Filmsack : The Wraith (1986) – Notes


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Oh hi! Listen, You lose the intro. You lose your car!


What you driving these days Randy?  A 1976 pacer? Whatever Garth..


Scott? What you drive a 78 ford pinto? Met any overly aggressive dogs lately?


Ibbott? Wanna race that 1970 Gremlin from high school? Does it still have Prick on the side of it?


Oh man…this intro turned out to be a lot like a Reconstituted Charlie Sheen made out of stars…it’s the closest I could get to an actually star for my intro…kind of like this movie.


This intro was assisted by









The Wraith (1986) – Like leaving the theater clean as if you came out of a hot tub. Which ain’t clean. Now get me to town and box him me up.




Reconstituted Star Sheen


Stars and cactus


That star has a mind of it’s own!


And the following star!


Burnt the sign…suck it.


Wait…there are 4 stars that make a car!


Did Chrysler sponsor this movie?


Music from 86


Who are those guys! Who come out of nowhere and take up both lanes!


My friend had one of those Dodges


Get back in the car…Did your grandma quilt you that jacket?


what are you tweaking on tweaker?


Ohh…we gonna race for pinks?


Punk rock has some tongue.


Clint Howard is a freak


You lose the race…you lose your car.


Worse race girl ever.


Ozzy music to race by!!


Hey! He brought a helmet! That aint’ fair.


Rubbings racing cole


oh…too much rubbing


I hate people who whistle and point like that.


She’s all ours…nice and legal…


That ain’t racing…that’s trying to kill someone.


Road pirates got to cheat to win…George says it ain’t fair! Now he ain’t got no Dakota to drive his girl home with.


That sure is a humpy road…Sheen up…sheen down…sheen up…sheen down.


Oh…nice rice burner…Honda XR?


I wear jean jackets and no shirt and necklace.


Some dude drives up on your street on a bike and you hop on…it’s cool yo.


Shell necklaces make you look cool.


You know you can get killed riding on the back of bikes Kerry,


From the house straight to the rocks.


Tanning on the rocks…bunch of lizards


Where you get them scars man?


You ever needs burger…just give me a call…what a loser


Freak of Nature…a genetic misfire.


Good thing I am wearing dark glasses.


Are you looking at me? Are you looking at me? no…you looking at my girl.


Eeek…tidy whiteys…beigies


You asshole..I got your blood on my face!


How many things have you killed with your car.


Dem girls aint’ got no clothes on.


Lot of Duck Butter out at the lake today.


Looks like a dork to me..


we do things my way Kank…


Did they just happen to have matching floats? Float rentals?


Big Kay’s Burgers


What were you doing down the creek? Nothing


Has anyone seen Big Kay? No? Cause she died from heart disease


Did we still roller skate food to cars in the 80s?


The way to beat the bad guys…drive such a shitty car that no one would want to race you.


“Hold your horses guy.” Billy you so stupid


Cut off shirt with London fog jacket…where did he steal that doo rag?


What’s this Tramp worth?


Why is Duck Butter’s friend always so dirty.


Faggot!! You don’t get that no more.


You lose the race…you lose your car… Revving engine means..I understand.


Oh snap…you didn’t see that coming…you dead


Man…those Dakota’s are made out of Jet Fuel


Local kid? Used to be?


Randy Quad!


Brain Eradicator.


Clean as if he came out of a hot tub. Now get him into town and box him up.


If you are planning on a vacation…forget it…cause…those kids look like they take vacations


One kid down…one token disappears from my armor


Oggie is no loss…hehe


All bad guys had switchblades back in the day.


I be you gonna feel that later…ya weirdo.


Who keeps a Wall Street Journal in his pants. And a bankers visor.


Put that Kidney buster down.


So that’s what them scoot arounds are for…scotting when someone shoots your shit up


noooo…don’t shoot my engine!! not my engine!!


“Skank you pussy….”


Whoever he was he was weird and pissed off.


Gutter Boy


I smell french fries skank..


I can’t remember dog sqeeze.


Unless you like Maurice better….


Skank will drink anything…including hydrolic fluid


the report….we stopped to get some goobers.


He’s got a ghost engine


Another one bites the dust.


Cop cars are no match!


Get the dork!


Is that why they call it riding shotgun…cause you got to load the shot gun?


Guns have a special power over cars in this movie.


You can shoot the steering out


Too bad about your cuda


WD-40 up the nose


is he crying…Pack is weird


Packard has a tombstone with his name on it…and it took him like 10 minutes to see it


I’m not going anywhere Guy… Packard likes to call people Guy.


I dreamed the man in the moon was laughing at me.


I’m a 4 day virgin


Clint got a real bad feeling


Drifters..maybe smugglers.


Somewhere no one will never find us…West..


Everytime…Wraith takes off and cops locate the race.


Cowboy boot to the metal


Theme gangs combined into single characters







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