Urban Cowboy: (1980) (Show Notes)

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– FilmSack Edition

Opener:  oh hey, during my research this week for our Filmsack movie I found some rumors on the Dark Web about an extended edition of this film that exists beyond the grueling 135 minutes and may be released soon on VHS for the 35th anniversary celebration of it’s theatrical release. All kinds of excited. 

The story picks up right after SissyBud, that’s what the celebrity mags are calling the couple, well they  arrive back at their single wide and Bud starts slapping Sissy around after drinking a little too much bourbon.

Well, Bud gets sent to prison and finally realizes his month long dream of becoming a prison rodeo bull rider. But his dream is short lived when Gene Wilder and Richard Prior show up and make Bud part of their prison escape plan. A successful prison break leads the 3 right back to Gilley’s where hilarity ensues

No wait…I should have finished reading the article.  That’s the story to stir crazy.

Burboun Cowboy

Twitter:  Urban Cowboy (1980)  – Like McDonalds again.  Did you remember my $5 dollar shake. Shutup and pick up my fries.

Stuff I Loved:

Single camera shots to open.

A bearded Travolta is the only Travolta.

See ya boy. Awww….dad…you are such a sentimental slob

This country boy is going to town.

So young..

Son…you are watering your dirt.

What a bunch of racist cowboy shit.

Oh…gonna take him over the Gilly’s

If you fight in from of Gilliey’s you have to pay a second cover charge

Just the biggest Honky Tonk in the world.

What…nobody doing the boot scooting boogie…oh yeah…cause that ain’t been sung yet.

Honky Tonk Wine. It is sweet sweet.

Somebody is making a killing on cowboy hats in that town.

Chest hair and necklace chains are a dangerous combinations.

We sell plaid shirt material by the acre.

I thought the back of Tavolta’s head was a crotch.

Two women…I love this town…hey…a mirror…it’s like four women.

Uh oh…get out the Alka Seltzer.

Uncle Bob is making oral love to that pipe.

Buck Davis…they don’t call me Bufford anymore. My Grandma is injun.

I can spell boy…

nooo…not the beard!


I done shaved and bought myself a 5 gallon bad boy hat. black.

She must be the floor whore…she is always on the dance floor waiting for a dance.

What…Tavolta can dance? He was the Channing Tatum of his time.

Honky Tonk Dirty Dancing.

Love that old jersey t-shirt.

Hey…I can punch stuff….real hard…that is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Lone Star beer.

Pissing on the side of a wall…I’m clever.

You can’t move nothing when it’s broken…no wonder this movie is 2 hours long…conversations like this bull shit.

Hey, It’s large marge.

back when you can hit a lady and pretend like it was ok and the ladies fault.

You know it’s going to be a good time…when the banjo music comes on.

Best proposal even.

aww…custom texas plates.

We done got us a single wide!

Prison Rodeo Cowboys…do they still do that?


Man. Gilley’s is a honky tonk lawsuit waiting to happen.

2 bucks.

This ride is rigged!

I do not like to watch Travolta spread eagle rubbing his balls.

Cowboy mesh see through shirt has arrived.

He’s turning it up. Oh no…he’s better than me.

Wooooohooo…my feet are doing stuff and I have to hoot and hollar…I can’t stop!

Hey…this guy is getting in on my dancing action now…time for a ho down!

Is it my imagination or is his hat getting taller? It’s a competition.

He slipped me the finger.

Did you just slop my hat boy?

Steaks/Shakes/Seafood…no more Shakes…I ain’t ever had a five dollar shake…cause they stopped selling that shit when I was in Urban Cowboy.

Sounds like your truck has a bad starter motor.

What kind of workplace graffiti says ‘oink’

Wes is living out back…cause he’s a real winner.

Woman..stop eating all the fruit…that is for the fruity booze drinks no cowboy ordered ever.

Bud don’t do good with heights.

While you is fighting for your life your wife is having bull riding sex with Wes…who is live out back behind the bar.

Been married for a week!

That’s a lot of wood for one trailer.

mmm…Tuna salad with onion.

Hey wife…let’s go have a pissing contest.

Wes is a dick…

Hee Haw…relationship advice

150 day probation period!

Geez…wanna depress yourself…listen to some country and go through your wedding photos after you throw your wife out.

Man…Wes is a player.

This movie has a lot country music in it…but the love making is easy listening.

Don’t eat the worm! never eat the worm.

Wow…they really should not having gotten marries.

My favorite part is ripping button shirts.

I really appreciate the thing with the worm.

Maybe the most disturbing scene ever with a worm.

Crystal Smith is popular in the Dolly Pardon titty contest

Lookie there…her nipples are hard.

.Well this bodes well…

Pop those titties and let’s go.

‘m too fat to show you how to bull ride.

Your ex-wife broke into the trailer and cleaned up.

Geez…this is worse than an episode of Friends with Ross and Rachel. We were on a break!

Might want to reconsider your life choices if you are hanging to hack off your own cast.

Taking credit for another woman’s cleaning…well that is just dirty.

Can we be friends? nope.

Marsha Lynn is sweaty…closet whore.

Pick up my Marlboro’s woman.

She can’t stop picking winners. All the right men.

uncle bob is dead…dead…dead.

Fried Bob.

Bad news is Uncle Bob is dead. The good news is we have a job opening.

His girlfriend is way out of his league.

Bob gonna give you something to ride for.

Devil went down to Georgia.

Gilleys is the only place in Texas.

Riding for Bob. The lightening storm at night fund.

Pam is enjoying powdering travoltas butt a little too much

Those mattresses are filthy old Wes mattresses

Pack that shit

slapped her so  hard she spun around

you mean the convict is gonna rob you?

lot of lady smacking in this movie

sum bitch

donkey punch

money pianta

daggum. he had the plate in the glove box thr whole timr


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