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Released: 1986 Runtime:  97 min Rated R

Maximum Overdrive is a 1986 American horror film directed by Stephen King.[3] The film stars Emilio EstevezPat HingleLaura Harrington and Yeardley Smith. The screenplay was inspired by and loosely based on King’s short story Trucks, which was included in King’s first collection of short stories, Night Shift.

Maximum Overdrive is Stephen King’s only directorial effort, though dozens of films have been based on King’s novels. The film contained black humor elements and a generally campy tone, which contrasts with King’s sombre subject matter in books. The film has a mid-1980s hard rock soundtrack composed entirely by the group AC/DC, Stephen King’s favorite band. AC/DC’s album Who Made Who, was released as the Maximum Overdrive soundtrack. It includes the best-selling singles “Who Made Who“, “You Shook Me All Night Long“, and “Hells Bells“.


Hey Scott, I was looking at the Filmsack timecards when I clocked in this morning…and I noticed that some of the cards had stars on them. So I was assuming it was because of my good performance. Then I noticed Ibbott had 2 stars. whats up?

Wait, holdup. You want me to work for 9 hours and only get paid for 8? What am I; Salary!

You remember that scene on the bridge with the Watermelons falling down on the cars? it was all like…aaaaahhh…watermelons. Well Yeah…that was a  metaphor.  A metaphor For Stephen King being coked out of his head while making this movie.

I got this whole truck load of watermelons!

Twitter:  Maximum Overdrive  – more Reeks than an episode of Game Of Thrones.  Can’t you see we got a situation here?

Like watching a movie directed by someone who was coked out of his mind. No wait…that was exactly what we watch. Twitter retraction.


Stuff I Loved: Where dey at now? – Emilio Estevez (chubby) Yeardly Smith (sp) – Lisa

On June 19th, 1987, at 9:47 A.M. EST, the Earth passed into the extraordinarily diffuse tail of Rhea-M, a rogue comet. According to astronomical calculation, the planet would remain in the tail of the comet for the next eight days, five hours, twenty-nine minutes, and twenty-three seconds. 1987 was in the future at the release of this movie in ’86

Rhea-M = ream

Join us for FilmMath :

start time – June (6th month) 19, 1987 9:47 am duration – 8 days 5 hours 29 mins 23 secconds (stephen king’s high school locker combination?) end time – June 27, 1987 3:16 23 seconds pm (15:16) enough math!

Wilmington North Carolina…Fuck You Money

the Money Man II

You are an asshole…this machine just called me an asshole AC/DC!!

Excuse me. I got to pick my nose. Hardcore. To AC/DC

Ghost! at the Bridge Control Center…

AC/DC get’s their own logo font.

Crocket and Tubs boat…passing through! Did we do that? Erkel boat?

Like a watermelon truck on a bridge

Uh oh…there went your axle…is that even how axels work? You lost your Axel…just like Slash.

Oh man…your AC/DC van got bent.

Screw you woman…I got on my white yuppie tennis outfit on…oh hell…watermelon crawl.

You GD Stupid Asshole. Can’t you see we got a situation here?

Oh! Green Goblin truck!

Happy Toys…that in’t no kid’s toy truck…if you know what I mean and you do…because I hear you laughing.

Andy’s mom is a dog? Oh Son of a Bitch

Well let me just take a look down the pipe hole of this gas hose.

Is that all? Flush his eyes.

Wait…I ain’t too smart…you want me to work for 9 hours and only clock in for 8. C’mon…is that really the worst thing…

Barbara June should not be allowed near the griddle.  No Barbara June that is not how you make flapjacks.

Look at all them stars. Everbody here is a convict!

Most grating noise ever…reek reek reek reek

Let me just tap this quarter on the floor before I make my great escape from the arcade of death.

This weeks Old School Pick is Star Castle

  • Star Castle was featured in the 1982 movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
  • Star Castle can be seen in the 1982 movie Rocky III. In an opening scene where Paulie is walking in an arcade, a girl can be seen playing Star Castle.
  • Star Castle was featured in the 1984 movie Ghostbusters. It was one of the two arcade games, along with a pinball machine, that the Ghostbusters team kept in their headquarters.
  • Star Castle was featured in the 1986 movie Maximum Overdrive, where it electrocuted a person to death in the arcade.
  • Star Castle was featured in the 1989 TV series Columbo: in the episode “Murder, Smoke and Shadows” along with the video game Joust.

C’mon everybody…I’m buying the soda…no I mean it…1 soda. we got to share apparently cause all I got is 50 cent.

Death by coin operated machines.

Bystander levels of understanding what they are seeing: The first can to the crotch is funny. Can to the head..Getting less funny…oh shit. RUN!

Trucks, industrial equipment, coin operated machines, yard and kitchen appliances. Fuck cars…we don’t possess those.

Are you on something? Worst North Carolina Accents ever.

EAT MY SHORTS!? Did Yeardly bring that from this movie to the Simpsons…Nope…Judd Nelson said it in the Breakfast Club…maybe Emilio heard it.

Curtis…is he dead?

I don’t think that Truck wants to talk to you.

Curtis…are you dead?

Why does the truck attacking Curtis sound like a Impact drill when it starts up? Sound like a Nascar pit crew ?

Nobody wants a green goblin in a box.

Jerk in the box is more like it.

Load of Joy? told you that wasn’t no kids toys truck

Just gonna kneel right here behind this truck.

You’re cute….Emilio laugh..

Who has the best hollywood laugh?

Nothing at 10:15 in the morning.

That poor dog. How did it get the toy cop car in his mouth.

Great long shot of the Ice Cream truck coming  down the street.

My-T Tas-T –

Is it playing. King of the Road? Trailer for sale or rent?

Let me sell you a bible. Now wait…let me tell you what’s in it.

How many fingers do you see….8…12…

Bubba is really trying to keep salary under control so he can keep grits prices down

Bubba is not really a real bad guy c’mon.

Didn’t even make it out of the parking lot.


Smash and trash.

I’m gonna tear them off boy!! Stephen King is obsessed with skroat abuse in his stories. Chopper, Sick Balls. Alright…maybe I only have 2 examples. But I need a reason to say Skroat

Death by bumping. Bible salesmen…am I right!

Horse Puckey

I got Dead salesmen on me. Boo hoo

Hey…we are trucks….we can’t even pump our own fuel…let’s drive around in a circle for no apparent reason…oh wait…I see why. PRODUCT PLACEMENT!!

Man I wish my name wasn’t Curtis

This was during a period of filmmaking when the character had to say the thing that was happening on case it wasn’t obvious.

Curtis’ car…top speed…70MPH?

When a truck leaves the highway it bursts into flames. Everyone knows that the only reason trucks do not burst into flames is because they are attached to the road.

More Reeks than an episode of Game Of Thrones


Always time for love making in horror movies. Cause nothing makes you hornier than a bunch of trucks trying to kill you.

What the hell was Emilio eating off that girls head?

Juke Box of Christ. Last supper.

The whole damn world has gone tits up.

We made them. You can’t! WE MADE YOU! Alright…calm down.

Horn of disapproval.

I like spoons.

I am not comfortable with Lisa Simpson making out at a greasy spoon

I  hate those fucking trucks. I never did like trucks anyway.

You got a bible salesman in your ditch.

I didn’t sign on to be no hero. – in your best southern accent.

Crazy as a couple of rats in a plugged up shit house.

C’mon…For those about to rock…we salute you…

Something else The Trek Nerd and Emilio have in common…they both have tasted urine. What was the first thing?

Trope: Dead people will lie perfectly still while you check them out and then pop up at you when you try to leave.

The road twitch?

Uh oh. The Trucks just got organised.

Wanda is a loose cannon…and she really can not come to grips with the who made who thing.

He got a Merrit badge in Morse Code

Like a junkie trying to run down his connection

Great use of AC/DC

Did we really need to watch Billy wrestle with a gas truck fueling hose? for a full minute!

Gun truck is watching you

Red rag dab to wipe the Emilio sweat away

Interstellar house cleaners. Broom.

Ass in the air!

Truck-a-side. The humans have betrayed us!

In truck we trust

Humans here. Down at the Burger Lean

Coked out King

If this movie taught me anything…it’s that trucks are highly explosive.

I feel like I just got hit by a 15 pound sausage hand of stephen king backed by AC/DC

Two days after, a large UFO was destroyed in space by a Russian “weather satellite,” which happened to be equipped with a laser cannon and class IV nuclear missles.
Approximately six days later, the earth passed beyond the tail of Rhea-M, exactly as predicted.
The survivors of The Dixie Boy are still survivors.

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  1. Casey Rafter says:

    Curtis is literally my middle name. Yeardly Smith in this movie is the reason I never tell anyone that my middle name is Curtis. Wait…this internet thing isn’t public right?

  2. Charles Hector says:

    I really love Maximum Overdrive. Normally I don’t pay any attention to reviews regarding Maximum Overdrive.
    But these show notes are hilarious!!!

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