Rocky IV (1985) (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Rocky (1985)

– FilmSack Edition




Opener:  Look Apollo, I know you tolds me not to stop the fight right. But I gotta be honest, you not looking so good. And your wife and the other black guy…the one that’s not James Brown….they are looking at me real funny. So, Just give me a couple of pelvic thrusts on the mat and I won’t throw in the towel alright. Cause we are warriors…and we don’t give up…we get up….we don’t give up…we get up.

Alt: Dearest Comrade, I am writing you this note because during the recent boxing match between the American and Siberian Bear  Drago we exchanged quite a  lot of quote…unquote “you feel me bro” type glances… that implied perhaps that the American was winning over the hearts of our people. But after talking to other comrades they are convinced you were possibly coming onto me. That is not cool bro. We are not down with that in Communist Russia.

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Twitter:    Rocky IV (1985) Like getting punched in the nuts. Then having a montage of you getting punched in the nuts for an hour and a half. Absoolutely

Alt: Like 

Stuff I Loved:

Are those Mylar gloves?

America vs Russia

Did you notice that the Russian Glove went down after the collision. Foreshadow!

Cool, Rocky III recap…Mr. T

Jump shot!

Could they be greasier?

Love those padded underwears.

Age jokes. “How old are you? You so old”

You ready. Absolootly.

Ring the bell….Ding…pause….ding.

This is some porno music…wonder if this was from his porno days.

Another action shot pause and a bell ring…

Corvette? Lambo?

Mom is gonna yell at you!

Friend who punchies you in the eye is the same person who gave you the hat.

So he was out sparring while his family was at home prepping for a birthday party.

Oh…my gosh….a robot. Happy Birthday Pauly…

Sony robot.

Paulie wanted a sports car…instead he gets a robot.

Geez…Rocky is spending some money.

Churches chicken commercial while apollo is in the pool. racist conspiracy.

syberian express

Rocky Robot Hotline/Pauly’s Sex Bot

Theme: You are on the top…but you are about to be old and disappear. That is why Apollo is your mentor in this movie

How vain…Watching yourselves boxing.

Feel like I am getting beat up by the theme. We get it! You are on top now…but this is your future…old man.

Are we toying with the idea that Dolph is a robot…or like a robot?

James Brown…for real!

America is a bunch of big mouths and rich and exhibistionists

All of Apollo’s Names

Kidney Punch…Rabbit Punch…are those real things?

Creed is over the hill and the Russian hasn’t fought anybody.

No matter what! Don’t stop this fight.

Didn’t catch that last “No Matter What ” with all that mouth guard and spit. “No maffa waazt”

Throw the damn towel!

That announcers mustache.

No movement by creed…except his body convulsions.

“Let him breath!”

You just know some of these camera shots are going to come back at the end. REVENGE!

Creed is out.

Those sun glasses make you look like a bug Rock

You have described everything about a great boxer…except heart….heart is all you need Rocky

Fight in Russia on Christmas day.

Reporters asking questions always heightens the anxiety.

You can’t change what you are….we are Warriors!

Apollo Montague car ride flashback. You got to remember where you came from.

No easy way out man.

Russia is cold and isolated…and KGB!

There ain’t nothing that your fancy science can do that I can’t do around the ice farms of Russia.

You got scientifically weighted machines. I got a horse and a whole lot of snow.

While you are in your fancy spotlight running training facility I am out in the snow growing my beard and my anger.

Yo Adrian! You came to Russia.

I did it. I am officially trained! Yaaaay!

Booing crowds have no effect on Balboa…on the outside….

Seems like a lot of lines are repeated in this movie…just in case you didn’t catch it the first time.

What do you think we are…nerds.

This is a non-sanctioned fight…in case you didn’t hear me…they  do not sanction it

Everybody up..time to sing the Russian thing….and Roman Candles!

The Russians are a proud people. I wonder if Russia would have launched a Cyber Attack on this movie’s release if there was a cyber to attack in 1986.

Pauly’s shirt always looks like he has been cutting meat. Pauly the butcher.

Adidas sponsors Russian boxing in the 80s?

“I must break you.”

You guys better throw in the towel if he starts killing me…

Balboa is a sloppy boxer.

I’ve watched real boxing…and it is never as exciting as this in the first round.

I don’t know how to count in Russian! What is that? 8?

“Hit the one in the middle”

This is turning into a wrestling match

This is how I play Punch-Out.

“The Russian’s Cut!” That proves he is not a robot…time to whoop his ass.

He is not a man…he is a piece of iron. A cold hard piece of iron.

Water…I don’t need water…I need vodka!

Rocky has taken so many punches to the head.

Stallone at least has to have a headache. We are seeing a lot of real hits…maybe not hard…but real contact. In a few of those close up slow-mo’s those are probably pretty intense hits.

No matter where Rocky goes. People cheer him on eventually. He don’t care.

Rocky is going to lose by points if nothing else.

Russian’s love them some Rocky. Revolt!

He’s chopping the Russian down…apparently…the Russian is tall…and you need to make it simple for us to understand…we are chopping him down.

Ahhh…The russian is crying.

I love how Adrian is all….you gonna lose…until he almost wins…and then she is all like…you gonna win!

Russian looks. You looking at me…I’m looking at you….you know what this means don’t you….yes you do.

So the American boxing champ barely beats a dude what has only won an exhibition fight. So with a little more training I think the Russian

During this fight…I seem a lot of training….how’s I felt about you…and how yous felt about me.

Rocky for president….we want change.

Standing slow clap.

Tear down your walls Russia!

Can you imagine if a Russian came here with his flag and beat up our greatest warrior that we would be like…Yay Russian! With your Russian Flag!






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