Gauntlet: Buying Adventure

Over the weekend I setup mameui and figured out how to record the games we are reviewing for our Retro Gaming on The Final Score. While I was testing Gauntlet, I discovered what must be a bug or a cheat. I’m unsure if this is well known but it was unknown to me.

I was about to take on the huge group of ghosts behind the second wall on the first level that allows you to get to the gate warp that takes you to level 8.

You will see in the video I never picked up the key required to open the door. But I did insert a ton of virtual coins. When my health reached around 20,000 the door just magically opened on it’s own.

I’ve never seen such bravery!

By Brian Dunaway

Hey everybody! It's me. Brian-O! I hope you are enjoying the website. SNARF!

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