Miami Vice (2006) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Hold on a sec…how do you even operate this stupid old style cell phone…ahh… you flip this…and flip this… and boop “Yeah Hello, This is Detective “Sonny” Crocket of Miami-Dade PD. Patch me through to your SAC. Hello? Weird it sounds like I’m talking to someones crotch…Hello, if you can hear me…I need to talk to your SAC…. The Special Agent in Charge… oh good….he heard me.”

“Yeah hello, what’s my badge number and birth date? Listen, I ain’t got time for that…it’s 11:47 o’clock on Saturday night and Neptune is downstairs handing out booty slaves like an attactive bartender handing out Mojitos. That’s the hand we have been dealt.”

“What’s that? Hold on…I can’t hear you…Tubbs…C’mon man. I’m on the phone. You can’t stand next to me and make 3 and 4 phone calls while I am talking on my phone….It’s distracting…go stand over there….further…keep going…ahh shit. Listen SAC…I gotta call you back…Tubbs just went over the side of the building… HEY TUBBS! YOU CAN’T NEGOTIATE WITH GRAVITY!”

Stupid…talking while I’m talking. Now I really do need a Mojito.


Miami Vice (2006) – IMDb

1 win & 9 nominations. See more awards ” Cast overview, first billed only: Ricardo Tubbs is urbane and dead smart. He lives with Bronx-born Intel analyst Trudy, as they work undercover transporting drug loads into South Florida to identify a group responsible for three murders.

Miami Vice (film) – Wikipedia

Miami Vice is a 2006 American action crime thriller film about two MDPD detectives, Crockett and Tubbs, who go undercover to fight drug trafficking operations. The film, written, directed, and produced by Michael Mann, is an adaptation of the 1980s television series of the same name, on which Mann was an executive producer.


Miami Vice (2006) – Like Trudy would say. “I ain’t playing.” also like a 2 hour starring contest set to music.


Mighty Mighty Mullet

Meanwhile….Glaring at the club.

This club seems too hot to be wearing full body silver suits

“You got your tan in Miami.” – Sonny

What is up with 3? I’ll go with 2.

The guy getting the prostitutes is wearing Sonny’s TV suit.

2006 video phones.

I kind of dig this film grain look they got going on. Feel like I am watching it on a 19″ TV with OTA

Patch us through to your sack? Pretty sure I heard it wrong. Is that what Sonny told the Miami FBI Office?

2 phone calls at the same time on a roof!! No way man….Everything in this movie is either 100 miles an hour or a flat dead stare stop

at 11:47 o’clock on a Saturday night…that is the case we have been handed

What about Neptune!! It’s his lucky night. Lucky Pimping

How slow was Elonzo going that Miami Vices had time to get off the roof of a building and get their car and hit the highway and catch up with him.

You don’t have to go home. Hey, watch out for that Semi.

Roof top meetings, Highway Side Meetings, Parking Lot Meetings, Harbor Meetings.

Meanwhile, that don’t track.

Go-fast boats. GO FAST

Noooo…not the go fast boats…you bastards!

Hey…we need a reason to see a couple people naked. Weird Shower to Sex Scene…

“Tubbs…your place smells like the booty sex.”

That USB Drive has seen a lot of hands. I would for sure be Purelling my hands. A lot of people are touching the drive who don’t even need to touch the drive.

What is up with your interview (interrogation) room painting? That is a lot of teeth.

“You didn’t do time with us then you don’t do crime with us.” Sonny Undercover

“You must do that thing exactly.” “The thing we say” – Hair with glasses

Miami Vice should be called “So What’s In A Look Anyways?”

1 blip 1 plane

“You don’t like us finding your load.” Sonny

meanwhile in Cuba by the TRex hotel

Sleeping with the enemy…a very dangerous proposition.

Never conduct business in Cuba…instead it is always Mojitos and love making.

2nd shower sex scene.

Always such interesting shots. Everything is a landscape shot. Even the body shots

This movie is shot like Cigarette and Car advertisements you saw in magazines during the 60s, 70s and 80s. Kind of like a perfume commercial as well.

So is Chris Cornell her love making music?

Down in the mean Streets of Styrofoam

I’m watching you watching them…watching…dancing…music…watching

“Probability is like Gravity. You can’t negotiate with Gravity.” – Sonnie (Foreshadowing?)

Tubbs is worried I am in too deep.

Does the lightning signify anything?

“Try Paradise Trailer Park Near The Airport” – Captain

and the most ridiculous explosion of a trailer goes to Miami Vice 2006

Trudy has been through it.

Like Trudy would say. “I ain’t playing.”

Man, this movie delivered on the Miami Vice Vibe

The Dark Crystal (1982) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Hey you guys…hey have you looked outside today? The suns are almost in conjunction! and you know what that means! It’s time to sing the song of our people! Late 70s and early 80s kids join in..

Conjunction Junction what’s your Function? Hey! I can’t do it this alone ..Alright…Alone then.

Hold up…did anyone happen to catch Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s appearance in this week’s film? Yep he played all the Gelfling parts. Jen. that was him. Kira…also him. Whaaat. Boys don’t have wings silly! What are you?!

also, I enjoyed Bob Ross’s head as FizzGig… rolling…rolling…rolling around like a happy little tree ….that wants to bite your ankles.

Well the suns are all lined up. Time for the next intro. Alright, together then.


The Dark Crystal (1982) – IMDb

Directed by Jim Henson, Frank Oz. With Jim Henson, Kathryn Mullen, Frank Oz, Dave Goelz. On another planet in the distant past, a Gelfling embarks on a quest to find the missing shard of a magical crystal, and so restore order to his world.

The Dark Crystal – Wikipedia

The three suns begin to align as Jen and Kira reach the Crystal’s chamber, and the Skeksis gather for the ritual that will grant them immortality. Jen leaps onto the Crystal but drops the shard; Kira throws it back to him but is fatally impaled by the Skeksis’ high priest.


The Dark Crystal (1982) – Like a Landstrider’s tongue striking at the lobster back of my childhood memories. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare. alright, alone then.


Lord Grade

This is more Lord of the Rings than Lord of the Rings

That fat Skeksis. Never noticed him before…

1000 years ago.

The Skeksis story

Now the Mystics Story. There are only 10.

3 or 4 arms?

There is a balance in the force.

Gelfling – Jen. The Journey of Jen!

Before the 3 suns merge?

Augra! Give us the shard! Follow the greatest sun.

The Skeksis live on a power sub station

Stop making that mmmm…noise ya freak,,,mmmmm…mmm…Lord Chamberlain. M

Mine!….Mine!!! Emperor no die…..he died.

Mystics just sparkle out. Skeksis decay to dust. Heck…they even send the mystics his shit in the afterlife. The greedy Skeksis gets nothing.

“I can’t do it alone…Alright…Alone then.” – Jen

Trial by stone!!

Well…the general did it….but I got to say…that stone looked it it had already seen some good whacks.

Shame…Shame…Shame Chamberlain.

The Crystal Calls. Ahhh…they Skeksis thought they had killed all of the Gelflings. Not so.

Steven Tyler grew up to be a Geflfling.

Augra is missing an eye….Do you suppose she lost it by holding it in her hand to peek around corners?

I want a Fizzgig

Gelflings can share memories with a touch.

In the shapes of kindness.

Sent the crabs…check…send the bats

Oh you hurt your arm…let me rub some moss on it

oh master…nothing is simple anymore.

wait..please make peace

I want a landstrider

“alright, together then.” – Jen

Kira can talk to all the creature of Thra

Come on Podling…look into the great shaft of the castle….feel the power of the dark crystal.

You are very lucky…only the emperor can drink your essence.

Liar…Slave Squeezer.

They locked Aughra up!

Kira lives with Podlngs.

Those land-striders have some kind of acid tongues.

Wings! I don’t have wings!

yes…this face shaped hole must be an entrance into the castle.

It’s almost time for the Conjunction Function .. Conjunction Function

Durn Garthims

This castle is built on a lava tube!

So you can look at the crystal….just don’t look up the crystal’s skirt.

Rolling rats…a lot of rolling furries in this movie

Kira didn’t even get to watch the Crystal Show!

Heal the crystal Jen!

cool cool…the podlings got their essence back. Does that mean so does Kira? Cuase she was looking rough.

Got to save the FIzzGig

They turned into the thing.

The Two made one.

We give you the Crystal Of Truth? Make it’s world your light?

You weren’t even of Thra!

Dude…do you even Thra.

I really enjoyed the head of Bob Ross as FizzGig



The Butterfly Effect (2004) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Dear Blackout Diary,

Today, I saw a baby checking the mail with his chubby little baby hands. Oh Baby, what could you possibly be expecting in the mail? Baby Food samples? Gerber life insurance for your questionable high risk baby lifestyle? Meh….maybe baby was just trying to intercept a letter intended for his mom about his adult like behavior at daycare? Well…that’s too much for my brain..BLACKOUT

Oh hey Blackout Diary one more thing. Why do all dads suck? I mean I feel like I am living in a Lifetime movie of the week where all the men are either crazy, sex offenders or just plain absent. It’s messed me up bad. This morning  I tried making cereal with a knife. BLACKOUT

Alrighty, Well, I gotta go…my crazy dad is choking me out. Ohh…this is the closest to a hug I have gotten from him in years. I’ll take it! I love you too daddy. gurgle BLACKOUT!


The Butterfly Effect (2004) – IMDb

Directed by Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber. With Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart, Melora Walters, Elden Henson. Evan Treborn suffers blackouts during significant events of his life. As he grows up, he finds a way to remember these lost memories and a supernatural way to alter his life by reading his journal.

The Butterfly Effect – Wikipedia

The Butterfly Effect is a 2004 American science fiction thriller film written and directed by Eric Bress and J. Mackye Gruber, starring Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart. The title refers to the butterfly effect, a popular hypothetical situation which illustrates how small initial differences may lead to large unforeseen consequences over time.



The Butterfly Effect (2004) – Like leaving a note on your girlfriend’s coffin that says “I’ll come back for you.”  Hey, you sure you want to leave that note for the grave diggers to find that night with no context? Blackout.


The button fly effect.

It’s a butterfly chaos theory!

I can’t write things unless…I …say …them…out…loud

13 years earlier.

Mom has her mechanic suit on…and she fixed the car…but she needs to fix those brakes!

Too dangerous for dad to come out.

Hey…your kid drew a thing…..and it disturbs us.

Evan is an awesome artist! The subject is questionable…but the execution…amazing.

“Let’s look at your brain!” – Dr. Brain

What did his dad have?

When he was a kid he read his letters in his head when he wrote them.

See what a real father is like.

Evan…I got a knife….how did I get here?

“What are you doing with that knife?”….”I was just making some cereal”

Hey…let’s take some video with Eric Stoltz. This does not look like the usual Stoltz…

What kind of stress can a 7 year old have.

If your dad seems sleepy…it’s just the drugs!

…and I’m getting choked out.

Six years later.

Dads in this movie…suuuuck….I knew dad had a blockbuster down here.

Don’t blame it on the blackouts.

What is in the box! Popcorn at the movies.

Don’t you ever bring up the mailbox again.

I am beating up this guy…but I’m thinking of you.

That kid is one bad apple.

“I’ll come back for you.” WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? You gonna kill me?

I write notes…I write a lot of notes.

Seven Years Later….so that is 14 years later…that is in the future. We are all in the same TimeZone. So this is after. No…it was 6 years and then 7 years…so I guess that is solid.

Bad Date Evan…Bad Date

Lenny has problems…..Lenny’s room.. Evan wants to remember and Lenny wants to forget.

Holy hell…Lenny can be scary.

Blackout Journals…

FUUU…Who let’s their baby check the mail!

Evan’s roommate is a freak.

ooohh…his dad was your exact age when he tried memory regression.

I bet she stanks. Working at the diner all night…smoking.

She emancipated…and mom had a new family and not enough room

His sister killed herself?

Duuuude….do not put a note on an uncovered coffin that says “I will come back for you”…are you trying to freak out the grave guys.

I have an idea….let’s go down to the basement…yeah…never a good idea.

Evan doing the walk of shame.

Nosebleeds are for suckers.

Dude…you screwed up your life…you are all sorority and crap now.

Oh no…you killed Tommy!

They would for sure not put you in a max prison for killing someone who was trying to kill you.

When they come for you…go somewhere else in your head.

Mom…you didn’t bring my journals!! MOM…I’m in prison…

What prison is this…every single person is tougher than you.

He’s not very good at beating up anything…except his pillow.

“Hey Kids…Imagine what you want to be.” How about a murderer…also…Stigmata paper punch!

Duh…you ain’t smart if you pull your pants down

Never give Lenny a weapon with vague instructions.

Hey Lenny…can I get you anything? Like a shard?

This final form with no hands is really the best for everyone except Evan. Suck it up Evan. Here…hold this Granola bar.

So I am assuming all of his journals are gone.

Oh man…he is way too happy to find out his mom has lung cancer. Thats right…now I can fix my hands and blame it on mom’s cancer.

His dad used photo albums. Does Butterfly Effect 2 and 3 go back to the dad’s stories.

Eight Years later. In the city. So we go back 13. Forward 6. Then Forward 7. Then forward 8.

Poor Lenny….he loses a lot.

This movie should have been called “Bad Dads” Where was Lenny’s dad? Evan Dad tried to strangle his. Kayleigh and Tommy were sexual abused.

Skyline (2010) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

and welcome to the Skyline Help Line Hot Line where you have questions and we have…..hey is that dog wearing a sweater vest?!

How may I help you today?

Why are the aliens here? Oh the answer to that is easy…Say, what exactly does Terry T-Money Scrubs do for a living? I mean sure…he’s rich and famous…but what does he do…besides his assistants.

You still have questions. Ok. I’m here for you.

Why are the aliens stealing our brains? Excellent question. Hey, what’s the deal with that  Concierge. How come he is the only one who seems to have his crap together? Except when it comes to lighting fancy rich people cigarette lighters. He should have brought his Zippo!

Nailed it. Next!

Why is the movie called Skyline? Listen kid. Go away. You’re bothering me. After this crap job I have to head over to the brain processing plant and put brains in alien mechs for 12 hours. Hey look…pretty lights…..oooooooh….



Skyline (2010) – IMDb

Directed by Colin Strause, Greg Strause. With Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, Scottie Thompson, Brittany Daniel. Strange lights descend on the city of Los Angeles, drawing people outside like moths to a flame where an extraterrestrial force threatens to swallow the entire human population off the face of the Earth.

Skyline (2010 film) – Wikipedia

Skyline is a 2010 American science fiction disaster film produced and directed by Brothers Strause, directors of Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem . The film was released on November 12, 2010. It stars Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Brittany Daniel, Crystal Reed, David Zayas and Donald Faison.


Skyline (2010) – Hey…let me Axe you a question: “is this movie like aliens impregnating your city skyline with brain abducting aliens for lord knows what.” too many questions!


We are impregnating your city like you did to your girlfriend Jared…wake up

Meanwhile on Delta.

J-Rock & T-Money

No Business on my birthday

What does he do in showbizness that makes you sweaty?

Jared is a painter….Terry is….

It’s LA…it’s an earthquake

How long between 4am and sunrise! A quick walk up to the roof.

Dude…you didn’t hold the door?

Don’t look at the skyline

It’s a people sucker! Hoover’d

Are they pushing on the pull door. No Elaine! Don’t look

Just our luck…the world is in danger and all we have to save us is this group.

Don’t look at the light…it will control you.

He’s infected! He has the skyline!

Old man Walt and his dog

Walt saw the people in the sky.

Dang Walt Dog and his little Walt dog jacket.

Uh oh…she found your pics with Terry.

Would 100% take the steps down in a situation over an elevator

Terry…stop shooting that little shit…also…Problem solved for Terry’s girlfriend

You can kill them!

Or maybe not…Brain eater!

haha….she is like…we are back where we started…I told you so.

Hey Jared…T-Bone is gone…I’m your new friend. Suck it Boss.

Ahh…the old Aliens can’t stay here but so long trope?

Foreshadowing…looking into the light…

Looking into the light makes you feel powerful.

uh oh…things just got real tragic…no water!

His Skyline marks look like chest hair.

That was pretty bad ass dogfight right in the middle of all this crap. Woooooo…we took down one of their ships…wooooo

It worked…we are all irradiated…but it worked… one down.

awww…c’mon…it’s putting itself back together.

Stupid self repairing alien ship.

Concierge of doubt….never takes chances…that’s why he is alive and T-Money is dead.

He’s all aliening out.

haha…their brain’s are pretty easy to axe. Let me axe your alien brain a question. many brains does this alien have!

Time to fight like a monkey man!

Love is a battlefield.

Why won’t this lighter light!?

Jared has red brain matter.

Oh Jared…you took over that alien body.

So why are the aliens here to get brains to put in the alien bodies?

Theory: This whole movie is an allegory about conception and the first trimester of pregnancy. It’s beauty, pains and unknowns.


Stargate (1994) – Filmsack Show Notes

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