Nothing But Trouble

Nothing But Trouble (1991)  94 min Rated PG-13

Nothing But Trouble is a 1991 American horror comedy, directed by and co-starring Dan Aykroyd, who also co-wrote the screenplay with his brother Peter. The cast featured Chevy Chase, John Candy, and Demi Moore, with Taylor Negron, Raymond J. Barry, and Brian Doyle-Murray, in supporting roles.

Opener: Just like Chevy Chase I knew I was in trouble when Demi Moore stepped out of the elevator in her white high waisted jumper with hair designed by Edward Scissorhands. Hubba Hubba. Hoola Hoola you got front seat to the mexican hat dance.  Thanks for the sack of shit listener who sent in the 4:3 Aspect ratio DVD.

What? this isn’t a prosthetic nose? It’s a penis?

No one tell Dan…but he put the dildo on his face.

Who would win! Shock G vs Dan Aykroyd

Did you see how happy Tu Pac was when Aykroyd was playing the organ. He was all like…cover laughing mouth with hand and point with the other.

Happy Tu Pac

Twitter: Nothing but trouble – This movie got it’s taint on me so now I have to marry it.  also, if noses were penises…1 eyed Russian

Stuff I Loved:

Classy opening. The Simple Life. Juxtaposed over high society living.

4:3 aspect ratio

1 eyed Russian

Sour Lemonade

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The best place to run into a chic when you live in a fancy building. The dog walk.

Thanks for the Espresso maker and bag of shit.

Nobody says shit like Chevy Chase.

Brazillionaires…ha ha. Pun-y

We are painting Chevy Chase as a douche

Give me the keys Mike

Hubba Hubba Edward Scissor hands hair and high waisted jumper shorts

GPS in 1991? GPS Cartridge?

He should have obeyed the law!

Sell pork bellies buy gold.

Evel Knievel and Mr. Clean

Bedazzled stop sign.

Antonio the butler forgot the butter.

Running from the cops. Never a good idea. Was it in 1991?

Chevy Chase is a sarcastic liar

Were the Brazilian brother and sister needed?

Flipper is dead?

Shire Reeve?

The actors must read every sign. Aloud.

A bunch of spiders in a cake

Put out that Dog Rocket!

all good bad guys have a trap door

comedy horror is Aykroyd’s thing.

Is that a Baldwin?

Bloodless slaughter

Akroyd is the most entertaining part of the movie

Warm Glass of Hawaiian Punch

John Candy as a woman. Me…disturbed.

Tongue Winkled

Lots of slang talk with the Reeve

That is some seriously wicked looking weiners.

Hillbilly story.

Stephen King couldn’t have written it better.

Watching old man Aykroyd eat that dog was highly entertaining

You peeled the correct banana there.

Who is the nothing but trouble part?

Do we see eyes in paintings anymore? Even in comedies?

Silent Scream Chevy is hilairous

Do you guys remember the amazing stories about the guy who was too stubborn to die?

Car phones!

The baby brothers.

I know the Ball Ping Hammer is round.

Greasy giant babies


Mr. Bonestripper

Extremly Draculated

She’s got your taint on her now.

Shock G….. Know what I’m saying.

If Humpty Hump showed up earlier and more often…this movie would have been awesome.

I could have watched a Scooby Doo episode of Digital Underground. Nothing But Trouble.

I had to drink Crystal Head Vodka to understand this movie.

A lot of people blame the horribleness of this movie on Dan Aykroyd, since he wrote directed and starred in the movie. I only blame Aykroyd for being polite. He should have brought the smack down on his friend Chevy Chase for not bringing his A-game and John Candy…where was he!

NapMare. This whole movie was a napmare

Didn’t notice the reeve had a penis nose until the final scene

A few years after Christmas Vacation. Chase never recovered after this movie.

This DVD is a direct rip of the Video Tape

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