Angry Red Planet

Angry Red Planet (1959)  83 min  Unrated

The Angry Red Planet (aka Invasion of Mars and Journey to Planet Four) is a 1959 science fiction film starring Gerald Mohr and directed by Ib Melchior. Melchior was only given 10 days and a budget of $200,000 to make the film.[1]

This necessitated the use of a CineMagic technique, which involved using hand drawn animations together with live action footage, and was used for all scenes on the surface of Mars. Although this process was largely unsuccessful, producer Norman Maurer would attempt the same technique again in The Three Stooges in Orbit.[2]


Tandem Telescope. It takes a couple of nerds to operate that.

The rad men. Who volunteers to go scan for radiation? is that a safe job?

No…stop it sam…stop! you are winding too  fast. slow down…like this…around one rotation per second…stop! stop!  you know what sam…screw you….I hate you talked me into Tandem Telescope as a job. Screw the radiation! It’s a girl.

 NOW THROUGH THE NEXT AUDIO MICARCLE – SACK-O-MAGIC….which is not being broadcasting to you now.

Now through the next audio miracle – Sack-O-Magic…

Sack-O-Magic is not being broadcasted to you now.

Feel the fire hot breath of a 40 foot monster.

Twitter: Angry Red Planet – Like an888888888888888888888888000000000000000000000000000000000000 3 eye’d peeper behind a space rock. You’ll crap when you see it. or scream and pass out.

Stuff I Loved:

I will just point at this map until the other actors get here

MR1 appears to be a dead ship

This table is too high!

That’s a tall order George!

Professor Whiner…can you please complain about how hard this will be to retrieve the ship?

This is a room about space…see the posters we have on the wall.

Are you seriously drawing on the radar screen with that permanent marker?

You have to talk like this in the control room.

Newspaper cut scenes

The only way a lady can make it in the field of man is if her dad was already in it.

Tandem Telescope. It takes a couple of nerds to operate that.

The rad men. Who volunteers to go scan for radiation? is that a safe job?

The girl. The hell with radiation. It’s a girl!!

The girl is our only hope.

For a second I was thinking we were going to do the Fantastic Four Origin Story

Do you mind. I am trying to look at this space port…i do not need you to stand half a foot behind me.

I think that dude just made up a song about 2 moons.

Who takes a red head to space…with a popped collar.

All these dudes are meatballs.

Easy Fox Baker

When is Chow…now I know why they brought the lady. Somebody had to cook.

Really…they made the lady do all the secretary work.

Surprised they didn’t have her patching the spacesuits.

Just have to put my perfume on in between

47 days with this crowd.

Should we go out and claim the planet in the name of brooklyn.

Turn up the outside microphones.

You do not want Oxygen Consumption to go to Extreme

Well I got my exploring pipe ready.

That port hole should be called the “uncomfortable area.” Everybody gets in real tight and looks dreamy out the port hole.

What beings could possibly know how to be quiet.

Takes a brave man to admit he is scared. It also takes a big loser. loser.

Old fashioned woman hater.

oooh…amnesia…and a quality of un-reality

I could really use some Morgan Freeman to dumb down the science.

Who ya gonna call….GHOSTBUSTERS! look at those uniforms

3 eyes…what a crazy peeping Tom!

My first experience with Cinemagic….was underwhelming.

Well…aren’t we just pleased with ourselves. Mr. Freeze and the fantastic gun slap man.

You guys couldn’t hear that whipperwhil?

Really…had to come all the way to mars to find a damsel in distress

Did you just kiss your freeze ray gun? That’s sounds unsafe.

Neuro Vege Muscular Creature

Cleopatra the freeze gun and engineer

Shake it like a polaroid picture

Breakfast. Hot coffee and vitamins

Oh wait…that aint’ a Tree…I just chopped off your crab feeler….

Other than this annoying noise….how can I tell if this stupid freeze gun is working?

Insta Blind!! Great jorb.

Wait a minute irish…before we have another tree chopping incident on our hands. Let me scan that lake before you touch it.

At least not life as we know it.

Rat-Bat-Spider Nightmare.

Are we flying yet?

The control

Grab the lifeboat out of the spaceship….we did bring a lifeboat right?

Paddle faster!

The 3 eyed peeper!

Geez…your answer is always freeze gun.

Rotating eyeball. that makes sense.

Just one last freeze…goodbye.

Oh look…you can see him being digested.

Stop rubbing my helmet…I’m a big girl.

Tom sure is proud of his hairy chest.

“Check me out.”

Why is tom going righty tighty on that panel.

It’s alright…It’s just a little chest pain.

DId you catch that last message Iris? You didn’t? cause you passed out? Typical 50s woman.

Tom’s lick lipping makes me uncomfortable.

Only kind of woman in this movie….redhead. The first professional woman.

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