couldn’t take all that metal on metal scraping action .


No eye contact! No eye contact…that dude wants to Lady and the tramp you.

Gonna call that guy the Pasta Man. nope…rat man.

I don’t know what the guy over at table 3 is smoking…but that is not somebody you want to eyeball over dinner.

Is that the Warden’t train set/ nope…it’s a model of alcatraz…wonder if that will come into play?

No Magazines…No Newspapers.

Shave once a day…shower twice a week…hair cut once a month.

Warden stink pants…keeps the stink in.

No one has escaped from alcatraz and no one ever will…except the movie is called ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ!

That blanket looks itchy.

Rats in the shower….

That is way more man meat than I care to see.

These showers a like espresso makes…lot of foam. Are those set on pulse?

Sexual advanced are not appreciated

“What you want boy.” Boy…boy

Did he just call him boy? that is not a 2 way street when it comes to race.

This is not part of the Snake Plisskin “Escape from” series.

You in for killing white guys?

Was that Danny Glover?

All the magazines are from the 50s…what you suppose they got? Good Housekeeping?

Warden does not allow books to these cells…ain’t no light.

Hey, let’s play fight in the yard…

I think I will paint! The flower is inside…so I painted it…now it is on the outside.

You hurt Wolf

Where you going Cracker?

King of the Mountain gets to sit on a pillow…an ass-y pillow.

Can you say that? I just hate…the n word

1 hack for every 3 cons.

1 long count.

Sure I could walk around…but it’s more fun to shove your way through.

uh oh…he knifed a guard…that ain’t gonna be good.

D -block…you want the D…you got the D.

Time to take a one month nap.

My nap was interrupted by a refreshing high pressure shower.

D-block makes you forget how tall you are. Low bridge.

This rat has a note! this rat knows how to write!!  Rat messenger. Why you dirty rat…

That dang light string in the middle of my cell would drive me crazy.

Hand shaking…don’t know if it is needed in prison.

Who’s the new fish? Charlie Butts.

Al Capone…

The Warden is a little nosey…nah…he’s real nosey.

No more painting for Doc….not cool yo…not cool.

I’ll take that brush….and this painting…yoink

Doc does not look happy.

Yay…it’s over-alls day!

Con’s are always upset.

Do not get Doc a Hatchet.

words you do not want to hear….Oh…Mr. Zimmerman…chop chop chop

think they can reattach those fingers?

Here…put these fingers in your report…

We just got our report from Zimmerman…there were fingers in it.

Taking a shit from your bed…why not.

You still reading that bible?

Hello Father…

You are not allowed to talk about the rules. This is like fight club.

At least they could show us a gangster movie…mo mo mo.

Why would you ask the guy with the lazy eye if he is looking at you.

They sure have convenient prison jobs.

What should I whistle?

When will he sleep?

There are a lot of black and white jokes.

Where is he going to get beetles?

That’s some quality welding.

That is some serious burning….

Why does he have a suitcase in his cell?

Man you can’t trust a guy who can’t whistle.

Geez…you couldn’t be more suspicious.

Worst guard ever. This movie gives me gas.

Shop and Art class is all you need from High School to break out of alcatraz

I’m looking you in the face and I don’t see Jack Shit.

That is the best paper mache head I have ever seen.

But his hair skills suck.

Hold very still…look like a pipe…don’t move.

He needs to spend another 10 months working on his vertical.

deserts on my plate

If these cons had worked this hard in real life maybe they wouldn’t be in prison.

If Al Capone dies his rat will eat him

What kind of books in prison would they have that would help you plan your escape.

That should call him…Mr. Shakes Hands Man.

Shakedown! Time for a Shakedown.

My stuff!! Don’t touch my stuff.

Could at least made my bed back up.

One of the benefits of Alcatraz…lots of time to practice.

Fancy jackets in prison.

Worser pat down ever.

Hey up top…don’t knock the rats down on my head please.

Cons crying in their cell…typical.

Has anybody seen my butts?

Good thing you had plenty of time to work on upper body strength.

Jumped on a bird…just my luck.

Was it just too expensive to light the whole facility outside? Cause spotlight are not very effective…scary…but not effective.

Land right next to the warden’s office with my luck.

Who designed this stupid raft. It’s more like a tube than a raft. Tube raft.

Morning butts.

Get up Morris….eeeekkk….I decapitated Morris!

I like that the head is smiling.


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