The Beast with a Million Eyes (1955) (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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The Beast with a Million 10 Eyes (1955)

– FilmSack Edition



Dearest family in the big house. I have been watching you through my tiny window. You  thinks I’m dumb because I can’t talk. While technically that is the definition of dumb…I think you are confusing dumb with stupid. But who is the stupids now. You think my coffee maker in my desert hole is a space ship. I just took it out there because the humming was making the dog bark like a human. But still you persist, I was hoping that throwing all the dead birds at your car would stop you from messing with it…but nooo…now you got the sheriff involved. I’m going to chop you up with my axe real soon. Hugs and Kisses. Carl. MY NAME IS CARL!

Twitter:   The Beast with a Million Eyes (1955) – Where are my other 999, 999, 997 eyes

Alt:  You say a lot of things you don’t mean… but you still say them don’cha

Alt: The damage is inside…and I’m not talking about the broken glasses…I’m talking about my wife. 

Stuff I Loved:

Opening narration tells me we ain’t going to see no beast with actual million eyes.

A million miles away…how can I trust that after you just told me about the eye thing.

The unthinkers…then the goobers.

You see my most secret acts? What does that mean!!

Also, birds are stupid. What about fish? Is that how aquaman controls fish? Is he an alien?

I dig these opening credit artwork.

10 years has not been good to the Marlboro Man.

Date ranch off season…my life is full of Date ranch off season.

Man..your wife really hates you.

Hatch a brood of horror…this is some pretty good monologue.

Dorothy and her dog Hitler.

Mom is really bitter…like an unripened date.

Don’t bang the stove when you are baking. Mom Baking 101…did your mom used to  yell at you when you ran through the house when she was baking?

Sandy…how long?

4:3 aspect ratio…why do you hate me Netflix.

You say a lot of things you don’t mean… but you still say them don’cha

A lot of allusions to the date ranch being rife with alien-ness

You, me and “him.” Always watching! hehe…made me laugh…dude with a gape hanging opening mouth

I never saw a single date plucked…no wonder you are failing

Let’s get a close up of that window

Yeah…I ain’t a pervert…would a pervert read a magazine like this? and then hang ladies on Him’s wall…oh…in that case…yes…pervert

Such a teenager…”do you really care?”

Duke…the dog with no some dude is making barking noises. poorly.

What kind of road is that between the trees? Wisteria? In the desert? Where the hell are we?

Just going to climb this conveniently placed ladder near the swimming hole.

Man…this music sounds like public domain took a shit on this movie.

What is that noise! Nice face! Grab your breasts and yell for Alan!

“Crazy pilots…always showing off.”

is that a German shepherd…Did you win that in the war?

Poor dummy. Him just wanted to see some tits.

Is the sheriff laughing at the wife? Cause this isn’t funny sheriff.

All my good glassware. I wish I had good glassware.

I think I will contemplate something evil with this broken glassware.

Peeping on teenage girls is hungry work. I need food…look…I’m making the fork shoveling motion…fix me some soup woman!

Stupid bird. Watch where you are goi…OH SHIT!! Somebody is throwing dead birds at me!

That had to be the weakest dead bird toss at a car I have ever seen.

Check out my woody! I mean my car with the wood paneling! BAITING!

Time doesn’t matter to sherry…cause she is a time traveling milk cow.  She can tell me when the milk is going to expire.

Things have been miiiiighty Fuunnnny around here.


yeah…yeah…drop in.

That noise is annoying.

Oh don’t be so dramatic. Plane didn’t almost hit the house.

All that she had left from home….It’s been 10 years…get over it Drama queen.

Bark at it Hitler!

Is that an industrial sized paint mixer? nope…coffee maker.

The damage is inside…and I’m not talking about the broken glasses…I’m talking about my wife.

Where did “Him” get a plate full of vittles?

Dick Sargent…the first Darren? Nope…second

yeah…I’m not an ax wielding murderer

Lock the door and lay on my bed with this magazine…I totally ain’t going to masturbate.

This was film making during the 50s…do you reckon that dog has parvo for reals?

Way to go lady…you can’t bake…you can’t parent…you can’t shoot.  man you can’t shoot.

Bating! Bating! can’t let you in lady. Bating.

That is one hilly road.

Dook in the woodshed? I do not want to look at the poop you produced outside.

The looney did it!

Humming noise? Did it sound like the plane that freaked us all out earlier…yeah…didn’t think about that…well…I see who will be the next one to go down.

“When you gals decide to break it up…I’m hungry…. ” That pretty much sums up the man/woman relationship during the 50s

Oh comic relief. You couldn’t have shown up at a better time.

THE TERROR! no  no no…

How’s it going…I have a butane torch…I’m doing something that was common to this door during the 50s that required no explanation back then…but makes us scratch our heads now.

Roasted chicken!

Who gave the simple man a pinwheel to put on his door?

You get a wiggle on ya. Pretty sure that would get you slapped today.

Hey “Him” where you going with them high pants? you got a job to do?

The ground cam must have gotten busted at some point…it always had crap on it.

Your father never talks about the war.

Mad cow! Be sure to always look back at least once when an animal is chasing you.

Stopped that cow in it’s tracks.

9476….that is not enough numbers!

Dick Sargent has his old west map in front of his phone.

crazy lady…

One big bird…it’s was a muppet I think. Big Bird Crow.

This movie is very anti-bird.

Time to explain! Putting it all together…it has to be aliens!

Sandy’s voice reminds me of Sherman of Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Master brain!

4 flat tires…that’s bad luck.

That’s the word..Cake…makes the ladies cry


Run off in a huff

Suck this flashlight Darren.

Rock to the collar bone! mother.

use that gun as intended Sargent…to know him out.

Stand at attention Dick Sargent.

Music swell. You win! Flip that sexy hair you skinny man Sargent.

Love how uncomfortable the daughter is around Him. Makes me laugh when I shouldn’t

Your looney has gone mad.

What…is he a tracker now…only 1 set of tracks.

You hear what I hear? Cah- Cahh…Cah Cahh.

That dang alien has a mirror and ain’t afraid of using.

Carl…Him has a name!

Like Carl from SlingBlade?

This music is really ramping up the tension.

No Larry…it’s too late…cause I’m psychic. or maybe I road the milk cow into the future.

The mom seems to have a lot of off screen bird rants. Never see her with the birds except for the chicken coop.

together we can defeat it…that sounds like some propaganda!

Uh oh…I feel a symbolism search coming on…must resist! The birds are commies! the alien is Carl Marx! Freedom if you sacrifice your children! mind control! But not if we stick together!

no wait…

We feed on brains! Zombies! Minds without bodies? aren’t those just ideas. The danger of ideas.

Hate and Madness are the key to power.

Every move you made was observed.

He was sick. What! You knew him Alan! War stories!

maybe this is more about post traumatic syndrome!

We are stronger because of love…so sci-fi…stupid aliens…so advanced…but they can’t understand the basic human condition.

The alien is not amused or convinced. You are lying earth man!

Nope…you can’t have her.

Mom is creeping me out rubbing her daughters leg.

Super brains!

The alien lost his soul!

This is getting pretty smart…you can’t destroy the nuclear family…AS LONG AS WE GOT EACH OTHER!

We got the world spinnin’ right in our hands
Baby, you and me
We gotta be
The luckiest dreamers who never quit dream…

Eeek! Eye ball…that is like maybe 3 eyes tops.

Where are my other 999, 999, 997 eyes

That is a pretty cool shot of him coming out of the crater with the blurred image.

That is why the ship was so small…they had to use the few inhabitants of their planet that was left. A muskbat…or spiderthing….or thing with 2 eyes.

An eagle! A symbol of freedom! I’m onto something with my theory on communism

Stop looking at the camera Carol…

I would be more than human…I would be….what?! A god? An alien! A commie…don’t look into the camera and say stuff and then turn your back on me woman! Now go bake me a cake…scratch that…you can’t bake for shit.

The wife was straddling Cabin Fever…Space Madness…Monthly Friend territory!

A look at the red scare in hollywood perhaps? Blacklist kind of stuff…eyes are watching you…the unthinkers who can be controlled.



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