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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Ravenous – FilmSack Edition

Opener:  I owe you gentlemen a story. It’s going to end with a woman that may or may not be being eaten as we speak. Oh well, let’s sleep on it.

Bourbon break.

Would you stop squirming. I know I mispronounced it.

Martha’s account: aaaaaand Backwards Walk. Backwards Walk. slowly Close door. Peer through door holes. Yep. Confirmed. Dudes snuggling in bear trap. Native American Lady out! Crackers be eating each other up in here! oh, stop squirming. I know I cannibalized that whole opening. Cause…get it. cannibals.. WINDEGO! WINDEGO!

Twitter:  Ravenous  – Like 6 men rubbing down a half dead man  in a 19th century hot tub.  It should make you feel uncomfortable. and it does! Bourbon Break!

I owe you gentlemen a story. But instead…Bourbon break.


Cast & Where are they now:

Google Says

Guy Pearce https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/guy-pearce-reveals-smoked-much-3844349

David Arquette Had to Propose Twice to Fiancee Christina McLarty

Neal McDonough talks n4 ‘Suits’ stint (and ‘Justified’ return?)


Stuff I Loved:

Windengo –

He was licking me!

Guy Pearce is my favorite

Quirky Music

1847 – The mexican – ‘merican war.

Guy Pearce is having some mental problems.

The character description montage. Say their name…show ’em doing something. preferably that fits or juxtaposes description

Fort Spencer is kind of the F-Troop of this movie.

Manifest Destiny? Where are we going with this? Swept along…Manifest this!

Reminds me of The Wall in Game Of Thrones.  A little under manned. No place else to go. Might as well  go to the Fort Spence.

Mexican’s don’t know dead apparently.

Drink blood. Get the strength to climb out from underneath a dozen dead bodies. Dead weight. Sure.

David Arquette can read!!

No Peyote…that is Mexican Indian stuff.

The spirit of peyote is very old, he is Don Juan, a wise old man that takes the consumer of peyote into the higher dimension of the world, where he acquires great wisdom and sees the creation of the cosmos through vivid visions. 

David Arquette on peyote…that is going to be a thing.

The Crazy 8’s

Like 6 men rubbing a half dead man in a 19th century hot tub.

You have been reborn!

The spiritual man kind of has a Kramer thing going on.

Do not wake up the doctor….he does not handle that well.

Good lord? Naked man!

I owe you gentlemen a story.

More than one character description montage

Never trust a man when it comes to shortcuts

First we ate the oxen. then then horses…then the dogs.Mmm…eating belts and boots and roots.

Eating a malnourished man…is there any nourishment in that?

Come on…say it! Not “hunger is more severe” say it…Not insatiable appetite! say it THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE…SAY IT!!

Maybe you could have started your long ass story with “There may be a lady being eaten as we speak.”

Come on take a look at my ancient spiritual Indian scroll on cannibalism!…

Come on say it Ravenous…not insatiable appetite!

Too much Bourbon in his Bourbon

Wonder if Jeffery Jones will spot Bueller on his journey.

Didn’t that dude play the crazy dude on lost too? He is the quintessential crazy guy.

Bourbon break.

I found a bone!

Bourbon now!

Eat a man…gain his power. The Quickening: Highlander.

19th century goggles are 19th century

Music is funky and effective.

You got your Elvin Indian bow man.

Native American Legolas

Bats. I hate bats. cave bats

I am not descending into the hole inside a cave. Cave Hole

What do you know…a cave that looks like a cave… and not a vagina.

Pretty sure that is the lady…she got some nappy hair.

It’s a trap.

Run! O’Brother Where Art Thou music or Raising Arizona

Let’s keep this light hearted  fun romp going.

Guy Pearce in not much for confrontation.

One shot gun. Takes too long to reload.

Would rather jump off a cliff than fight a man?

Mother…I hate seeing bone sticking out of flesh in movies.

Would you stop squirming. I know I mispronounced it.

Just gonna cower here in the corner.

I haven’t been this excited to watch a man strip slowly…since…like…never.

No bullet wounds on the shoulders! Does eating flesh make you wolverine!

Don’t fantasize about eating David Arquette please.

Suicidal Ambition


Can you resist.

Did you check around outside. No. WELL CHECK AROUND OUTSIDE WOMAN!

One of us has to travel by foot…Volunteers…since you are the only person in the room…guess what. Volunteerism…that’s not how it works.

Stew Ala Major Knox.

The power of eating people!

Eat to Live. Don’t Live To Eat. -Ben Franklin

I bet I would still hate the liver.

I sure hope those are potatoes in that Knox stew!!

Pretty sure cannibalism does not cure massive blood loss.

They sure are quoting Ben Franklin a lot.

You have to kill to live vs civility

People in this movie are really hard to kill.

The final fight scene is rather lengthy. Bordering on They Live status

Over the shoulder punch with a knife in your back.

Bear trap finale. That was pretty freaking sweat.

Do not eat the mystery stew! Do not eat!! nom nom nom

Indian lady is out. Crackers be cray.


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