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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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The Firm (1993)

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Opener:  Abbey, wait.. I haven’t even whispered you the best part yet! …I signed us up for a Dianetics class! Oh great…now she’s running away. Hold on, what do I care. I’m great at running. Hey everybody! Look at me! I’m running! Hey, do you guys hear that….it sounds like someone is playing a piano. I mean like for 2 and a half hours. Like it’s the only instrument in our film arsenal.

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Twitter:    The Firm (1993) Taking the bar exam would be more entertaining than this movie… and shorter.

Stuff I Loved:

I’m with the mob. I don’t hang phones up…I just lay the phone down and hope the other person hangs up and doesn’t listen in on my private conversation.


Does the Bar Exam have multiple choice

Steal drum…steal drum….STEAL DRUM…drum

You are not a doctor….

It’s easy to tear clothes in movies.

What kind of “Travel Agency?” that offers sex for money.

She sure is a talker….she wants to feel rich too!

You made me feel safe..

Wonder if he got discounts on his vacations

No…Ray that would not be funny. Do your crooks try fucking you up the ass?

Nice prison 5 o’clock shadow and greased hair

Gentlemen’s Quartley…what is that!

Nothing is real until I tell Abbey…Sasquatch!

Disowned his brother!

Hot water curler. The lights go out when you don’t put water in it.

Mr. Lomax will see you now.

She was 17…looked 25

Pretty sure you are not suppose to pat your secretary on the arse.

Something I would never spray paint on an overpass

Busey has respiratory illness or is it his teeth that I am hearing?

That is one big bottle of Ivory Soap on the top of that fridge.

For the last time woman! I am not watching Star Search and ordering pizza.

Pretty good shot. Pierced his ear.

Really Tony…how are we suppose to ask him questions when he is dead.

This is the second movie in a row with a movie attached under a desk. if your job is that dangerous…maybe you should do something else.

Special Agent FBI!

Not used to seeing him bald.

How many meetings take place in front of the Reflecting pool at the Washington Monument.

Tom plays the quintessential clueless rube in this movie.

He has been watching too many movies. The Mob don’t  PIANO!!…blow up cars…

at an hour in…the piano playing starts getting intense.

Forget about home driver…take me to the firm.

It must be hot in Memphis.

Cruise has a bit of sweat on him at all times.

Oh it’s getting real. He’s telling Abbey…to some sweet…sweet…love making music.

The run! Chasing Abbey….come back! I got to tell you more about joining the church!

Stupid smart copiers. Too bad they don’t have smart phones. Now we are entering a time when not only cell phones could change everything in the movie…now smart phones could have changed everything.

Fried egg sandwich from the front street deli…mmmm…$2.65 for

The recipe is in the bag.

Hey…the Front Street Deli has egg sandwiches and ice cold beer….

Eeek! The albino! Or as I like to call him …White guy with a mullet who could stand to hit the tanning bed.

Wonder if Brimley has a candy bar in that briefcase…diabetes!

Photos…Do not bend the porno

Oral and what not. PIANO!

Just gonna put my porno in my jacket.

Look…flipping kid…I ain’t in the mood.  oh alright…one set of flips then.

“Hey…you guys got matching suitcases! Weird…”

“The people forget” guy…explaining stuff for us law noobs.

Happy piano!

Dude what monitors your house…live…that sounds like a loser job.

Holly Hunter is perfect in this role.

Who is in charge of post-it’s for this movie.

How about no one give anyone marital advice.

Do you think the “can’t dive and fly in the same 24 hours” will play a part in the movie? They sure are hammering us over the head with it.

Holly Hunter knows how to have “the shakes”

this piano music is motivating.

Hey mitch…Haymitch

Sure is a lot of Kayman Islands in this movie. What does it mean!

We were promised Elvis…and we got Elvis.

Fax Machines….spewing out important documents in movies that either go unnoticed or roll away.

Beepers! Beepers!

Would someone please get Ed Harris a map of Louisiana

“Staff was chosen for it’s timing.”

Who sleeps with Gene Hackman…I mean really.

My big dumb Hackman Hands are too fat and dumb to open these buttons.

The classic…”Cheaters” setup…Sure you are faithful. But would you be faithful if a supermodel tried to get with you.

Greasy Cruise.

Love “be cool on the phone” moments. Run Cruise run! All bad plans end with…run…unless you are tom cruise…in which case…a big truck of fluff will be outside any window you jump from.

Harrison would have made an awesome Lex Luther.

Learning on the lamb. or…taking a tour while hiding from the bad guys. Wonder if you ever get sidetracked by all the awesome tour information.

Hey…ZZ top is following you off the plane.

This movie employs a lot of planes.

Hey…it’s the typical mafia guys.

no no no…don’t tell him it’s abbey!

Albino on an L.

If it is just as fast to get from one L to the other by running. Just run.


If hiding was a job.  Mitch would be fired. Bad luck…good luck…

Well…lookie who thinks he is an acrobat

So sweaty.

Hey…it’s the silhouette of a lawyer! choot him!

I am going to beat you with the law!!aka…my briefcase!

Well…that was convenient how they died.

Dealing with the mafia…

I don’t think the FBI likes you.

So much eye makeup. “I’m tired.”

You know what this movie needs. More piano.

Closing voice over…they got their life back!






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