Twitter Back – Your favorite Christmas movie nobody watches but your family?

Trenton Wilson ‏@twsta1

@thebriandunaway Ernest saves Christmas!!

Mark Owens ‏@Mowens24

@thebriandunaway Scrooged. It reminds me that even Bill Murray, so amazing he floats above the ground, can still step in dog poo.

Rather Be Dead ‏@rbdpodcast

@thebriandunaway it is a tradition in my house to watch mr magoo’s Christmas carol while decorating

Gary Lawrance ‏@LawranceGary

@thebriandunaway for me it’s Surviving Christmas with Ben Affleck. I know its awful but I love it!

Chelsey~ ‏@PandaRai
@thebriandunaway Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas is a staple with my family 🙂 So much nostalgia, haha


Sara-Shojobeat ‏@ShojoAIE
@thebriandunaway Peanuts Christmas Movie. I also have the soundtrack on CD. I play it every year


Ralff ‏@Ralffie@ShojoAIE @thebriandunaway Trading Places!

Sara-Shojobeat ‏@ShojoAIE
@Ralffie @thebriandunaway I also recently added Four Christmases.


Greg Young ‏@hbgreg
@thebriandunaway I tried last year to make it Gremlins, but made my daughter cry on Christmas Eve instead…


linky mcscotts ‏@LinkyMcScotts
@thebriandunaway I always watch the muppet Christmas carol but I’m pretty I’m sure that one is well excepted


Taylor Sellers ‏@Prose_Edda
@thebriandunaway Ugh, that is one of 2 or 3 movies that physically upset me while watching it haha. Jim Carrey’s The Grinch.


Gerry L Tolbert ‏@DrTolbert
@thebriandunaway Deck the Halls


David Troutman ‏@thehearthstoner
@thebriandunaway jingle all the way. Nothing like watching Arnold save Christmas


Corey Ellis ‏@Oghma_Eh
@thebriandunaway Watched ‘Filth’ last year. It takes place during Christmas.


Brad Lyman ‏@MynamesalsoBort
@thebriandunaway best time travel movie ever, Saving Santa


Oh, that Bob. ‏@hqnola
@thebriandunaway Fred Claus. Please don’t judge us harshly.


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