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This week on Film Sack me, Scott, Randy and Ibbott gave our take on the 80’s classic movie Labyrinth. The movie stars David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly and a whole lot of puppets from the Jim Henson Studio.

Sarah (Connelly), in a moment of frustration, wishes her half-brother baby Tobey would be taken away by the Goblin King (Bowie). Sarah leaves Tobey’s room after she is unable to get him to stop crying. Suddenly, Tobey stops crying and Sarah returns to the room to find Tobey is no longer in his bed. Jareth the Goblin King appears as a barn owl at Tobey’s window. The barn owl enters the window and transforms into his human form and along with his Goblin minions explains that he had done just as she had wished. Sarah begs to have Tobey returned but Jareth insists that “What is done is done.” After Sarah pleads her case, Jareth finally gives her a chance to retrieve her half-brother by navigating the labyrinth that leads to Jareth’s castle. But she must do it in 13 hours or the child will be the property of the Goblin King forever. Sarah sets out on her quest to save her half-brother and meets many unique creatures along the way.

I loved this movie! Both as a kid and as an adult. I was glad to see that this movie held up fairly well, despite David Bowie’s occasional song that seemed out of place. Jim Henson rivals anything being done today in CGI. This was Henson’s last feature film and really shows where he was going when he was taken from us at a much too young of an age. Catch this movie on Netflix streaming when you can and listen to the whole review of this movie on Film Sack.

Film Sack #24: “The one about Labyrinth”

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