Arachnophobia (1990) (Show Notes)

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Arachnophobia (1990)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:  I have good news and bad news…would you like to hear them in asynchronous order? Alright, It’s 1990 and the Miami Dolphins are heading to the playoffs. Also, I touched a frog in the Amazon and now I have a moldy pulsating sack. I’m not sure where the good news is in all of that.


“What you doing? Nothing…just sorting my bucket of butterflies”

Amazon, Helicopter, Scientist, Fever, Sweat, Guides, Spanish, 2000 foot drop, Manley, Dead, Good News Bad News, Smoking in the Amazon, Insect drop, Prepare yourselves gentlemen, Pictures of what?


Twitter:    Arachnophobia (1990) Like walking into a spider web and running a banana out when you meant to run a banana split.

Like a spider in your shoe at first it is all squishy…then zap. Your taking a dirt nap

Like getting a skroat exam by  Harry and Lloyd

It’s is supposed to be a banana out…but it was more like a banana split.


Stuff I Loved:

It’s that kid on a bike with a basket.

Penny Marshall’s husband? Dad?

Arachno…I can’t spell that.


Dolphins fan…got to be 1990

DELBERT! John Goodman.

What a nerd…map

Been held up with a fever…how about not coming here.


We small game hunters don’t climb…WE FLY!

Arch Arana…flute music

Your guide does not have to be friendly.

Don’t touch the frogs…got it.

Trope: Getting there by Helicopter establishing shots.

Just what the world needs…more bugs.

Football is Manley’s Specialty

C’mon…2 thousand foot drop! C’mon

Trope: weird temperature changes.

That’s what I do when I run into a spider web…drop to the ground and pftttllll….pftttllll

Trope: if you lay any clothes down in the rain forest for 5 seconds it will be covered by a myriad of exotic insects.

I have never thrown a firecracker into a pond.

Smoke ’em out!

How is blowing smoke up a tree like throwing a firecracker into a pond?

Prepare yourselves gentlemen. How about this….step back about 20 feet so you aren’t rained on by insects.

Don’t just sit there Manley…do something…take some pics.

Manley is the opposite of Manley…he is…a screaming man girl.


How many jars did you guys bring?

Shaky leaves…must be a big spider.

Spider ride-along.

This scientist is always amazed

“What you doing? Nothing…just sorting my butterfly collection.

Typical spider…going for the Manley.

Convulse Manley…Convulse


Manley had the Fever for the flavor of some Pringles.

That spider is calculative…Hide…kill…hide…grab a ride with dead Manley…

Small town Harmonica.

White picket fences.

Head End…on a coffin.

Trope: Eating a sandwich when handling dead bodies. The sandwich is your go-to food during autopsies.

South American spiders.

Man…that spider has all the luck

Trope: Moving from the city to the country.

Jeff Daniel’s no hand covering sneezing.

“Respect is fine…but I have always wanted to be feared.”

“the old coot passes me the torch at 12 sharp.”

Spider loving going on in the barn.

“Got to feed the meter…partner.”

Fax Machine. We loved the fax machine during the early 90s

Jeff Daniels has no luck.

Between his ass and a hole in the ground. That would be a horrible mistake to make.

These spiders were well documented by photos.

Those spider webs in the barn are outrageous.

Can we go play with Bunny? Beachwood

Wanna blow up a bullfrog?!

First memory from 2…in a crib…

Don’t let Hollywood Pictures name fool you…This was a Disney Company.

Jump scares make us laugh. Comedy Horror is the best.

Deviled Eggs…

Actually we are Baptist.

Mimi from Drew Carey.

Manley was a scientist…or photographer…down in Venezuela

Venezuela is right next to Columbia…where O lives.

Is this town in California? Seems like a “southern” town.

The old Widow lady…don’t die! We love you. You are our only friend.

Man…that is some rotten wood.

My wine cellar is rotten…that’s what she said.

Androgynous Spider…nature will find a way.

Smug sheriff.

Here comes the comedy. John Goodman. Aka King Ralff

Nothing says cool like a blend of harmonica, piano and saxophone with a little high hat.

Tear out bad wood…put in good wood.

’74 Miller Lite with a misprint.

Doc is here…he wants to hear you cough.

That is supposed to be a banana out…it was more like a banana split.

Go wash out your garbage mouth.

What are the motives for these spiders…most of the people they kill is just for the lulz.

Big city methods.

“Some damn thing bit me.”

Ugly old man feet. Don’t need to see that.

Sheriff Lloyd talking to Daniels like in Dumb and Dumber (1994)…would have been better with Jim Carey

Yo. Doctor Death.

Venezuela’s Canaima National Park…name of the California town?

Where did all the crickets go?

Bad luck to kill a spider in a new house?

I reiterate…morticians love to casually eat while doing their job.

Boa ties are cool.

Eating a box of opened cereal from a dead woman’s house…probably not a great idea.

Smartest spiders ever.

Spider boobs.

This movie gives me the willys.


Talk…talk…talk…there’s no spider here.

Spritz him from here to kingdom come.

A problem as easy to fix as a boot.

3 poison sacks

Dead mouse.

No sex organs…makes ’em drones. Like highly organized insects.

This movie has 2 instances of Good/News bad news moments.

Brian Mc.Nam.Ma.rama

A lot of vampire references….draining their victims…creates drones…you can only stop them by killing the “queen/original.”

Wheel of Fortune…Same Name…of course there is a T.


Dark Warm..Moist…unlike the pit where they originally found the spider.

Pulsating like the size of a softball. That’s what she said.

Man…spider crawling on his face…this was 1990…was that computer generated? Trick photography? Or did he let a spider crawl on his face.

A web would indicate an arachnid presence.

Now that is what I am talking about…bug spray acid.

Oh My God…they got the professor.

Family Ties!

These spiders have impeccable timing.

So much for your investment.

It’s a pulsating sack!

Nest sounds like the safest place to be.

That’s your basic egg sack.

Not the chateau

Do not recommend. Making your own flamethrower from aerosol spray can.

That jump scare in the Air duct…about threw my computer.

Burning spider chase me.

Don’t Squish me song over the credits…woooh woooh. It’s all about spiders!

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