Negative Cutters: Superhero Movies

John Beck was kind enough to invite me to join him and AdamNPooz on episode 32 of Negative Cutters to discuss upcoming superhero movies and their trailers. We primarily discussed The Losers, Iron Man 2 and Kick Ass.

A quick rundown of my own opinion was that The Losers trailer really sold me on the idea of this comic adaptation of the DC/Vertigo comic to the big screen. It just works. Even if it does look like the A-Team.

Iron Man 2 was visually beautiful to look at but made me think this movie was going to be the same formula used in the original Iron Man movie. I was a little disappointed by this as I was hoping for a darker take on the Stark character involving his slip into alcoholism like in the comic books.

To hear my take on the Kick Ass trailer and for more in depth discussion of all the above movies and more, head on over to negative cutters and give it a listen.

Negative Cutters #32

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