The Frightners

The Frightners (1996) (110 min – Rated: R)

The Frighteners is a 1996 comedy horror film directed by Peter Jackson and co-written with his wife, Fran Walsh. The film stars Michael J. Fox, Trini Alvarado, Peter Dobson, John Astin, Dee Wallace Stone, Jeffrey Combs, R. Lee Ermey, Jim Fyfe, and Jake Busey. The Frighteners tells the story of Frank Bannister (Fox), an architect who develops psychic abilities allowing him to see, hear, and communicate with ghosts after his wife’s murder. He initially uses his new abilities to work with various spirits to cheat money out of customers for his “ghosthunting” business. However, the spirit of a mass murderer comes back from Hell, able to attack the living and the dead, as the ghost of the Grim Reaper, prompting Frank to investigate the supernatural presence.


Wait Frank!…don’t kill yourself…… Let me do it… I think I have Kevin Bacon and Keifer Southerland on speeddial. Get it…Where they kill themselves. Flatliners….no? screw you.

Twitter:  The Frightners – Somewhere between ghostbusters and Doc Hollywood you will find a creepy necro-phelia scene. Just like Doc Hollywood. nice shooting Tex.


Stuff I Loved:

Who better to bring you a monster movie than Universal

  • That is one creepy house

What is up with the lady bowl cuts?

  • Music by Danny Elfman…yeah.  Peter Jackson

What kind of car is that? is it New Zealand like Peter Jackson

The most direct way down a mountain. A straight line apparently

  • Didn’t he do this at the start of Doc Hollywood?
  • What a young Busey. Jake Busey that is.

The family home is a Sanatorium? No wonder.

  • Raggedy Ann doll pillow beatdown
  • If a poltergeist can lift a bed. Why don’t they just go ahead and smoosh you.
  • I used to never could relate to the Suburban Husband and his obsession with his fence. I’m older now. I can totally relate. Get off my lawn you shyster!

Bathroom conversation about the food? No thanks.

  • The bulging wall effect. I loved this back in the day. Still very effective.
  • Michael J Foxes tearing through the backroom looking for Death was awesome.

The Death Corridor is kind of like a worm hole.

  • Hitler Hair.

Love the idea of puking because you can’t handle being yelled at by a woman.

  • You are violating my territorial bubble
  • Is this the first movie after Teen Wolf? Bannister making the basetball court in the back yard with his long hair looks like a teenwolf followup. Remember TeenWolf 2?
  • Want to pull my heart strings? Kill the Judge.
  • I was a little disturbed by the necrophilia with the Judge and the mummy
  • Man. These cops have a little bit of reckless regard for public safety.
  • Good on ya. A Ghost Busters reference…hooo hooo hooo…nice shooting Tex.
  • Vovlos are safe cars. Thank goodness Bannister drives them. Cause he is kind of wreckless.
  • How come all my accidents involve stitches and not super powers?
  • Trope: Kick the dog to protect it. Punch the Big Foot so he will return to the woods. Say mean things to the girl so she will be safe.
  • Piss on my hushpuppies
  • Gary Buseys dad used to say “OMG. look at those teeth. This is your fault woman.”
  • This is one of those. “Nobody is safe movies.” Even if you are dead you can still be killed.
  • The cops are the “stupid parents” in this movie. If you involve the cops as your primary unbelieving foil then you have no one to turn to. Usually Parents, Adults, Cops or the Military. Occasionally a spouse. Why is it never your kids. I would totally watch a movie where your teenage kids turn you over to the authorities and eventually die at the end of the movie because they think you are lame when you tell them there is a talking possum that is trying to take over the city.
  • Wait…don’t kill yourself…… Let me do it… I think I have Kevin Bacon and Keifer Southerland on speeddial. Get it…Where they kill themselves. Flatliners….no? screw you.
  • Watching MJ Fox getting run over while out of body was painful.
  • Your shotgun has unlimited ammo. Nice upgrade…ohh…and a flashlight.
  • Yeah…let’s not find a regular church…no…let’s go to the abandoned hospital and find the chapel where all those people died. Why can’t you hear me! I am screaming at the TV.

I have an uzi. and I’m crazy!

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