Beverly Hills Cop III (1994) (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Beverly Hills Cop III (1994)

– FilmSack Edition




Opener:  Hey guys, You know…at first. I was all like “this movie is going to suuuuuck” and then I was like Ethnically Diverse Chop Shop Divas singing classic Motown! Sooo, I’m in. Ok, Excuse me, I got to go take a nervous piss.


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Twitter:   Beverly Hills Cop III (1994) Like yelling at your henchmen to Wax That Clown! 20 years later, yep still stupid.

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Stuff I Loved:

Nervous Piss

Canceled Swat

Blue Collar Crime is not as bad a white collar crime

Ethnically diverse Chop Shop

They killed the captain! Spoiler

Axel’s car is chopped up.

Bullet’s do amazing things.

You can do anything in a movie with Bullets. It’s like a gun is a magic wand.

How stupid are these crooks to bring towels from their central operations.

Wax That Clown! (what does that mean?)

That is not how air bags work.

hehe…the bad guy dummy that Eddie Murphy runs over is hilarious in it’s floppiness.

Wasn’t that guy the guy in Millennium?

Automated technology is rampant in Beverly Hills.

Billy has a power job now.

They replaced Taggart! What happened in really really life?

Wonder World…Ruffus Rabbit.

Is that MGM Studios disaster ride?

Those Cylons don’t look right.

Young hot lady…I wonder if our hero will hook up with her.

Is Axel the only black guy in Southern California?

How many alternate versions of Axel Foley theme can we come up with.

Where are you going? You are on a ride that goes up in the air around and around.

Lot of green screen in this movie. It’s painful.

That was 15 minutes of ride jumping I will never get back.

Pretty sure you can’t break a complicated theme park ride by flipping a couple of really big levers until gears start snapping and kids start falling out. Pretty sure that is not how that works.

Axel’s anger seems a bit…forced. I don’t really think he care much about the chief. I also think we were suppose to feel that Axel was riddled with guilt for not calling in SWAT.

Yay! Serge is back! This was when we first saw the Weapons and Chics craze become a thing.

How many times has Eddie played the guy who makes his way into situations by acting like he is suppose to be there. Like during the Man Of The Year speech.

I do like Okie Dokie. I know it is a bit over the top. but I am a sucker for a blue elephant that contains a comedian.

Mascots were really hated for a time during the 90s. I mean like Mime level hate. Is that still a thing? Nothing funnier than beating up a loveable mascot.

Ahhh…have we ever resolved if air ducts are a viable means to travel for a human being inside a building?

Pay phones, beepers and cell phones. A truly unique time.

Axel is talking on a fox pay phone…the character that was dedicated to him at the end of the movie?

Axel sure does put family and kids into danger a lot in this movie…and old men. He really is a Maverick.

A guy with a camera who films the altercation. Now there is a camera in almost every hand.

The Mexican standoff turn about. I started losing count.

Is there nothing guns can’t do!

Shooting control boards will start rides up on their own.

Remember “high tech” guns that were over the top ridiculous. man…we need to watch Eraser with Arnold…remember that rail gun with x-ray vision.

It is amazing how often they played Wonder World theme song in this movie. I’d be interested in knowing how long it was played. TRIVIA

Why did the FBI agent even need to be a bad guy in the end?

I love that all of our heroes are shot by the end. Some of them even fatally…but we know it is ok…cause our heroes are laughing.

Oh I get it…the “tunnel of love” ride.

OMG…have you guys seen the wikipedia on this movie. It is the worst I have ever read…and no one has corrected it…that is how little the internet cares about this movie.


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