The Faculty

The Faculty (1998) – Sure, there are a lot easier ways to beat up on someone’s nuts, but hardly any more entertaining than hairy hobbit skroat right into the ye ole flagpole. guaranteed to make ‘em run to the boys room crying, just like when they attempted to leave Samwise on the river bank. It’s Hobbits and Harnett on this weeks film sack

Skatting in the boys room.


The Faculty – We don’t need no education. We got these old juiced up Apple II gs’es that the Cryptkeeper upgraded for us.  and juice boxes!


Stuff I Loved:

Offspring for the start.

Angry coach.

No new computers…get the old ones juiced. No field trips to NY City…you are not getting out of Ohio. No Musical this year.

You will always been a cold bitch to me. Sleep it off coach.

Pencil through the hand. That has to smart.

Never realized there was so much pointy shit in a school.

Mrs. Olsen…run.

When they tell you to use your keys as a defensive weapon. They should remind you to hang onto the keys.

Alice iN Chains. We don’t need no education cover!

Hobbits and Hartnett

Angriest school ever.

There are easier ways to beat up someone’s nuts but hardly more entertaining.

Don’t talk about snorting Skat in the boys room.

John Stewart cameo.

Ain’t it Cool teacher.

Aliens are always thirsty.

Why am I getting beat up? Oh wait…is it because I am in High School and still drinking Juice Boxes. Oh yeah.

Usher says…wooo hoooo hoooo.

Hard to buy Usher as a bully.

Holy crap. Old Lady in the boys shower room. Classic horror movie device. My favorite is The Shining.

Coach is a meatball. He is out there standing in the sprinklers.

Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt in the car trunk. VHS.

Best “fall in the hall” goes to the hobbit

No more Flogging the Bishop

I have a cool mac…wait..what year is this?

What an original place to hide your porn.

Loving Famke Janssen in Hemlock Grove

This movie makes me thristy.

Love the back chatter. Comments on characters in a group.

Tit Bags….that could be our sister podcast…gross.

ID4 reference

Who knew…the parasite aliens can’t take scat to the eye.

“Me so Hornet”

Muff Diving

The aliens took down the radio stations.

Wait…doing the high school sex probability math. 3 dudes and 3 girls.

Bad Boy, Jock, Nerd, Popular Chic, Tough Chic & Southern Bell

Stupid Jock who doesn’t want to be a jock.

Bad boy who is really the street smart nerd.

Nerd…wussy…isn’t even that smart.

Popular girl who is head of the school paper

Tough Chic/SciFi Movie Chic

Southern sweet chic

How do you sell drugs…why you package them in a clear pens.

He’s tweaking! let him tweak.

Hey, I got a great idea….we are being chased by aliens. Let’s all do drugs.

So far…everyone has said no to drugs…but peer pressure wins out.

oh fook. MY LAB!

I would go to more High School Football games if it had fireworks and alien infestations….oh…and clotheslines.

That’s was your whole plan? Sniff this?

Was the Football team wearing tap shoes?

Brutal face plant at the pool by stokely.

Never compete with a wuss when it comes to running.

Wonder how everybody else passes the leech creatures from their body.

Always seems to be a creepy Student/Teacher relationship.

Wuss gets the girl. Whatev!

Even John Stewart gets a happy ending. DONUT

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