Robocop (2014) (Show Notes)

Robocop (2014) –

like expecting Tranformers for your birthday but grandma brings you Mother F*ing Go-Bots. It transforms into a scooter?

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Opener: Oh hi, Alright guys, I just got the phone call we all have been dreading. It appears that the new state of the art Robocop cyborg Detroit dude is headed our way. But it’s ok, we are the number 1 crime syndicate in Detroit and I do have a plan. Step 1. Turn off the lights…cause everybody knows cyborgs can’t see in the dark. Step 2. Shoot him in the face. So if you guys took the “Shoot him in the face” webinar and follow up certification test last month then we should be fine. Everybody who attended the webinar and got their certification hold up your card. ahhh shit.


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RoboCop (2014)


Stuff I Loved:

Blll…Bllllll….Blllll…mmuh mmuh muh muh….yay ayaya ayay

what if I told you.

Pat Novak – The Novak Element

“May peace be upon you.”

Meanwhile back in Detroit

Hip Hop White Cop

Do these guns have body’s on them Jerry?

Shoot you just to see if their guns work. Well I’ll be damned…it works

This is just like lethal weapon…but both of these guys are young enough for this shit.

man comparing police compassion to robots would not be a topic for entertainment for today.

Have you seen these creepy ass paintings behind me?

We need a man inside a machine.

Rule Set: If you get emotional you lose control of the bionics.

That is why you are the doctor, doctor.

His car blew up.

Mrs. Murphy never talks above a whisper

time passage. 3 months later.

Love me some Sinatra.

This actor seems more like he is from New Orleans than Detroit.

Pretty cool comparative shots to establish his organic and emotional life to his current cold and robotic life.

The way I figure it they had 2 options for where to put that port tube. Back of his head or in his bum. I can’t say they made the right decision…but still.

Do we really need blow by blow like a sports report on his bodily functions. Patient’s heart rate is up. Synaptics firing.

No don’t stop him…let the crazy angry robot man run around. Surely he won’t kill anybody…and if he does…no biggie. We will just get more bodies.

Did you really have to wait until I was in the rice fields to shut me down.

Odd. a pair of lungs with a head looks like cock and balls.

We saved the core….oh…and this hand.

Hey…blow by blow lady. SHUTUP!

I wouldn’t buy that for a dollar. – homage

a lot of time was spent in the movie trying to give nods to the original.

That sure is a really expensive test. all dem ro-berts

A machine that thinks it is Alex Murphy…that is legal.

Like what? His soul!

The wife who whispers. She is gental.

Yay…now he is black!

Cops do not like their power taken away.


Harry Connick Jr. is RoboCock

Hey…guys…why did you turn off all the lights? I’m still awake in here. I’m not a machine!

Kids love the transformers.

Internal burns and bowel control.

New drugs are always blue.

Did Keaton change his pictures on the wall? Now they look more something.

The Novak Thing.

That feeling when Novak swipes you off the stage. See ya.

How much does robocop weigh? Clunk Clunk Clunk

The audience is privy to the police corruption.

People need jobs. Robots don’t

Robocop. Good at MultiTasking or now?

What the hell. They took my over the top crappy movie of the 80s and made this dumb ass competent movie.

Everywhere you go you can see crime scenes that took place in that location.

Dopamine levels returning to normal…how is he doing it? Nature will find a way.

Hubcaps of the future are black and dull. It is the future.

Does he have a phone number?

Aim for the head…the only part that counts. Let’s see if these morons actually do as they are told.

I bet the 1 trillion dollar robot cop won’t have night vision. You gonna lose that bet.

You guys are the worst at “Shoot for the head.” If Milton Bradley made a new game called Shoot for the head. You guys would be buzzing like a game of Operation at an AA meeting.

Why is Richard Dreyfus so against RoboCop.

Sweet ED-209s

ED-209s are not good at close combat

The almost got away on a Helicopter/Plane Trope. or as I call it The Fuel The Chopper trope.

Movies can easily define non-fatal injuries.

I’m from marketing…ok…yep yep yep.

He did it. He was able to shoot the director. Mind over machine. Was really wishing someone would have fired him though.

Face, head and head. If you are a robot with no body and you know it clap your hand. If you are a robot with no body slap your face.

Left his open for a sequel.

Something about the grey steel that gives the robot a human personality. The black Kevlar suit is kind of boring.

Samuel L. Jackson final gets to give us his Mother Fucker speech!

Pat Novak is Future Fox.










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