Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978) (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)

– FilmSack Edition




Opener:  Well Todd, it looks like you proved me wrong once again. I said you couldn’t cross pod-inate a dog and a banjo playing hobo…just too much blues, slobber and booze…but here I am staring at this freaky ass thing. a dog with a human head. WTF Todd… WTF… Also, On a totally unrelated note, the guys up stairs want you dead. Skreeee


Twitter:   Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978) You’ll always think you are watching Margot Kidder boobs but you ain’t. It’s Karen Allen. Meh Boobs.  

Alt: I want to see the movie where it’s the guys body with a dogs head and plays a FIDDLE! can dog’s play fiddles…chins!  

Stuff I Loved:


Is that some sort of primordial ooooze.


And we are ready…like Dandelions on the solar winds! Fly!

Scary Music!

Spock! No way dude!

Hey…that’s earth…and it’s kind of cloudy out.

We are in you.

That is a White truck. I mean it is read…but it labeled white.

“oh nothing…just bloomin.”

Would somebody oil the swing. Or get at least spray for preacher pedophiles.

Man…NBA2K14 looked awesome in 1978

Grem – It’s a grem!

Sure glad that robe is taut. Don’t need to see his invasion snatcher.

It’s a caper…nope…rat turd!

Is that Shaq back there as the cook?

Pepperoni on that guys chest.

Yeah…let’s put the scary plant right next to the bed.

Man…alarm clocks from the 70s were loud and annoying.

“Nothing…just scooping up the glass I was hatched out of!”

Jeffery  seems preoccupied.

Banjo and the dog…fiddle

“Nevermind me..just peeping through the frosted glass door…totally not creepy.”

The White Wok…when White guys cook Chinese food.

This music sounds like midi music.

“All the alternatives…you know….like being gay.”

I think president snow has a thing for lois lane.

“That is not Coffee…” what lady…you don’t tell me what I spilled on my white shirt.

“That not my wife…” Love the language barrier.

Anybody gonna notice that the trash is weird.

Key Sutherland…what did you do to your windshield.

Did I see Cumberbatch on the bus looking at us.

What is up with the bass.

Oh yeah…the policemen will help. Hands up!

What’s so hot about that…What’s so hot about that.

Would you shut up.

Was the scar gone? nope… Worst story ever.

Fun house mirror in the book store…bar…thing…where the hell are we.


It’s good to see Leonard working after the Sci Fi TV series that got canceled.

Psycho Psychiatrist

Take her home Matthew.

Man what a bunch of hippies.

That was sick…seeing muddy…hairy ball undercarriage.

Rub my fat!

Would you get out of here Sadam

Giving citations for rat turds…drives around with huge traffic violation of a windshield.

Jeffery reminds me of a full size Peter Dinklage

“It’s a monster…it’s got hair all over it.”

She is freaked out about that thing…but doesn’t mind rubbing all the fat.

sorry…Elizabeth can’t come to the phone right now…she’s gestating.

It was right here.

Gee…what is in the back of that trash truck.

I don’t have any friends…get some enemies.

Rules: Has all of your memories, Can still snatch you when not connected as long as you fall asleep, Get’s pissed if you get too far away.

We got a bit of a steady cam thing going on here.

Shot on real locations.

What do you expect from a psychiatrist and ask him for help. He is going to use his only skill set. Analyze you. Dumbasses.

It’s a flower!

Wow…she called it…flower from out of space. Bam..just right there.

Screwing up our genes like our DNA. Oh yeah…and the ancient aliens who had fornicated with our monkey ancestors. You’s a thing that happened.

Oh nothing…just flossing my teeth on the street.

Lambo’s Famous Chili Dogs.

Let’s take pills and sleep…

Feed me Seymour…Didn’t notice the giant pod

Those petals look like they are made of flesh…gross

Man Baby Being Birthed from Giant Fleshy Plant Pod. Grody

Seems like a lot of trouble just to copy someone.

Just hoe ’em already!

when the health inspector tells you to keep on going don’t stop…you better keep on going..don’t stop!

Could they find a location with more steps to run down.

Walk Walk Walk. RUN!

“it’s all live…it’s all naked.”

No we aren’t leaving. We are picking up somebody.

Harry the homeless guy can’t be duplicated. He’s 90% Booze

Ahhh…a couple of darts ought to take care of the pod people.

Some guys mustaches make their lips look like vajay jays. Like Sutherland

Let’s make out while being chased by the pod peole

Time passage by beaker drips. Science!

That’s how the spread the pods…they carry them around. Makes sense.

Every time a phone rings…a pod gets it’s brain.

Let’s take speed. Like 5 of them! WE ARE GOING TO WIN THIS GALACTIC WAR!

Oh goody. We just took speed…and now you are shooting us up with more drugs.

Job done. Sedative administered.

There is no need for love!

Why is Leonard wearing a bow glove? hippie.

oh cool. Leonard Nimoy is going to tell the story of his people.

Best choke hold ever with a dart to the brain.

Always escaping down the steps.

My resting bitch face has finally served me well. I’ve been walking around them for hours with my stone cold face on and they have no idea.

“hey, the lines are over there.”

The Aliens understand the concept of yellow zones are for loading and unloading only.

Let me punch this screaming old lady. RUN

I was wrong. Apparently you can clone a hobo and his dog. Not very well…but still.

Why do they need a steam roller in the pod distribution plant/greenhouse? and that dude almost walked right in front of it.

Why does the Lois Lane keep freaking screaming and showing emotions. Would just kill her.

Ships! We can take to the high seas!

Why do aliens hate our water! It’s what most of our planet is made of…why even come here!

Oh…nevermind…pod ships.

Was that coincidence or was that Axe connected to a fire alarm.


Now who’s running pod people.!

Pod people are not very good at fire prevention. No wonder they destroyed their last home.

Lois Lane is topless. So this is PG from 1978…was it released as PG? do they re-rate movies after a time? For secondary release like DVD and BluRay and the sort of thing?

Man that tongue twirly thing she did before she screamed was creepy.

Black Bart Saloon!

You could easily survive. Just by not showing emotion and not getting freaked the fuck out.

I guess sitcoms took a considerable plunge after the invasion.


Brook Adams totally looks like Margot Kidder. Thought that was who it was the whole movie.



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