Hard Rain (1998) (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Hard Rain (1998)

– FilmSack Edition


Opener:  My Opener

 I don’t do crossword puzzles Mr. Jim…. 26 Across? ok…but like I said I don’t really…. ok…ok… 26…..across…. a seven letter word for Avacado… you wrote down… “I hate you so much Kenny….” I don’t think you are suppose to go outside of the boxes Mr. Jim. …. yes sir Mr. Jim…… But maybe you can try the word jumble next time if boxes aren’t really your thing… oh hey can you explain flooding to me like I am a 5 year old. What? not in this movie? OK. Cause you are Morgan Freeman…and that’s kinda your thing.

Rain, Huntsburg, Shitberg, Randy Quaid on the bullhorn, Henry, Henry, I know the Illuminati are in there, Betty White trap, jet ski,

Twitter:   Hard Rain (1998) Like running into a Betty White trap. You just know it is going to involve something nut wrenching.

Alt: Like taking a long hot bath with Betty White. You come out all wrinkly and sexually confused. Mustache rapist!


Stuff I Loved:

Straight to the music!

Is there a water motif? Shutup

They are using those big orchestra drums. Something batman is about to happen.

Which Quaid am I watching? Crazy Quaid or Handsome Quaid?

Better call in the Corp of Engineers…gonna be some road flooding.

What the hell am I looking at here? Is that some kind of computer generated fly -in.

Crazy Quaid.

Trope: Cop on his last days.

Put a dead cow in his living room? Bastard!

Misdirection! thought this was a robbery. Nope…just the cash pickup.

Leave Lou alone about his hairy ear.

I wonder when Freeman will explain it to us?


Que the deer.

Road…where we are going…we don’t need any roads…no..wait…we need the roads! Bring back the roads!

Morgan Freeman…worst cross word puzzle solver ever…not even staying in the boxes!

got a bit of the old western music motif going on in here.

Trope: Old man and old lady stubborn…never leave during a natural disaster

Leave it to Christian Slater to get Lou shot.

Damnit Kenny. You killed somebody Kenny!

He took the moonies and ran!

This is a weird gang. Morgan Freeman, Kenny “The Lump”, The School Teacher and the other guy.

Ahh…I get it…it’s…slippery.

Huh…Jim…can we Jim…huh huh…hey Jim Jim!

Why didn’t we think of Jet Skis! Oh yeah…cause the water is only knee high to a grasshopper and you are likely going to hit something.

Man…these guys make floods look like fun.

Jim! Jim! look at me Jim! Hey Kenny…how about stop yelling my name.

Really…that was your whole plan…ram him with your Jet Ski…moron.

Trope: Bullfighting technique works for all situations. Even when dodging Jet Ski. Wait for it…wait for it. Jump! ha ha..he crashed.

This music has not stopped.

Is this from the creators of Speed or something….yep.

Damnit Kenny

Trope: Cops lock up our hero…Now how is he suppose to do anything!

what! who knew flooding could be dangerous…I mean…it’s just a little high water right?

Well…Miss high and mighty “it’s my boat…” you might have killed one of the officers with your shit.

Uh oh…he’s in the prison during a flooding! and…what is this! who locks up a prisoner and just leaves the jail house unattended?And you wondered why you didn’t get re-elected.

When the Levee breaks..  que the Led Zepplin

Why does everybody seem to be having fun on the Jet Skis. They are hooping and hollering!

Trope: Do men lie about getting beat up by women in real life? Or when a woman or kid gets the best of them? “It was a bear that attacked me!”

My tape collection! It’s all water damaged!

The Trope: Kenny…the guy everybody wants to die. Everybody tries to save him from his stupidity. But…nope.

Oh my god…they killed Kenny!

So far….Christian Slater is a bonehead. If he gave them the money they would have let him go. They didn’t kill anybody intentionally

Telling Betty White to Shut the F up.

I’m all out of bible quotes

Eye shot to the teacher

Dirty Quaid!

Who is the most disgruntled?

Hey…I think that was what my last pack of chicken was labeled as…shit free.

Christian take the wheel!

Roundtable question…. If you are dying cause someone has initiated the dying process by stabbing you or something. Do you try to kill them back with your dying breath? Or do you have a change of heart?

A disaster movie where Morgan Freeman does not try to explain floods? I’m kinda disappointed

Chaotic evil. That is Hank

Spoiler…no one drowns in our flood movie. Shot…sure…electrocuted…why not…blow up…uh huh. Drowned? Nope..

“What you reckon killed him?” “I’d say these bullet holes”

Damn state police.










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