Paycheck (2003) (Show Notes)

Paycheck (2003) –

Like a janitor who comes out to sweep every time  a subway train passes by. Predictable and pointless. but I can’t stop watching!

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– FilmSack Edition

Opener: wait, wait wait wait…stop spinning the integration chair for a second…I’m getting really dizzy guys…just let me put my head between my knees for a minute. Hey what’s this?…does this thing recline? Does this thing vibrate? Did you guys get this thing at Brookstone? I love that store. I mean I pretend like i am there to buy something. But I’m really just there to get a free chair massage. alright guys, let’s get this over with…I got to get home and watch some sports that I recorded on my VCR…that’s right…I recorded it using video cassette technology…it’s the future!  Also, I been Philip K Dick’d again!



Paycheck (film)




Paycheck (2003)


Stuff I Loved:

It’s time to wake up and get a life!

split screen!

A-life….better than your lame B-life

I am fancy fleck. I wear a suit and I make this suit look good.

See you in a few months sucka.

that motherboard has lasers!

oh…I haven’t been this impressed with lame ass responsive screen technology since Minority Report.

Reverse engineering.

Suck it…I don’t even need monitor.

muhaha…100% market share…muhahaha

It’s generally easier to work backwards…

Memory wipe!

I’m Fleck Man

Jesus Rita.

1 c above 43…he’s a veg.

Hologram technology sure…but if you bump the computer…blammo

I haven’t seen Paul Paul Giamatti this hairy since Planet of the Apes

260K for a month of your life.

John Woo had to work in some Kung Fu

Paul Giamatti red track suit.

Did he just load up a VHS tape…I’m pretty sure even in 2003 we had to know that was not the tech of the future.

What the hell is up with the 6 pink bows in the back of Uma’s head.

She was still Kill Bill’ish during this time.

“Do you work for Jimmy? Cause Jimmy likes you.”

Issac is a robo moron.

8 weeks was the longest.

He still has to do the work. He may not remember it afterwards…but he still has to do the work.

John Wolf…my name is John Wolf…that’s right…I’m way cooler than you.

Some star wars type quick wipes.

Not my cool ass shades!

Corporate espionage is a bitch.

why are scifi needles way more scary than modern needles. You would think we would try to figure out a way to make needles less scary in the e.

Impressive….you are growing plants here.

Who turned on the wind machine.

What the hell do you need a giant robot arm in a hydroponic science lab for anyways…these people are just pending money to spend money.

sometimes suitcases contain LEDs

3 years and he only has like a small pile of mail.

If you fire your computer up after 3 years of being gone…do you have any idea how long it would take to run all the updates.

Stamps…you only needed 4…that’s going to come into play.

Hold up…I gotta get my taser face on…gaaaaaa

Here…I need you to sit in the integration chair….you may think you are getting a haircut…but you ain’t…instead we are going to spin you right round baby. right round

A watch that is a perfect fit…yeah…that ain’t a Cinderella slipper bub.

What!? What a sec…this chair reclines? why didn’t you start with that!

All the way to the danger zone….43c.

Brain scanning is painful

Shit we lost it…

Is that some of those trick cigs? Guess we never saw vaping coming in 2003. how about some spicy gum.

Best fire and safety suppression ever…it generates more smoke and turns off the lights and flashes so you are essentially blind. Fuck the safety of people…we gotta protect this integration chair…do you have any idea how much this thing costs.

I need a vanilla envelope with all the answers…or a plot hole device. “This damn manilla folder holds the answers to everything.

I was eating pie….cherry

Ahh…the good old Error 41

Could you find a skankier hotel.

Code on the back of a fortune cookie is always a lottery code.

How many movie mysteries have been solved by the old “branded book of matches”

This music and tone reminds me of The Saint.

Memory Montage.

Look at you…Soul patches are back in style!

Level 5 federal lasers.

500 billion dollars

“C’mon…I’ll show ya” guy…I have to show you instead of just saying it.

reading …From Naked Ape to…

What was that Janitor sweeping when he came out of the subway access tunnel. Do he come out like one of those dutch clock people every time a train passes.

Let’s see what I have in my little nilla folder of plot devices.

3rd rail…used to happen in all the movies.

Affleck must have been good at hackie sack

Time to search your room. Especially when we see you mouthing words to the mirror.

“This is what I want you to do….go back to the bathroom and take a dump.” Good thing she didn’t take a dump before reading the message…he would have had to do that too.

How come everybody knows how to pronounce Cafe Michel properly. We can’t even agree on how to say Angelina Jolie on Filmsack

Man…that coffee really needed stirring…

You got floaty contacts.

You are not Sarah!

It isn’t a car…this is a John Woo film…it’s a motorcycle!

Bike helmets of the future are boring and drab.

and helicopters!

Noooo…not the magic envelope

Man…I can not believe my luck…all these really convenient open containers for me to drive my motorcycle on.

The classic too big to chase you in that small hole.

man…the LTD cost of this movie is too big

Man don’t you know you don’t go through a ladies things when she is washing her hair.

Apparently movie couples only ever record birthdays

This Einstein has microfiche in his eyes!

Precogs like problem

Apparently, alarms of the future are designed to confuse the hell out of it’s operators.

Let’s take a look at the future before we destroy this thing? Have you learned nothing! Monkey wrench the hell out of that stupid thing.

That scientist must have been blind as a mofo to not see that big ole bug chip that looked like it didn’t belong.

on the catwalk.

Your future viewer is also into film making…since it shoot everything looks just like a movie.

Who is he talking to? He just says outloud…”reprogram the door.’

Ok…so he sent himself a package of stuff and nothing set off any alarms. Crossword Puzzle…nope…cigarettes…sure…bullet…uh…bullet!

Robot assisted gun swapper program

What the crap does a hydroponics lab have to do with time viewing machine?

He sure looks cool in slow motion Aaron Eckhart

what was that ice made out of! It blow’d up real good.

Philip K Dick stories must take place in greenhouses.

Why can’t you go in the birdcage?

Nice low profile lottery ticket.










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