Return Of The Killer Tomatoes (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Retrun Of The Killer Tomatoes – FilmSack Edition


Opener: ahhh….The 80s. A time when a young man could find himself delivering pizza on a Honda Spree one day and the next …visiting a sex shop with a tomato. A very hot tomato. Wait, I just got that….tomato is a euphemism for hot woman. Crap..I may have to reevaluate this movie.


Twitter:  Return of The Killer Tomatoes – Like Winning a date with Rob Lowe in a contest ran by George Clooney…you are totally getting screwed…pal. buddy.



Stuff I Loved:

Bob Down

Channel 73 $1 dollar movie

Jackpot $9.22


“the” is the secret word

Poor ole Sid.

Get my rocks off. Haven’t heard that in a long time.

Big Breasted Girls Go To The Beach and Take Their Tops Off.

High waist-ed bikinis from the 80s man.

The Mad Scientists lab. Reminds me of Beakman’s World.

It’s Gomez from the Addams Family

Drop the seemingly normal tomato into some antifreeze.

Earplugs and then quarter…nope…should have done that the opposite.

Rambo Ragu.

Let’s infuse a jukebox into our machine.

Ha-Ha- cough. Mad scientist sinister laugh into cough…when was this origin.

We start with Wilbur’s story that we left off in the last tomatoes movie.

Wilbur now runs a pizza place that uses no tomato sauce.

Opening song covers the opening montage that let’s us know what has happened and what is to be expected…and foreshadows a third part. Which eventually came.

Pizza boy scooter Honda Spree.

She’s quiet the tomato…Tara…

Pepperoni Extra Cheese and Boysenberry.

What is the Pizza Boy character in movies? He played a larger part in the 80s…relegated to just a joke in more modern movies.

They are gardeners and carpenters. They are not Tomatoes.


are those bike turn signals still legal? are those even right?

Young people don’t get the danger.

Horror movies and news reporting go hand in hand.

The Red Scare or Japanese after the war or both

That old Looney Toon? we don’t do that anymore.

Clooney has the cool hat.

War stories…the youth don’t care.

We are getting some flashback via the last generation.

“Tomato” just the word can cause havoc.

Sam Smith was insane.

Let’s reveal the tomato weakness. “Puberty Love”

This movie is very self aware. Breaking the 3rd wall. Mostly via budget jokes and film making.

You hurt Larry!

Igor is a rapscallion and Olympic gold medalist.

So long sponge face. A mutant tomato. We’ve got to have something to lose.

Win a date with Rob Lowe.

Womanizers were charming during the 80s

Thanks a lot pal. Don’t use that term enough.

You could do worse getting help from George Clooney in getting a girl

Ha ha…Gentlemen…Did I mention the playboy center fold  opportunity.

What is the tone of this movie?

How is the acting?

is the music thing consistent?

Fuzzy Tomato (FT)

Awkward Teenage hormones.

Blowjob. That is harsh language for a PG movie

FT is Gizmo from Gremlins

Did your mamma drop you on your head when you were in a baby?

How about a blowjob…iron your pants.. NOOO

Generic food products.

Is Tara convincing as a walking tomato?

Clooney doesn’t know the words to O’Suzannah

Sex sells. Chad…you are the loser…how did you get the hot tail?

Never put bananas and Raisinets on pizza

High Noon poster with Gary Cooper with gun pointing character…foreshadowing

Tara understands about humans : Sex , food and cleaning and business.

Did you enjoy the sex?

Toast Eggs Bacon Toast Waffles and Toast (did I catch toast in there?

Pal, Buddy, Swell.

A real cloud jockey.

She bathes in fertilizer.

best Sinatra impersionator

igor has the smile down

When did public opinion officially sway against mimes?

Love from different worlds. The Sinatra knock off love song Rick Patterson and Neal Fox is spot on. You might even miss it because of all the human on mime hate crime.

Obsessed with toasters and kitchen appliances

Black market maters. Cause people want them

This movie spawned a Saturday morning cartoon.

The music is inspired. Godfather music during the smuggler dealings.

Valerian Root Powder!

Reject the older generation ideas.

Upscale restaurant is pompous.

How about a chili dog.

The Smiley Jock turns even eviler after high school

On the street reporter is a horrible person. Charles White

Valet Problems

Has there been a chase scene?

Room mate problems.

Poor FT…he is kind of a tribble’esk character

It’s like Fuzzy Tomato deserves his own Saturday Morning cartoon.

The scrum rescue. It happens in movies.

Can you pull off a Keystone cop chase in today’s movies?

So let it be written. So let it be done. – 10 commandments from the 60s

Save the film, Strike the broad…. kill the babies.

Break the 4th wall so we can discuss product placement. When did that become a thing.

In April 2006, Broadcasting & Cable reported, “Two thirds of advertisers employ ‘branded entertainment’—product placement—with the vast majority of that (80%) in commercial TV programming.” The story, based on a survey by the Association of National Advertisers, said “Reasons for using in-show plugs varied from ‘stronger emotional connection’ to better dovetailing with relevant content, to targeting a specific group.”[7]

“How about a Crest”

Does Crest still make those tubes?

Fight Montage..

I mean the movie was zany enough….but after the director calls cuts due to budget…it gets odd.

Federal Vegetable Investigation

Attention to detail and subtle visual gags abound in this movie. Set pieces like “future home of clearwater estates” banner  at the toxic waste dump suggests a comment on corporate corruption

Amalgamated…We’re number 1.

you got to scream.

The weird world cup of sailing

Honda Quad Runner. An in and out of the 4th wall. The movie needs money…but the story needs progression.

Muscle men are oily…Glistening in the moonlight

Hey pope

Different tracks create different tomatic results.

Guest room is a euphemism for dungeon you chowder head

Nice digs? who says that?

Something always bad supposedly happens to someone when they are transformed. Then it is revealed it wasn’t them at all.

Problem in movie solved by real world solution. I have paper…from my script.

FT someone to love and pull for?

The Lone Brother.

Puns and literal takes a plenty.

The inception of satire.

Man this movie really makes me want to get a Honda Quad Runner.

Oliver North joke…that will go over the head.

Angry acting for humor at the end.

Scuba, Lone Ranger and Paratrooper and some kids.

A punch to the gut is not the same as a punch to the nuts. But it seems like movies during this time would take that leap of faith.

Saved by the 4th wall.



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  1. Casey Rafter says:

    I loved this movie series when I was a kid. I remember making my grandmother purchase a membership to a local movie rental joint just to be able to watch this when it came out. Just TRY and find the original on DVD these days. LOVED the cartoon. everything (timewise) lined up perfectly for my childhood with this franchise. I was doomed to be a weirdo. WEIRDO PRIDE!

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