Surf Nazis Must Die (1987) (Show Notes)

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Surf Nazis Must Die  (1987)

– FilmSack Edition

Opener:   Hey, What happens when  a group of surfer boys with limited knowledge of history form a gang in disaster ridden Californi-a. Long story short. I’m pretty sure they ate Leroy! Martin Lawrence is gonna be so mad… know…cause Big Mama in that one movie. Geez…you guys ain’t got not culture.

Twitter:  Surf Nazis Must Die  Like bringing a bag of sand to your neo-nazi meeting when you probably have all the sand you need in your shorts. cause you live at the beach. Bum!

Stuff I Loved:

Gotta love a VHS rip to Netflix.

Oh yay…Troma

Goofy Footers


Poor ole Big MaMa’s House…done sorta burnt down…or something. Looks like failed construction.

Board Wax!

This is not a test. This is an emergency

Why are punks announcing LA news. This was after the Punk Revolution in the US

I am nurse Withers.

You must be Elenor! Is you deaf?

God how I hate found art.

Poor unfortunate art rhymes with fart.

Getting a Clockwork Orange vibe

Gangs are on the rise!!

This may be some of the longest montage/intro credits I have seen in a movie.

Poor man’s Eric Stoltz

I got drill bits! I’m so happy!

The punk youth of today are scaring the old people…and they totally don’t recall world war II except to glorify Nazis. Counter Culture.

I have a giant hook hand…it is my obsession.

I can’t say Nazi anymore without sounding like Brad Pitt in Inglorious Bastards

Look here hard hat chief.

There is no gambling…because it isn’t nice.

This old lady is not that old.

Me? Just chainsawing down a tree

Probably one of them beach gangs.

I am the furor of the new beach.

Look here butcher jacket hook man.

Blonde boy plays blonde boy.

Anarchy Nazi Gang Surf.

What is this all about Krout…hehe…actually made me laugh.

Visual Aide. We have a bag of sand.

Nazi battleships?

Asian Gangs!

All of these movies seem like Lord Of The Flies.

Switchboard does not sound as cool as you think!

What the crap…that lady is strolling the beach with a half a watermelon.

Burn books sure…but not the dang Jam Box!

Biker money count.

Meanwhile, back at the local biker beach bar

Tits out Wheels.  Gimmie your envelope of cash.

Cutting pretty titties…that not nice.

More Franklins by Monday, Wheels.

No…nobody wants to slam dance Mengele.

Know what we need? More slow mo surf scenes.

Beach Saxophone butt biting sex during surf nazi samuri battle peeping blonde perv. Too much stimuli.

Sometimes sex on the beach sounds like a someone trying to play the saxophone while having a bad case of diarrhea.

Something about mustaches that don’t work at the beach. I mean…Sure…Tom Selleck pulled it off that one time in that show…but that was Hawaii.

Adolph and Leroy meet on a beach and Yo Momma jokes ensue.

Booo…they killed Leroy.

Who the crap is the white man who fell down a chimney?

I’m assuming they are grilling something nasty on the beach. So nasty even Scott Baio wouldn’t eat it. But Keifer Sutherland would.

They said the N word.

Alright….are we suppose to thinking that they are eating Leroy? Cause we just saw his mom go identify his body.

Kind of a cool shot with the silhoutte long shot.

A little pop psychology and common knowledge history.

Gnarliest Gang around

Ok…Smeg… Teenagers!

I like the pipeliners.

Hitler was an economics major and not a history major. Obviously

N word again!! and right in front of mom!

Haha…love Big Momma slamming Smeg the wall. You heard her feet shuffling as soon as the N word left his mouth.

Casting went as far as to get an actor with a gap tooth like Mengele

Rock/Metal Surf Band Shred music is pretty good.

mmmmm…do you smell something  honey? It smells like…OUR SURFBOARDS!!  NOOOOO!

These guys are like Nazi Larpers. They are totally buying into the accents and all.

I don’t think those actors expected all the  waves under that pier. They had trouble getting Larry out of there.

Larry is a goober.

There is no room for Jesus on the beach. brother. I think I saw that on a t-shirt once.

Ahh…the laughing arsonist.

The ultimate mama is here to put the kids in place. Gang mama. The only woman who can put punk ass kids in their place.

We got all your tobacco needs.

A ladies gun!

Head off a honky at 20 paces.

gernades? I’m listening…that will take off a whole gang of honky heads.

Dear Adolph…Smegg

Mom’s will save the day,

These surfers think they are ninja’s…but they ain’t nearly as ninja as surf nazi  hook who hides in barrels. Or whatver hook does in a barrel.

I’m going to do a surf cartwheel and knock that knife right out of your hand…what the hell! that actually worked.

Worst hiding spot ever for an acid bather.

These guys must be the no peripheral vision gang.

You are useless to me now Brutus. Sooo…ergo…harpoon  nipple pierce

Nooo…not Menegler

Big Mama is all like…I ain’t dead yet!

Nothing to lose

The gun dodge dance! Works everytime.

Take my motorcycle! I’ll take your shark van.

Come on sucker. Let’s go kill some surfers.

Hitler’s girlfriend took it to the neck with a boat.

That hitler is a pretty good shot with the knife.

Misses Leroy’s Mom is a pretty good shot as well.

Time to smoke my swisher sweats

Taste some of Mama’s cooking Adolph.







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