Bloodsport (1988) (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Bloodsport (1988)

– FilmSack Edition




Opener:  Hello Son, mother and I have to talk to you at dinner about something very important. But first put this blindfold on and serve us some tea. (laugh) hehe…quite mother! this is serious…(laugh)..thank you son…relax….relax…FACE CHOP! ? Oh no…what have I done! and that is how I lost my first 5 sons mother…but you know that…you were there.

China, fight, style, honor, van damme, world, Hong Kong, monkey, break stuff, military, swing, torture device, sword, earn sword, blind, gambling, ogre, nerds, US, China, feet, sweat, tan, tall vs small, music, bandannas, Chant my name!, Father issues, crazy eyes, butt, control, blood, sport

Twitter:   Bloodsport (1988) Like taking the Dux / Paco Rib Foot Challenge .

Alt: Like Throwing your lost gambling money on the loser and walking away. 

Like trying to decipher a game of Death Threat Cherades…. before a round of Kumite…it’ll give you bad floating fatty tumor.

 I think that Ethiopian wants to kill you.


Stuff I Loved:

Opening character introduction montage

Didn’t they do this in The Quest?

Monkey Style. Chop the coconut.

How long does it take to train beating up ice blocks?

Is that English guy kicking down equestrian hurdles?

Vaseline lens

Come on Frank!

You just gonna stand there? Or are you gonna grab something.

Frank is a space cadet

Oh yeah…young frank is a goober. Plus..seriously dubbed. Looks like he is trying to sneak a fart.

You didn’t flinch…you got fighting spirit…or are you just stupid.

Why don’t you quit round eye!

Hey…I just got beat up…think about the future…I will make my father proud…Kumite!

Lost my first family…I beat them up.

We are going to study pressure points…but we aren’t going to use them.

I can do the splits!

Good thing he caught that punch to the head when he was blindfolded…cause that is how he lost his first family.

Beat you with a stick.

Gonna string you up….also…Johnson will be glad to see Van Damme’s dental work.

You fool! You broke my sex swing. Your mother is going to be furious!

Even in death…father has perfect sleeping posture?


Ogre has his own money.

I need some closure. These Tonakas keep dying with no fanfare.

I Lin…you Franks? You look like a Franks

Frank Dux

Hey…us american’s don’t fight outside the tourna…ok…we are a bunch of cowboys.

Hong Kong, China needs a few more signs.

Time to protect your nuts.


Uh oh…looks like Frank got a boyfriend after they entered the Kumite alley. HANDS OFF OGRE!

This is the Kumite? this is it? I’m going home.

hey Lin. Can you see into the future with those glasses?

It’s says he represents the Lollipop Guild.

Death Touch…I don’t like the sound of that…oh…looks more like candy crush to me.

No pressure…go ahead…break the brick…we are just going to all stop and watch.

“I’m out.”

Time to use the crazy eyes….chop

haha…somebody blew the horn when he was trying to talk. Don’t think that was on purpose.

Ha! You lose American Asshole.

is this Canadian money!

Hey Van Damme…there are other levels of the waist line.

Unnecessarily Brutal.

Hey Dux…wanna go beat up some Nerds.

Love Ogre’s shoes…velcro high tops…socks…are those bandannas?

I don’t think you are smelling Adrenaline.

Those who can’t fight…color guard.

If posture is a test of your abilities then some of these guys are no slouches.

A lot of lingering shots on people’s faces in these movies.

That’s why they call it bloodsport? Cause blood? Glad that was explained.

I don’t think that is how gambling works. You don’t throw money on the loser.

American’s can take a punch. Then we go nuts.

I’m gonna kill you man….yeah I am pointing at you.

Chong Li is massive.

Van Damme sure has some pretty hair.

Good thing that was Hossein and not the ref. He would have punched him.

Free gold tooth for the Janitor. This better have a story resolution.

Song “I fight to survive!!”

Mmmm…Now I want some Chinese food.

Wait…was that a dog meat joke? cause he tried to feed the Chinese food to the dog.

I ain’t your pal dickface.

50 thousand volts

Role reversal. Usually the guy is the one who stays in bed and appreciate the body of the woman as she slips on her clothes. Not with Van Damme movies. Nope…the lady stays in bed and watches his cheese cake. I remember a time when ladies were all about going to see the Van Damme movies for his butt shots.

You feel strong today?


I think that Ethiopian wants to kill you.

Come on…wait one more minute!

There are some vicious Asian Beards in this movie

How many F bombs?

The ole…fist bump switch up. Works every time.

I think this movie could use a little more inner dialogue.

Take the Paco Rib Foot Challenge.

I was never really sure when Chung Li had killed someone or not. But I guess he didn’t until that one guy when everybody turned around and…YOU ARE NEXT! Bah.

Ohhh…good thing father spent 5 years teaching me how to fight blind. Also, he could have saved me a lot of training if he just told me. In Kumite sometimes cheaters will blind you with tablets…so…watch out for that.

wait…remember your training!

Love this stupid music.

According to the camera…he is not totally blind…so why does he act full on blind.

Who keeps blowing the air horn…sounds like a cat. meow.

haha…he is blind…but he is winning…this is great…we should all laugh and clap

We salute you!

beer in the hospital bed…good idea

Anytime…anyplace,,,anywhere….isn’t that the same thing.







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