How do you laugh on the Internet?

Before the invention of the colon followed by the end parenthesis to create an ASCII smiley face, it was hard times on the Internet for sarcastic comments. Personally, I have had several discussions with people that ended in arguments because I had forgotten to add the :) at the end of my comments. I have also had on-line conversations where people end everything with a :). That really makes me angry. >:(

Now, onto the thing I want to really discuss today. Just like in real life, everyone seems to have their own laugh on the internet. Personally, I have always preferred the easy to type ‘hehe.’ To me, it says “What you said was funny or clever but I am not rolling on the floor. I do not do that in real life and I am not about to do it on the Internet.” However, I have been known to throw out the occasional “LOL” but that is sacred to me. Do not expect to get an “LOL” out of me unless I really “laughed out loud.”

Please take the poll below and let me know your preferred laugh on the Internet. if you do not see your laugh in the poll, add it to the comments.

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1 thought on “How do you laugh on the Internet?

  1. Katherine says:

    That’s an interesting question. If something has struck me as fairly funny: Ha! If something is less funny and more on the clever end: heh. I think for me it also changes in regards to whom I’m responding to. I’m more likely to use lol if the other person uses it.

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