Batman (1989) (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Batman (1989)

– FilmSack Edition




Opener:  Maybe if everyday wasn’t foam latex rubber muscle day you could work on your hand grip.  Maybe some sticky tape for your gloves even. This has been the bane of your failures and the creation of a lot of your enemies. always slipping away from you.  That’s all gentlemen….thank you…thank you Gentlemen…that’s all.

Alt: Ahh…the batmobile…or as I like to call it…the giant cock mobile.

Alt: Don’t trust Harvey Dent! He will betray you in cloud city.

Harvey Dent is Lando, Hand strength training for Batman, Keaton has perpetual Batman Duck Lips, Video Tape Surveillance, Late 80s, Batmobile looks like a cock, a giant black..., Oooop....Ooop, Written during the 1988 writers strike, Big payday for Nicholson, Who is more obsessed - Batman or Joker?, Let's break into a safe in a plant that is doing some kind of toxic crap...what would be in that safe? mmm...Smilex....Avoid Nighttime parades hosted by insane men who have been poising all the products in town.

Twitter:   Batman (1989) Congratulations, Prince just made your movie rad.  Now, Shut up and take your Smilex.

Alt: Like attending a night parade  

Stuff I Loved:

Produced by Guber Peters….don’t guess you can combine those two names without making it sound wrong.

Hey that Batman silhouette is animated

Nod to the origin story without telling it. Great jorb.

Harvey Dent is Lando

“You look fine” – “I didn’t ask”

Film Noir baby.

200 years of Gotham

Batman sucks blood by reputation.

Hello Legs…

Man…everybody bought into this movie. All the stars!

That’s all gentlemen….thank you…thank you Gentlemen…that’s all.

I would have never cast Keaton in this movie.

I prefer the modern take on Gordon

The Judge is staring down the camera during the craps game.

Maybe it should be Bruce Vain.

Oh…video tape surveillance. I miss the blerp blerp of rewinding and fast forwarding tape.

“Shoot to kill…You know what I mean…” yes…I think that is pretty clear.

This is not good for the reputation of cops.

Maybe if I pull a bunch of these levers it will blow stuff up. Yep!

Dot matrix paper!

What kind of Money did Jack think would be in a safe at a toxic waste facility.

Nice gun shot sounds.

Ekhart…think about the future..then shoots him. I like it…I don’t get it…but I like it.

Batman….can do anything…except hold onto someone when they are slipping away from his grip.

Hey…your smoke thing didn’t work too good…I still see you going up through the ceiling.

are really long tables with people sitting at the ends really a thing for rich people?

Maybe you should have found a doctor with better tools. Better than a saw and a spoon

Bruce Wayne is really buying into this bat thing. Hanging upside down.

Wait until they get a load of me…. ooop…ooooop.

Fainting happens a lot in movies. Especially with women.

The accident affected his fashion sense….purple suits.

Man…The Joker really organised quickly…all the way down to the joy buzzer of death.

C’mon…get out of ‘ere.

Talking to a burning corpse.

Why is Batman so hung up on his parents. He should really just get over it.

Ahhh…the days of when every dude used to wear fancy hats and overcoats.

Oh no…A Mime…the most overweight mime I have ever seen!…uh oh…a whole gang of mimes.

Where were those mimes keeping a Tommy gun. I mean…a pistol…sure..

phonebook…what dat?

What the hell is that Becky the lady newscaster wearing…I mean…I’ve seen shoulder pads…but that freaking looks like she is a football player.

Jack does a “bad commercial” spot like Keaton did in Beetlejuice. This is how Tim Burton sees bad commercials.

Hehe…the newscasters with no makeup…looks like they are suffering from some disease.

There industrial city set pieces are amazing.

If you are going to get knocked out by gas…best be sure not to do it while leaning on a balcony.

Yay! Prince music. Very Arty.

Jack Nicholson may be a little too perfect for this role.

Were Jam Boxes out of style by 1989?

Everybody knows the way into a ladies pants is by insulting her work.

Ahh…the batmobile…or as I like to call it…the giant cock mobile.

Ladies always lie about their weight….everybody knows that.

Check his wallet? Where do you think he keeps that.

Getting shot in body armor always knocks you out for a convenient amount of time.

Ahh…The “sword show.” Always makes me laugh but I always suspect an Indiana Jones moment.

Does it really make sense to have a “rocket engine” engine on a car…unless you are planning on drag racing…rocket engines do not like turns.

Can you do that? Can you push a lady down and tell her to shutup.

Do we really need 10 minutes of Keaton choking on telling Vicky Vale that he is Batman.

“Never rub another man’s rhubarb.”

Was that really the best plan Bruce Wayne had? put a silver plate in your shirt and hope they shoot it and that it doesn’t go through and kill you.

2nd faint.

Moral question: Would you attend a nighttime parade of a lunatic throwing out money…

What the hell is batman doing during the poising…he’s just taking a flight…and making that face that Keaton makes with his lips. Like he just smelled a fart.

Step Down Henchman.

Bob failed me for the last time.

I feel like we are going to go for a bats in the belfry joke.

who’s crazier. batman or the joker

Gordon is like….screw it…there is a bell blocking the door. What can we do? I know…throw some lights on it,

dancing and fighting…it’s pretty much the same thing.

How strong is the Joker that he could pull batman and vicky vale over the edge at one time.

Holding on is not Joker’s strong point

A bag of laughs?

a letter from batman

a bat signal would not be very efficient







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