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You ever fight a dinosaur kid? Well that question was almost answered in the original Rocky III script.

Here is the script pitch I found on Rocky Leaks: “After winning the ultimate title and being the world champion, Rocky must face his toughest opponent yet. Mr. T….Rex. Who’s hungry?”

After comparing the original script with what eventually made it to the screen…. it is mostly the same…Paulie still don’t sweat nobody, there is still a charity wrestling match…. face to tits with Thundelips, Adrian still has a shouting match with Rocko on the beach making everybody feel uncomfortable, Apollo still slow motion frolicks in the ocean with Rocky in his sweaty shorty shorts…. making everybody feel uncomfortable and Mick still dies…but this time Magic Mick feeds himself to Mr. T ….Rex to hopefully satisfy his hunger to protect Rocky. Doesn’t work.

What do I predict? Pain…I predict Pain fool.

Why you do me like this IMDB? You know that ain’t the Rocky III Poster…or is it?
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Rocky III (1982) – ….it could have been better with a T-Rex


  • Audio reminder of Rocky II? and a clip. What a dirty reminder
  • Get up ROCKY
  • and the music swells…
  • Yo, Adrian I did it!
  • Rocky has the best fights music…
  • Rocky is on top! surely he will stay there.
  • Why is he only fighting black boxers…is he chasing the Apollo feeling…there is a white guy!
  • So much flop sweat…
  • Mr. T has had enough!
  • Rocky got a credit card! American Express…
  • Life is passing by…Making the money..buying the things…getting soft.
  • Rocky Crunch Punch bar
  • Meanwhile Mr. T is rocking his Nike shirt and getting hungry
  • “I want Balboa…you tell him old man.”
  • I live alone…I train alone… Clubber Lang.
  • Pauly is living in the shadow…
  • Rocky has one thing…a support group…that is where his heart is…Clubber Lang is used to being alone…he finds his strength elsewhere.
  • Drunkish Paulie in the arcade…F you Rocky Pinball
  • Ohh Paulie…I had to get in my best suit and tie to come get you out of the pokey.



  • That was rough
  • Adrian has no rhythm
  • Howdy Howdy Howdy…time to announce the fight
  • Wrestler vs Boxer…the answer to the question nobody asked.
  • You ever fight a dinosaur kid?
  • “why the carrying him?” “he’s walking”
  • To all my love slaves out there…Thunderlips is here in the flesh, Baby. You’re all trash…you better shutup!
  • Mr. T attends all of Rocky’s events
  • Face to tits…time to fight
  • wait wait…this is supposed to be fake! stop calling me a meatball
  • Rocko…remember the neighborhood
  • yeah…take my gloves off…boxing…oh…he’s taking the gloves off.
  • Paulie don’t sweat nobody.
  • Maybe I am remembering it wrong…but I think this may be my favorite Rocky so far.
  • Pinocchio story…somebody is going to be a liar.
  • Thereby exposes her to the public…Goldilocks
  • but it looks nothing like me!
  • Time for Rocky to retire! after 3 years.
  • Easy matches…fighting other bums. Bums fighting bums.
  • uh oh…he done crossed the line talking that way to Adrian
  • pushing the buttons
  • This statue dedication did not go as planned.
  • It’s all a scam Rocky!
  • Easy fights…c’mon Mick…I’ll live in the gym
  • Nike would like you to know they sponsored this movie
  • Apparently, Rocky likeness is hard.
  • Gross…getting a sweaty cheek kiss
  • Mr. T grunts a lot…haha…I hope they did that in post.
  • After it is over…maybe join the circus?
  • Mr. T doesn’t want no-one…he just wants to be alone…get out of the spotlight
  • You gonna kill poor ole Mick
  • Clubber is so angry
  • Dead Meat
  • Mick told him to take his time…but nope.
  • Don’t stand toe to toe!
  • What a sucker
  • You ain’t been hungry in years.
  • Pinocchio your nose will grow!
  • Mick is dead! Dead…
  • While you were mourning….
  • Helmet…I don’t need no helmet! You take it statue!
  • Meanwhile down at Mighty Micks…
  • Apollo….you been stalking me?
  • You got to go back to the beginning…Eye of the tiger! Eye of the tiger!
  • haha…you got me curious…you got me curious Rock.
  • You talking about that old fool Apollo Creed.
  • Rocky is 34…his time has passed
  • Apollo is pulling an Equalizer…you gonna owe me a big favor
  • The city has to take you rich boy balboa but a new city. LA
  • Hey Paulie…just don’t get irregular alright.
  • Takes about 6 years to get to know Paulie
  • leaky plumbing…how can you train if you don’t got leaky plumbing.
  • He ain’t got no rhythm.
  • Rocky got no rhythm…got no swim…
  • Shutup you Sterno bums!
  • Adrian is a trooper.
  • Paulie has one job…hold the jam box…and piss and moan
  • “There is no tomorrow.”
  • Mickey never had me do this…you can’t do that shit…this is not how we did it back home.
  • He’s already beat…mentally.
  • I need me some shorty shorts
  • “What’s wrong with you!”
  • I don’t want to lose what I got….I’m afraid!
  • Yelling by the beach….let’s work this shit out
  • No Fear…it was our generations motto
  • The music means it’s time to fight
  • no no Rocky…just flick it…flick it
  • All Rocky fights end with “We all good…” Winning hearts one boxer at a time.
  • You got to do it alone in the end…do it for yourself.
  • Hottest scene ever…Rocky and Apollo splashing around in the water.
  • Clubber Lang has gotten comfortable with the camera
  • Remember where you came from.
  • Both are brawlers
  • What’s your prediction? Pain
  • Clubber Lang so Dang
  • Do not push Apollo!
  • Mr. T always in your head.
  • Rocky keeps getting lighter in every match
  • haha…Apollo in the corner is fantom boxing
  • Mr. T is getting whiplash
  • no rabbit punches!
  • Block Rocky…put him in the corner
  • Why am I freaking out
  • 2 knockdowns
  • it’s strategy…
  • man..I’m such a sucker for Rocky movies

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