The Final Score: Episode 2

On this episode of The Final Score, me and Scott Johnson discuss the latest gaming news, what we are playing, retro gaming and read some emails in the segment we like to call Force Feedback.

If you missed being in the chat room during this episode, you can check us out every Friday night at 6pm EST/ 3pm PST on the Frog Pants studio stream

We depend on our chat room to keep us honest and to answer those nagging questions of "What was the name of that game" or "What was that guys name."

So check in with us on this second episode of the gaming podcast The Final Score.

Latest News (discussed) :

Gears Of War 3 announced:

God of War III, Pokemon & More Battle It Out For March’s Bestseller Crown:–more-battle-it-out-for-marchs-bestseller-crown

Final Fantasy XIII PS3 ‘Nearly Doubles’ Xbox 360 Version In U.S. Sales:

Microsoft shows how Natal recognizes players gender:

Latest News (not discussed) :

7,500 shoppers unknowingly sold their souls: Thousands of shoppers unknowingly signed their souls over to a computer-game store after failing to read the terms and conditions on their website.

PSN Deals: Wipeout HD: WipEout HD is on sale for $9.99 (regular price $19.99) Offer good through Wednesday, 4/21.

Blizzard selling armored horse in WoW for $25:

PLAY TIME (what are we playing):

Scott – Finishing GoWIII, Warpgate HD

Brian – Lead and Gold, Plants VS Zombies, We Rule, Birdstrike, Doodle Jump


Hexen: Beyond Heretic:

Bonus!! Watch me try to remember how to play Hexen for about 5 minutes before I give up. Warning!! It’s kind of boring watching me run into walls as I couldn’t get my mouse to map and I had to use the arrow keys. Also, my video capture didn’t catch the great audio that defines Hexen. Instead you will get to listen to Drowning Pool that ends half way through the video. I’M STILL LEARNING!

You have been warned:


Thanks to all those who sent in Force Feedback questions and comments. I love those. Reminds me of the reader feedback in the front of gaming magazines. CALL US OUT!


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