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Oh,  hi-ya…! cause…Kung Fu…

Ok….From now on, errors will be treated with zero tolerance. As an example, I point to the sloppy execution of last week’s sacking, where one unsightly error nearly set off the trolls… You know what I’m referring to don’t you… Scott?

Yeah…I know It wasn’t you, Scott

Don’t worry… I know it was Wang.

Hmmm…nothing huh…No Risk, No Reward.

Wait..The Doctor is a Timelord! …that changes everything, changes nothing.

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Meltdown (1995) – Like High Risk but mostly it was like they probed me in a rectal fashion. #SubNotDub


Is that smoking a duck?

School Yard Games.

That Bus has some awesome theme music

Uzi. Check. Comb. Check. Time Magazine. Check.

This is one  0 F’s given kind of bus.

Taking the bus to school to murder school

“Who are these weirdos…hey they got guns! What do they want Mrs Li?”

Why is that bird painted to the side mirror.

Why did they tie up the kids on the bus?

Oh Mrs. Li…you have no idea but we are about to die.

If this were speed….it would be way too slow.

Ha! Jet Li’s wife is on the bus…Lieutenant

“We are instant oatmeal.”

Yeah…what is up with bomb guys and their color coded wiring

Why would there need to be 2 guys needed to disarm a bomb.

Wait…the dub says Mr. Army Man…but the subtitles say “Daddy.” Fake Subtitles!

Wealthy kids on the bus.

Agree to what the terrorist wants…textbook.

The Doctor is a terrorist

“Thank you Army man!”

NOOOOOO. Dead wife and a bus full of kids.

If you really want to have some fun…Use the English Dub with the English Subtitles.

2 Years later…..

Frankie Lane looks like a YouTube star

Camera man can not win. Look at boobs…get slapped…don’t look at the boobs get crotch shot.

Drunken Master.

Get out of that dudes butt crack.

From  Army hero to Stunt double.

My son…the drunk…My dad…the grump.



That Camera Man is too hip for school….

Don’t mind me. I’m just going to go into the fetal position and eat this banana

A porn star…mmmmrmmm

Who drained the pool!

Martial Arts in a thong speedo…don’t mind if I do

Frankie…is not too tough….Nobody better thank Frankie…Frankie says relax

This voice over cast is amazing! That’s Timmy’s Dad. Norris!

Gangs and Street Criminals!

“Joyce, want a ride.”

Beepers! 1995! Beepers!

Frankie the martial artist.

Bodyguards can be troublesome.

“10 minutes…they only deserve 5!”  My sound sucks…let’s redub it. Sounds like he is killing a roach.

Screw you guys…I’m going to America!

Pee scene!

Mullet power! That dude is a big pisser.

I love to dry my hands by flapping them in the air.

Huh! Count of 3.

I’m having the land mine sweats!

Time for a chase fight.

See ya…I’m taking the double decker to freedom!

Isn’t that called a Dirty Bird gesture.

“No Risk…No reward!”

These Terrorist are awful shooty

A lot of rap

Dead man gripping your junk.

haha…why is he running like a t-rex.

Long underwear and a tux.

Frankie just needs to hype himself up by dry humping the girl?

haha…Frankie is gone.

Graniuer Hotel. The Doctor

“They call me Kong. The 8th wonder of the world.”

Not the face…thank you.

Oh man. Glass in the legs!

There is more gun play than martial arts in this movie.

Here is a giant sized 1995 message sender.

haha…are we not supposed to ask how they got the car from the elevator to the stairs?

That car had a lot of gas in it.

Kong is always chewing on gum.

“oh…that old man has got balls!.”

that soldier didn’t just hit one tripwire…he hit them all

So was she taking a dump? She was reading the paper.

Where did all those snakes come from? Was there a reptile store next door?

“What’s that, Gozilla?”

She got bit!

“I shouldn’t be playing Supercop…” is that a Jackie Chan dig?

No…I’m still a virgin. I have to live!


“Please help us. They are very violent.”

The body dummies in this movie are great.

How many shoes does he have? He left one and is wearing 2.

“Make my day cheese…”

Foot to the back lady!

Porn Star v Kong

haha…this guy is like a gorilla…

Glad that dear old dad is such an old school fool.

haha…that Helicopter model.

tappity tap tap…Hacker Bingo!

A lot of ass and crotch and eye damage in this movie.

This movie is a little free with the speed up fighting.

You killed rabbit!

Map pointers…point at the map.

This guy is not a terrorist…but we are going to keep our guns on you.

…in the meantime…good luck. The reluctant allowance of a vigilante

Good thing he knows how to fly a copter.

That helicopter is on a murder spree.

holy crap…did you see that one guy get cut in half? That whole scene looks dangerous as poo

The Doctor is a master bomb maker

Hasn’t her boyfriend bled out by now?

Finally…the fight we have been waiting for! Do it Frankie!

Those forearm knots though.

and a wrestling move to finish off Kong.

Something to fight for…dead ole dad

Snake Poison!

F*ing A!

The youth today…they’ll kill ya

“They probed me in a rectal fashion.”



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