The Legend Of Drunken Master (1994) (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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The Legend Of Drunken Master (1994)

– FilmSack Edition



Hurry Wang, Hurry, we must get to the train before all the good softballs are taken…also did you remember to bring the mahjong and other things that aren’t appropriate to play on a train? oooh…jacks…are you as drunk as I am right now?

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Twitter:   The Legend Of Drunken Master (1994) Might get you a DUI on your couch.

Alt: is not the 12th step in the AA program. A Long uncomfortable kiss from Jackie Chan is…


Stuff I Loved:

You must declare all items.

50 bucks in duty

Hide it in my pants

What’s in the yellow sheet?

Someone push him…and it was me!

Chinese love train rides!

The Legend Of Drunken Master…that’s what I call Randy at Nerdtacular.

Chinese checkers

Hey…look at the white crane.

Fast ball pitch on a train full of people is probably not a good idea

What a luxury train! Chinese Buffet through the windows.

That dude is picking his feet.

Ahhh…first class is always better.

hehe…the chickens has gone wild. That sure was a lot of mahem and destruction for a box of something.

Mesmerized by the under the train fight sceen

What a floppy sword.

Apologize old man.

Drunken Boxing…looks like you may have a problem


Turtle crotch.

Your Kung Fu is strong.


Box swapper

Central Intelligence.

Free Money! Mr. and Mrs. Wong.

Mr. Chang wants his Ginseng.

strychnine…take it

Ginseng apparently is to heighten the libido.

and no one knows what it looks like.

Chinese production lines are weird

Boss man is bad.

Now that is an interesting management style

Ahhh…the Europeans are such uppity dicks…is that still a thing?

How about I bone it for you

I love pop and lock fighting

How much is ginseng! Trade a diamond necklace

So poor you share a single pair of pants!

Grab the seal…ark ark ark

The stop him dance

The Chinese have a real personal space issue

Did they break her jaw?

haha…liquor is like spinach for Drunken boxing. awesome

Monkey drinks masters wine

Down the hatch is a favorite

That’s a caning

my 300 year old bonzai

such a drama queen…love the step mom

abusive father…wine boarding

No Noooo…I guess Druken Boxing only works for a minute

Don’t kill him…teach him a lesson…like public nudity.

Boats can float on water…but they can sink too.

Talk about your table flipping scene…crash through it…then beat the poo out of everybody

music is very….eastern

How did they get so many ax murderers in their Chinese army?

further proof…guns solve problems in movies

Would hate to get beat by a bamboo bundle

Take your shirt off….get oily

Trope….have we seen the Uniform Trojan before?

Whatis the weird ass 100 people sitting quietly in the dark so they can surprise the intruders by turning on the lights and laughing at them.

Here…take your floppy sword

Favorite drunken master move? Washing Machine Spin Cycle. Thousand Lip Kiss.

What condition? I’m only pregnant.

Huh! Is probably the most commonly used expression in Chinese movies.

Dirt and powder makes all kung fu look cooler.

What’s not a good idea…keeping bamboo flasks of alcohol on the wall next to fire pits.

So are they making rebar in that weird ass factory?

The vertical split always makes me question how you are spending your free time.

How many times do I have to watch Jackie Chan puke in this movie.

Drunken rage.

Alcoholism ain’t funny Jackie Chan!

a 35 second cut was made to the concluding scene of the film which showed Wong blinded and mentally crippled as a result of drinking industrial alcohol during the film’s ultimate fight. Played for laughs, the scene was considered to be in bad taste by the American distributor


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