Sum Of All Fears

The Sum Of All Fears (2002) (124 min – Rated: PG-13)

The Sum of All Fears is a 2002 American action/political thriller film directed by Phil Alden Robinson and based on Tom Clancy‘s novel of the same name. Starring Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman, it was released by Paramount Pictures in the United States on May 31, 2002.

This fourth film in the Jack Ryan film series is a reboot set in 2002, with Ryan portrayed as younger than in the 1990 film The Hunt for Red October (set in 1984) starring Alec Baldwin, and in that film’s sequels, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger, both of which starred Harrison Ford.

The Sum of All Fears was partially filmed in Ottawa, Ontario, at the Diefenbunker.[2]


“Honey, you are not going to believe this.. I think Ben Affleck just carjacked me. What the hell. First the nuclear bomb…now this. Hold on…WTF I can see him from here…he just wrecked my car! worst day ever. No wait. He just jumped out of my car. Oh great. it’s exploding now. Thanks a lot reindeer games.”

Twitter:  The Sum Of All Fears: This movie is a lot like the book in the fact that  I had to read most of it. Also Scott, According to Excel. The Sum Of All Fears is NaN


Stuff I Loved:

Sum Of All Fears. Punched it into Excel. Sum(All Fears)

According to Excel. The Sum Of All Fears is NaN

This movie is a lot like the book. In the fact I had to read most of it.

POV Missile

Hey…It’s oporetic! That means it is Tragically beautiful.

Oops we shot down your one plane. Might want a backup plan

Awww…picture of pilots family. Now I can about him.

“Fat boy DOWN!”

Tom Clancey! Clancey!

Serious conversations should not be held in the long halls of military installments if your actors are old and out of shape.

LOOK AT THE URGENCY…Oh look…we are in the ready room. Nobody got anything to say now? no….nothing? talked it all out have we?


These guys are American as they get. They can’t pronounce shit.

Look at that young Ben Affleck.

Did Affleck get that office honey pregnant.

Matthew Lillard and Quentin Tarnteno child

Schlinzky vs Balinski conversation

Would you please help me with the Fat Boy

“What…I’m fine…I’m good…HEARTATTACK!”

Beepers. Dated my films since the late 90’s and early 2000s

Sandra Bullock look alike….Poor Ben has a problem

For a while all Ben Affleck did was scan a script for sexy brunette roll scene. That was how he rolled. Animal Crackers were a bonus.

“What is this? The Paper Chase?” Who gets that reference now?

When Morgan Freeman dresses you. You do it. Lucky for you he didn’t have a problem with your tightie whities

Bum Back For Affleck. Doesn’t show it. Might have to call the insurance fraud division.

He is the Historian! Watches film of news footage of international political figures and makes predictions…that make it no further than the office watercooler.

“Hey honey. I’m on a plane. Not going to make our date. I work for the CIA.”

When you are showing footage of Russian. You must overlay that with some classy Russian oooooh music. Because Russia is depressing.

There is no joy here in Russia

What? are you building russian scientist fantasy team. back off yankee. They just ain’t here.

Let’s speak convenient English. cause I am sure the audience is tired or reading subtitles.

This movie brought to you by “Satellite Shot”.. because when you need a location change card…only a space shot will do.

Netscape email address. You know it’s time to get serious.

Love Liev Schriber

Ben Affleck is never dressed for the occasion.

yeah…nothing suspicious about a cigarette machine. Do they still have those?

Crowd shot. All these people are dead. Kid Dead. Dude Dead. This group of people. Dead. Save the president.

Outrun a nuclear bomb. Sure thing.

Plot for The Sum Of All Fears is essentially punching one bully in the back and pointing at the other bully.

You want to pull my heart strings. Kill a puppy. Or even worse. Morgan Freeman in your movie.

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