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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Minority Report – FilmSack Edition



Opener: (silence) “I’m not talking to you…” 

Have you ever hated something for so long you forgot why you even hated it to begin with? Yeah I never forgot. Screw you guys.

Hello, this is the Precrime division, How may we help you? (silence) Sir, that is not how it works. (silence)  Why don’t you just tell me what you want? (silence) No, our precogs are not running…oh…cause if they were…we would have to catch them…clever.   Sir, We are dispatching a cop on horseback to your location now…should be there in about a week.

Twitter:  Minority Report – Like having a dead cat sewn up in your chest. It may be exciting for about 2 hours but you just know It’s not going to end well. Negative Negative

Alt:  Like a Merry-Go-Round in 2054…WHY ARE THERE STILL MERRY-GO-ROUNDS IN THE FUTURE! Negative…Negative…Negative



Stuff I Loved:

Oh sure…Love it when a movie starts with 20th Century…get’s me into the mood for Filmsack.

How blind I am without them.

Harold don’t cry.



Balls with victims and murder’s names on them.

Down the Rube Goldberg tubes

Year 2054

Red Ball. 8:04 am Agatha…confirmed

recorded on Holosphere.

1108…Tom is 1109 in room 1109.

Let’s turn on the classical music as we watch the murders.

Paper in the sprinkler…really…better call Saul?

These hand gestures…they do this to the mind video.

  1. Chop Chop Chop…zoooom.
  2. Reach deep in the bag….there…I have it now.

Danny…gum chewer.

Oh goody…they are explaining the technology and the slang for the stuff they do on the technology.

Red Ball are the only kind of murders left…crimes of passion.

Merry go round…it’s a park…16 Merry go rounds in the city…there are none right now! Those things are worse than murder.

Do we have elevators …nope…we got personal transport thingys.

Love the police copter

Noire/lens flare/oversaturation

Cops on the playground..innocence lost

Negative…Negative…Negative..it’s all cops ever say.

Tom Cruise likes to run. Run Cruise run.

Don’t cry. Does he cry a lot? did he have eye surgery? Howard Marks.

Don’t put that Halo on me!!

Precog Deja vu if you will.

Is this a Total Recall follow up?

In the future…TV is everywhere.

“What’s a matter…can’t sleep?”

True True True that.

A drug called Clarity.

Blind man can see. He got no balls! flying under the radar of the government.

John loves his classical music. Voice commands for the house.

Are those turds on his night stand?

In the future…videos will be stored on glass disks

John likes the taste of sugary cereal…but does not like the funny animals and music.

Gotta keep running. This whole movie is full of running.

This video is weird and disconnected…. END OF FILE…man..those disks/plates only store about a minute of video…

What horrible video technology we have in the future. Are computers not smart enough to do a 3D representation.

Hot Wheels! Leading the way!

A vote is pending on the wide spread roll out of Pre-Crime.

The shape and grain is impossible to forge…cause…we can’t forge wood.

Save the trees! no more precog wood waste!

say PreCog one more time motherfucker…say it one more time.

He sure loves that gum. also, Noire lighting is the suck.

Did somebody forge this warrant? I mean it wasn’t printed on a ball of wood and rolled down some winding tube…how do I know it is real.

He’s not a scientist…he is a Dolphin Tank care dude.

Arthur and Daschal….Chicks in the pool.

I’m glad you are explaining the technology again.

Water is important in this movie. Precogs in the pool….John lost his boy in the pool…His wife lives on the lake house…the unsolved murder was a drowning…John hides in the tub…

I sure wish someone would explain how stuff works again.

Scooby Doo had better mysteries.

Wally….one of your precogs is malfunctioning.

Precog on me!! get it off…get it off!

Bald ladies and scifi.

More explaining

Pretty thorough….they have a eye scanner high and one low…cause the low one covers the containment guard who is in a wheelchair.

Gideon has a pipe organ in containment…what the hell.

Know what is efficient? keeping people in susepended animation tubes that go up and down…you know…cause if one of them get’s sick..it’ll be easy peasy getting to them…nope

More splaining.

He is totally 50s crime drama cop in containment.

Careful chief…if you did up the past…all you get is dirty…

More spaining.

Why does everybody hold up the glass plates…

Why are we wasting time talking about how the old man doesn’t like tea or honey? was there a point? are we setting up the relationship with his wife/servant? nope.

Eyes…The eyes…lots of eyes and awake references.

Man…John’s apartment is really smokey. It’s a health hazard.

Leo Crow

Brown Ball.

What point of view are the precogs seeing? Do they watch like they are floating in the scene? Are they seeing things from the eyes of the victims and killer?

Cake is a great excuse.

Wouldn’t it be common to see the cops in precog visions…or do they not broadcast alternate timelines?

Those precogs are pretty vague on a lot of things…but not time…that is down to the second.

Hot wheels…leading the way!!

Hold on…I am having my assistant open my Nokia communication glass panel  desktop device.


Not a lot of wind outside…when tom is jumping those cars….I mean…duh

The Yoga scene is pretty cool.

More unnecessary dialogue.

More product placement than last week

“Eye”dentification …that was sort of on the nose.

People love their newspapers…even in the future…not a single person listening to podcasts.

Worse jetpack chase scene…no wait…it’s awesome!

In the future…there are no Osha regulations at the auto plant.

Kissing that pendant again.

Very Indiana Jones music and fight scenes.

Must meet the old lady on the woods who has sworn off technology and the city…she is jaded…also…my favorite character of the movie and the only character to move the forward story while explaining technology.

They said the name of the movie like 5 times!

Please don’t sew a cat up inside me.

Trope – Crazy Black Market Foreign Doctor.

Those spiders are cool…and creepy.

A plan that involves keeping your old eyes in the hopes they didn’t lock you out of the system. Worked!

Wait…did he just flush himself? Why would you even have a high pressure evacuation tube in a precog tank?


Why don’t you explain to us why things are happening? perfect. thanks.

Beautiful shots

Look ma…I can fly…fantasies.

I hate when I forget to record the precogs.

This whole movie is a mirror memory or alternate view point…or alternate timeline…cause everyone who gets shot in the chest is shot on the wrong side of the heart. get it…here is a hammer…shall I beat you over the head with it.


Precogs are grumpy when you take them out of their tank.



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  1. Casey Rafter says:

    I’ve been waiting to hear this shit-storm of an argument episode for months. There were moments where I thought Scott reacted as one who’s child was insulted in front of them. I was SO waiting to hear “I SAID GOOD DAY, SIR!” It’s banter like this that MAKES film sack. Loved it. Terrible movie.

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