Lost In Space (1998) – Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, Danger Scott Johnson. Danger. Brian doesn’t think he wants to live in a future where robots refer to themselves in the third person and announce every directive, program and subroutine. Robot powering on. Robot defragging. Robot ¬†rebooting. What if robots today announced what they were doing while they were doing it. “Roomba… Continue reading Lost In Space (1998) – Show Notes

Project X (1987) – Show Notes

Intro: Oh hi and welcome Cadets to ¬†Project X or as I like to call it Project “What Could Possibly Go Wrong.” Here we have assembled an elite force of Air Force pilots to train a team of carefully vetted primates who we will be working with to test the effects of radiation exposure on… Continue reading Project X (1987) – Show Notes

The Shining (1980) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO: Oh no. It’s happening. it’s happening. it’s The Sackening! oh hi, The little man who lives in my butt is back. He’s telling me about this week’s movie. Oh….By the way, I’ve never watched a FilmSack movie in my life. I just say what my butt goblin Toby tells me. What’s that Toby? Ok,… Continue reading The Shining (1980) – Filmsack Show Notes

Escape From New York (1981) – Show Notes

Intro: Oh hi! This week’s movie is one of them Future/Past dealies. You know, where they make a film in 1981 but it takes place in 1998 but you are watching it in 2017 and you are thinking how it is going to be at least 2018 before the president builds a wall around New… Continue reading Escape From New York (1981) – Show Notes

Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (1990)

Intro: Mmmm….me here today cause Cookie Monster trapped by suburban Witch? Notice cookies on floor of cage look more ‘crushed’ than ”e’ate’…look like furry blue Muppet with no functioning esophagus went to tooowwn. Me like Mick Jagger, can’t get no… can’t get no satisfaction. Back off! Cookie Monster no taste good. How about me read… Continue reading Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (1990)