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Encodya (2021) – Boop Show Notes



DEVELOPER: Chaosmonger Studio
PUBLISHER: Assemble Entertainment

Tuesday, January 26, 2021



Me Playing

The Live Stream Replay




$19.99 Steam ($24.99)

or if you would like to support me by purchasing the game through an affiliate link you can do that as well. (I get a 4% commission) Thank you!


Neo Berlin 2062. Tina – a nine-year-old orphan – lives with SAM-53 – her big clumsy robot guardian –in a rooftop makeshift shelter in Neo-Berlin, a dark megalopolis controlled by corporations.


Point and Click your way through a dystopian cyberpunk Neo Berlin in the year 2062 by directing 9 year old orphan Tina (Tea-ner in European English) and her “assigned at birth” Big Dumb Robot Nanny, Sam-53. Living day to day under a rooftop shelter, the duo makes a survival list that the player must seek out by searching and collecting items and info for solutions to the problem at hand. Manage your inventory of craptastic future trash by dragging items onto one another to combine them when possible (typically you get a “i can’t do that.” “That don’t go here” “Nuh huh” or drag an item onto an NPC who you have encountered to unlock dialogue, complete tasks or just to make swapsies. All in the name of survival and curiosity…

Described as Bladerunner meets Studio Ghibili meets Sam and Max…but I find it more like Bladerunner meets Boderlands meets Sam and Max.

Hits some Nostalgia for me, people have complained about politics in the game. There is a character who has a name that sounds like a real politician but looks and sounds nothing like them. Charming.

Art = A+
V/O = A okay for primary characters…B’s and C’s for secondary characters
Gameplay = A- it is Point and Click bordering on Find Objects game. It can be slow…but if you like Sam and Max type games…this will be pretty good.
Music = B+ Would be an A if I had not have gotten a copyright claim on YouTube.
Value = B+ $24.99 for 12+ hours of entertainment. It gets and A when on sale.

3 Tokens out of 4 possible Tokens or 3/4ths of a full Boop.

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The Expendables 3 (2014) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Hey, thanks guys for meeting me here at Rusty’s early morning bar and grill. Ibbott, go ahead and order another drink. it’s 9AM Mountain time and you got Saturday night at your house to do. Randy, would you like some wings? Scott, stop it…that’s gross.

Anywho, It’s been 11 years and 500 hundred episodes…. and you know, it’s very hard for me to say this, but at one time, you guys were the best. Maybe still are. But nothing lasts forever. Hard as it is to hear. We aren’t the future anymore. Unfortunately for us, we’re part of the past.

As I see it, if we keep this life up, the only way this thing ends, for all of us, is in a sack, in a hole, in the ground and no one giving a shit. Now, if that is the way I am supposed to go out, I can live with that. For me. But what I can’t live with, and won’t live with, is taking you with me.

So, it was a good run, Ibbott go ahead and order another drink. Randy, that is an unhealthy amount of wings. Scott, stop it….that’s gross.

Alright, well I just saw Harrison Ford slip into the backseat of my Ford Pickup Truck outside. I’m not sure if he has some new intel on an upcoming Indiana Jones movie he wants me to sack with my new twitch stream team or if he is just confused because he thinks its his truck. Because you know, Ford in a Ford.

Seriously Randy, no more wings! Do you want me to open up your meat shirt and show you your heart, cause you will be sad, oh so sad!

Happy 500 sacks everybody! Booby slave! Booby slave. Grab me my Mingo phone…I want to call Flash Gor-don to tell him all about it!



The Expendables 3 (2014) – In the movie’s own words “I hear this movie killed more people than the plague.” also “How much we getting paid for this?” “Not Enough For Bruce Willis” #500


  • It’s a train! Choo Choo!
  • Armored Prison Transport
  • Put on the lucky ring
  • Hannibal Lectured his ass.
  • Wesley “Grady” Snipes
  • Snipes hates that portrait!
  • “Your Dude’s Tripping.”
  • Ramming Speed.
  • Who sets up their prison fort at the end of the prison transport.
  • You put the ending of your movie at the beginning.
  • A guy named Church.
  • Guys…where are our guys…Hammer…Butchman…gone…damn.
  • Why did he blow up the copter?
  • “I hear you killed more people than the plague.”
  • Tax Evasion.
  • Dolph is a sore loser
  • 5 to 22.
  • That jingling time…your tags up there…jingling…jingle ling
  • 1 mistake. 8 Years. Place called Swaziland. Failed Assassination. – Doc
  • 49 Pontiac…
  • Why does the inside of this plane look like Twitch Studio
  • Meanwhile, Mogadishu
  • He’s good..shutup.
  • They give Wesley Snipes the best jump stunts.
  • Shipping Container Ride! Weee get in.
  • /me screams “Stonebanks!”
  • Told ya Crews…10 seconds…time to mow the lawn.
  • “How much we getting paid for this?” “Not Enough” Obviously..the operation cost is through the roof.
  • Down at the Port. What kind of firepit facility are they driving through?
  • Yes…we do weapons and firepits.
  • Make Room for Caesar! Huge black guy in a boat.
  • What pistol is Stathum shooting…the whole scream is bouncing.
  • Why did he shoot Crews in the ass…but then the chest.
  • You dropped the bomb on me.
  • Did Stallone have a stroke?
  • Meanwhile in Moscow.
  • Time to put together a new team.
  • It all ends “In a hole in the ground.”
  • Wesley Snipoes
  • “We’ve been (in) the mud, the Shit and the blood.” – Jason
  • Gibson bought the painting because he could.
  • Meanwhile, Vegas.
  • Is that the big dipper? We got to turn around.
  • Close quarter combat.
  • Rhonda Rhow-zee
  • I need a Job. All I know how to do is kill people…and I do that very well.
  • Sponsored by Ford…parked in an empty parking lot. With Harrison Ford in the back seat. How on the nose. Ford in the back seat of a Ford.
  • Put a Ford in your Ford.
  • Snipes eats all the screen.
  • Standard issue single seater motorcycles for all the Expendables.
  • Drinking…shooting…stabbing…
  • you better be right…ba-bam
  • This ain’t 1985…you can’t just go in shooting.
  • A squad is like a family…you know what I mean…and my brother betrayed me…in case you didn’t get the subtle drop.
  • A mark on Cain…like tattoo…not to mark him…but to protect him.
  • haha! “Hurry up, it’s boring” – Arnold.
  • now they are the Deletables.
  • “I’ll open up your meat shirt and show you your heart.”
  • The Hauge…
  • You didn’t check him for watches.
  • How did he get his email address? “”
  • Do you know who he is working for? and who he is working for?
  • Time to get the crew back together.
  • I don’t have any friends. But other than the friends issue.
  • gogo…no galgo…
  • Christmas is coming…but it is July.
  • Morons Need Friends.
  • The tall one doesn’t like me.
  • Walking the river of rocks.
  • “Sally don’t like it.” – Snipes
  • PipBoy come on…jam it.
  • You didn’t charge it! It’s down to 9%.
  • Why aren’t they killing that Nanny Cam that Gibson has setup.
  • Get to the ground floor….get to the roof…do it yourself….Get to the choppa.
  • Yeah…that is fair…Stallone has been running around for about an hour…he just shows up…wanting to fight.
  • For sure is going to have to impale him..that is how this works.
  • I guess not…looks like
  • “What about the Hague… I am the Hague.”
  • He dead….wait a beat…he alive!
  • You could have skipped the demented part
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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) – Filmsack Show Notes


oh hi,

This Sunday… it’s Thunderdome Live. Where you don’t want to miss when 2 men enter. 1 man leaves.

Hey, is this going to be like that one time when one of the men who enters is not really a man at all but some kind of grinning boy’s head sitting atop a man-body and then when he starts losing… his little person manager hops into the dome in the middle of the fight and starts yammering in some broken English he learned from Vinyl Records in his Circus train car…. only to be interrupted by yet a fourth individual who enters the dome of thunder to further the discussion on who runs the place…. all the while no “man leaves?” Cause that was some real partisan based pig shit right there.

Anywho, This Sunday, it’s Thunderdome Live!… Where apparently no rules apply….. Even though everyone is chanting the one damn rule.

Tickets available at the box office… if you can convince post modern Alfred Hitcock to sell ’em to ya. God I hate this job. Maybe I will see if I can get a job as an elevator operator. I can do that….Pushing a few buttons all day….ooooohh…Conan Style?…no thanks, I don’t do the cranks. That is just jerking time, Randy



Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) – 2 movies enter. 1 Man Leaves. “Hearing Wonky. Sounds like an order.”


  • Do you have gas? I need gas.
  • Funky music is funky. Hey! That is the lady that sings the thing!
  • Double barrelled credits. Coming at ya!
  • One of the Living! Yeah Yeah Yeah-oooooh.
  • Before Drones…there were shaky helicopter cams.
  • It is the outback! Didgeridoo
  • Buzzed poor ole Charles Ingalls of the Outback
  • That monkey is not pleased.
  • Nooo…it’s Mad Max Beyond Covered Camel Caravan
  • That monkey left him his boots. Also,you really shouldn’t be driving without your shoes on.
  • Well they wasted no time getting to Bartertown.
  • Football pads are in high demand.
  • H2O is my go! What’s a little fallout eh?!
  • Pelts for 2 hours of woman.
  • Nothing to trade…nothing in bartertown.
  • I didn’t know Alfred Hitchcock ran Bartertown…The doorman.
  • 24 hours of your life in trade for your shit.
  • That be a lot of weapons. Humorous amounts. Is he going to catalog that stuff? Does he get a ticket!?
  • “House of Good Deals”
  • Elevator operator. I can do that. Push a few buttons….ooooohh…Conan Style…no thanks cranks.
  • Sexy Saxophone. Play something Ton Ton…something tragic.
  • But he’s just a raggedy man.
  • Water…Fruit? Death.
  • Beaten with his own whip.
  • Rule 1: Kept it Secret who you work for. Rule 2: Fair Fight. Rule 3: To The Death
  • Underworld…where Bartertown gets its power. Pig Shit. Methane fuel.
  • Master Blaster. Little Master…Big one Blaster. They run Underworld. Keep the Master. Kill the Blaster.
  • I don’t got no experience with Methane. You can shovel shit can’t you?
  • Pig Killer…Life Sentence.
  • 12 Pounds of explosives.
  • No Trade in Underworld. Not Shit. Energy!
  • Who Run Bartertown Embargo. You Know who.
  • What if the power company called occasionally and asked you who ran your local town.
  • The big one don’t like loud noises.
  • Now who runs Barter Town.
  • If you are about a head short then add a head.
  • Thunderdome. Hand to Hand.
  • Meanwhile down at the Atomic Cafe.
  • “Hearing Wonky. Sounds like an order.”
  • Master Blaster. We want Thunderdome.
  • Thunderdome…Live! I wonder what that sign was like before the last day.
  • Auntie…Auntie..
  • Welcome to another Edition of Thunderdome!
  • 2 Men enter. 1 Man Leaves to avoid the folly of war.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Dying time is here.
  • Hey…you didn’t say anything about bungies.
  • The audience is counting the blows.
  • The whistle don’t work if you can’t blow it. Oh you blew it.
  • haha…Chainsaw is worthless….pig shit!
  • Whistled dead. Uh oh. The monster with the Boy’s Face.
  • It was totally part of the deal.
  • No Not Master!!
  • 2 men enter…1 man leave…you know the rules
  • Technically…3 men entered.
  • Bust a deal and face the wheel.
  • All laws must have rhythm.
  • Look here Vanna…this wheel was not the deal.
  • Are there any good prizes on the wheel?
  • Auntie’s Choice…
  • nooo! Not the Gulag! Nooo…What’s The Gulag? GooLag
  • Ride a horse backwards across the wasteland with a mascot head?
  • They dipped Master into the pig shit.
  • Send the Monkey!
  • That poor horse just wanted some water.
  • That is more monkey ass than I wanted to see.
  • That Horse looks thirsty
  • The wasteland is trying to eat him!
  • Damn monkey just scared me.
  • So do monkeys not get thirsty?
  • Apparently, I only remember parts of Mad Max Beyond Thunder-dome.
  • This is like 2 movies in 1
  • 2 movies enter. 1 Movie Leaves
  • It is Captain Morgan? Walker?
  • Some lord of the flies shit.
  • Delta Fox X-ray. I don’t think they know how tech works.
  • Children of Dead Tech and Toys
  • What a way to wake up. Good thing they tied his leg.
  • Chorus of kids.
  • We got it mouth to mouth.
  • That is some weird post modern TV. At least it is widescreen.
  • We don’t need the knowing. We can live here.
  • High Scrapers and Video. All the knowing they have lost.
  • Tomorrow-morrow Land. Sky Raft.
  • Haha! Captain Walker and Mrs Walker.
  • Bye-De-Bye. Don’t worry…we will be back.
  • Well yeah…now he looks like Walker since you cut his hair and dressed him up.
  • You kept it real good. You ain’t been slack.
  • Follow me says War-Boy
  • The time is now! We got the wind at our backs! C’mon! oh…perhaps another time then.
  • The second half of this movie may be some of the best of George Miller.
  • That is just jerking time.
  • Language is the first victim of the apocalypse.
  • He used the boom-stick.
  • I am the guy who keeps Mr. Dead in my pocket.
  • The kid who wakes up Max after the gun-frontation is speaking pretty good English. In fact…they all started losing their weird accent.
  • I can’t decide between laughing and being thrilled.
  • He holds his own…and then I holds him.
  • Everybody know the Sarlacc Pit gonna eat ya!
  • She has a tiny globe for a map…that is a horrible map.
  • Bartertown is our only chance.
  • This is jerking time.
  • Once a pig thief always a pig theif.
  • I don’t want to die in Pig Shit
  • and down the corn shoot!
  • The turnabout chase.
  • Who runs Bartertown? Apparently no one! This place is a disaster.
  • This is more pig assholes than I am comfortable with.
  • Bartertown. Where you gonna run. Where you gonna hide? Now get me my jet car!
  • Ha! Master must have been in the traveling circus when the apocalypse came about. Look how snazzy in his snaz suit
  • Great…the only language recording that survived is French.
  • Ha! More jump moments than I remember.
  • So many stunts.
  • Safari Kid
  • This is so confusing. Why does Gyro Pilot not recognize Max from Road Warrior? Oh…cause he is the same actor. 2 different characters.
  • Max would have not been able to jump that far away.
  • Raggedy man. Goodbye Soldier!
  • This ain’t one bodies tell.
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Sunshine (2007) – Filmsack Show Notes


oh hi,

Dear Ma and Pa from your boy in space. Remember how you said nothing never good came from staring at the sun for 12 hours a day and then the sun quit on us and then you blamed me for that and then I had to kidnap old man Elon Musk so he would agree to let me join space force so I could fly to our dying sun with some other astronauts and scientists to restart the sun with some explosives the size of Manhattan. Well…..get out your Sun-brellas. We’re almost there!

Phew, is anyone else hot? I’m really sweating balls over here.

Oh yeah, Dad. I asked them about your idea about “why don’t they just move the dang ole Earth closer to the sun” They said that was a stupid and laughed a lot. So thanks for that dad. Gosh it’s hot.

Anywho, just remember, it takes eight minutes for light to travel from sun to earth. Which means you’ll know we’ve succeeded about eight minutes after we deliver the payload. So if one day you look up into the sky and…ok…it is really hot’in here. So I think I’m gonna take off all my clothes…. and head up to the main frame coolant tank and take a swim. You know what, I don’t need this skin either…just gonna peel it right off.

Alright mom and dad. Camp has been great so far. See ya at the end of summer. I volunteer….I volunteer Randy!



Sunshine (2007) – For 7 years I spoke with God. He told me to take us all to heaven…in a little row boat…i’m a golden space suit god..


  • I looked directly at the sun!
  • Our sun is dying, mankind faces extinction.
  • Seven years ago. The Icarus Project. To restart the son. “Damnit Sun! Don’t you quit on me! Live Damn you! Live!”
  • But that mission was lost…damnit
  • 16 months ago. Crew of 7. Left Earth frozen in a solar winter. Our Payload. Stellar Bomb. Size of Manhattan. Create a star within a Star.
  • 8 Astronauts…strapped to a bomb….weeee…it is Icarus II.
  • The sun looks like an eye! It is watching!
  • Look at that worthless sun.
  • 36 Million miles….2% of full brightness…can you show me 4%…just do it Icarus computer!!! How about 3.1% for 30 seconds. Put on my shades!
  • Wouldn’t it just be easier to move the Earth closer to the sun.
  • 29 000 KHM
  • Beef or Chicken….
  • The point about darkness…you float…like a vacuum.
  • Don’t make the Asian guy fix your food.
  • Send messages back to the moon stations.
  • 55 Million miles from earth.
  • Flying into the Dead Zone.
  • I see hyrdoponics…but
  • “By the time you get this message. I will already be in the Dead Zone. Uh, it came a little sooner than we thought, But this means you won’t be able to send a message back. So I just wanted to let you know. I don’t need the message. Because I know everything you want to say.”
  • “Just remember, it takes eight minutes for light to travel from sun to earth. Which means you’ll know we’ve succeeded about eight minutes after we deliver the payload. All you have to do is look out for a little extra brightness in the sky. So if you wake up one morning and it is a particularly beautiful day. you’ll know we made it. Ok I’m signing out and I will see you in a couple of years.”
  • Automated Razor Scooter!!
  • Sitting in the sun room going blind and getting one hella burn.
  • It took him an hour to make that message?
  • Prescription 2 hours in the Earth Room. The waves make me feel peaceful
  • I would just stay in the Earth Room. Duh.
  • Captain America talking to Capa
  • Icarus 1 got hit by a minor asteroid storm. none bigger than a rain drop. It was beautiful. Until it kilt us!
  • Don’t put your hand in the coolant tank…hey…he shaved!
  • Ladies and Gentlemen. Mercury! Mmmmm… Mercury is so hot!
  • Two last hopes are better than one.
  • I forgot about the angles!
  • I volunteer Capa.
  • You golden suited god.
  • Sweet. Space Zoom Call.
  • The space turtle is too shakey!
  • Com 3 and 4 are now space sparklers.
  • Com 3 and 4 just busted through.
  • Manual control. Negative. Computer Control. Negative.
  • What can you see? Nothing! I blind!
  • I volunteer Yo Mama!
  • Icarus II – 0 Sun – 2
  • Oxygen Garden is gone!
  • This is becoming Space: Survivor edition.
  • Somebody has been hanging out in the sun room too often.
  • Neither of these ships were designed for docking.
  • Subliminal Screaming Face
  • The air is human skin! That is a lot of human skin. Most dust is human skin…grote
  • “I can hardly walk it is so thick.”
  • We are dust and nothing more..
  • Capa always goes into the suit.
  • Hey Capa. We’re only Stardust.
  • Did not like Harvey Death atall.
  • Well they got rid of their extras they needed. Problem resolved.
  • Weigh the life of one against the future of mankind.
  • haha…electric scapel
  • Problem solved.
  • using up the oxygen you moron.
  • 5 crew members. We got an unknown crew member!
  • At the end of time when only one man remains. Pinbacker. Not your god. Mine
  • Icarus would not full sunlight befrore…now she do.
  • Please return the mainframe to the coolant!
  • A lot of “my god” at the end here.
  • jumping in the coolant to save the mainframe…have you tried turning off and back on again first.
  • Pinbacker is not in this dimension/time
  • Capa my leg…my sandles….my bloody sandles.
  • What…it’s not hard enough to save humanity by traveling to the sun and blowing it up…you also have to fight space crazy time traveler?
  • Did they pioneer the “too close to this guy’s face” cam?
  • Looking through a lot.
  • I need a Sunbrella
  • Outside the suit looks like no struggle. Inside the suit…space spittle.
  • That was the Capa Suit. He shit in it…it is only his.
  • It is the only dream I have. Surface of the sun.
  • I wonder if the meteor shower that hit the Icarrus 1 was the Icarrus 2 explosion?
  • “Cassie we are flying into the sun.”
  • For 7 years I spoke with God. He told me to take us all to heaven…in a little row boat…owwww….my arm flesh.
  • It’s getting hot in take off all your flesh.
  • just like he described…a moment of free floating and then death!
  • Even in solar winter…kids make snowmen.

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Almost Famous (2000) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi Mom,

Sorry I haven’t called sooner. I have been very busy on the roads of America following the exploits of the Filmsack Podcasting Crew for an article I am writing for the cover of The Rolling Stone. Just kidding mom. Nobody reads magazines anymore. It’s a think piece for Buzzfeed….. No I’m not too old to write for Buzzfeed! What? I’m how old? What the hell mom? I was held back for 10 years in the 7th grade! Yeah, I guess that explains all the body hair I had as a 12 year old. uncomfortable shower scene!

Anywho, I met a girl…Are we dating? No, she likes Randy. Yeah the creep with the facial hair. Does he know I’m talking about him? Well I’m looking right at him…yeah, he’s taking notes with his eyes. No, It’s ok mom. I un-grounded the mic on his headset. He’s about to get a real shock.

Alright mom. I’m a golden god…..and you can tell Buzzfeed…my last words…were…I’m on drugs. Oh…Don’t do those. Oh ok…

Randy… don’t do drugs.



Almost Famous (2000) – Like Vinyl…it will blow your mind..oh…don’t forget to light a candle… it will blow your mind…oh…and don’t do drugs…it will blow your mind.


  • Am I famous yet?
  • Time to write the credits.
  • A drawer full of old concert merchandise and tickets. Groupee? The Plaza!
  • Christmas Movie!
  • Circa…old time ago..
  • Santa in a speedo.
  • Adicas Finch…Take your kid to see To Kill A Mocking Bird.
  • More Zoe
  • You have been kissing…I can tell.
  • Simon and Garfunkel…on the pot
  • Mom! First, it was butter. Then it was sugar and white flour… bacon, eggs, bologna, rock ‘n’ roll, motorcycles—then it was celebrating Christmas on a day in September when you knew it wouldn’t be commercialized. What else are you going to ban?
  • Mom is a college professor.
  • Feck you…this is a house of lies!
  • Vinyl…it will blow your mind…oh..forgot to light the candle.
  • Meanwhile, 1973…
  • Iggy Pop…Amen!!
  • Everybody wants this kid to be a lawyer.
  • 1000 words on Black Sabbath for $35 bucks.
  • Use the family whistle…Don’t take drugs…yes mother.
  • Groupies..we are not groupies…we are band aids.
  • Hey the enemy.
  • Stop writing notes and watch. I’ll show you how to live. Penny Lane
  • Tell her like last summer…no…not like last summer…It ain’t California without you.
  • You know about the Riot House right.
  • Have you seen the Bridge? Mr. Plant signed my shirt.
  • Act One: in which she pretends she doesn’t care about him.
  • Act Two: in which he pretends he doesn’t care about her, but goes right for her.
  • Act Three: in which it all plays out the way she planned it. She’ll eat him alive.
  • Put on my telephone man voice.
  • 3 thousand words $700 dollars…alright a grand.
  • Detroit Sucks Shirt.
  • Don’t let them rewrite you.
  • “Don’t take drugs!”
  • Come by later. I’m in too truthful of a mood.
  • Is this Mary Ann with the Pot?
  • “Just make us look cool….” I will quote you warmly and accurately.
  • haha! Can we skip the vibe…
  • T-shirt …Dick is the manager.
  • Russel hanging out with real Topeka People. Come on man…to our Topeka party.
  • Want to see me feed a rat to my snake….yes!!!
  • Now I get to be the mom.
  • I am a golden god…..and you can tell Rolling Stone Magazine…my last words…were…I’m on drugs.
  • Last words. I dig music. meh. I’m on drugs…cheer!
  • “Look at him…he’s taking notes with his eyes….”
  • “I have to go home….” … “You are home”
  • Rockstars have kidnapped my son.
  • Falling in love with Penny Lane.
  • I have never written anything longer than a Filmsack Intro in my entire life.
  • I have a particular set of skills. They are all mom skills.
  • Why don’t you get on my back for a piggyback ride.
  • Your mom kind of freaked me out.
  • Like grabbing an un-grounded mic on tour.
  • I think you know Reddog.
  • Did they just gamble away the girls.
  • You are too sweet for Rock & Roll.
  • 50 bucks and a case of beer to Humble Pie.
  • What kind of beer?
  • Long looks.
  • Winter Rugburn
  • A Mojo…Wire…18 minutes a page.
  • See my smiling face on the cover of the Rolling Stone
  • “Yeah…she’s with me.” – Chorus
  • Painful to watch…looks that tell.
  • All she left were her Quaalude. All my friends
  • While my friends graduate I am taking care of Penny Lane in a hotel room.
  • “Why doesn’t he love me?”
  • Class of 1973.
  • Penny wake up!
  • Boldy go where many men have gone before.
  • oh man…do not pump my stomach!
  • haha…sexy stomach pumping.
  • Lady Goodman is Penny Lane’s real name.
  • What have I done!? Too late! I’m on this plane Penny Lane.
  • Jimmy Fallon hit a guy in Deerborne.
  • The manager has been taking money.
  • I slept with Marma Dick.
  • Coming out as fay always fixes the plane
  • Write what you want.
  • We are uncool. I’m always home. I’m uncool.
  • I’m in a room full of people. I’m alone.
  • Let’s say all the things we never said.
  • haha..Penny Lane fucked Russel over.
  • What do you love about Podcasting…Everything.
  • Morroco!!
Film Sack Filmsack Notes Podcasts

Air Force One (1997) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Ok Colonel Bob, I’m in the pilots seat and I have told all of the terrorist to “Get off my Plane.” What’s next…. Turn off the autopilot?… But It’s been two weeks since I have landed an intro Bob…It’s like riding a bike? Look Colonel Bob…I don’t know what kind of bike you ride back in DC but I see at least 6 dials and 2 flip switches just for adjusting the height of my handlebars here. So how about we cut the crap and get me and my Filmsack family on the ground safely.

Hold on a second Bob, my co-pilot is gurgling something incomprehensible. What’s that William H. Macy?  Try rolling your R’s Ahhh…you say the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. Well that has nothing to do with what we are doing here…but, Never tell me the odds!

Anywho, You know what Bob. Maybe this was whole thing is bad idea. Say, why don’t you just send in a crack team of Filmsack hosts to zipline us into an intro that is not a flying dumpster fire of parallels drawn between Harrison Ford’s iconic role as Han Solo and this. Save your strength. There’ll be another time.

Randy…tell me about that time, like a Saturday night at Ibbott’s House.

Now it’s public. Now it’s Policy. Get behind it.



Air Force One (1997) – Teaching us: If you give Harrison Ford a cookie…he is going to want a glass of milk and a tour of Air Force One. Where’s the pod. No Pod? Get off my plane.


  • Special Forces Mission…We killed a few people.
  • Ohhh we teamed up with the Russians.
  • Get off of my plane…get into the backseat
  • Get tough on Terror
  • Geez…Melanie…Loose Lips…Sink Ships…
  • Totally not sus foreign reporters.
  • Don’t tell me the …14 – 13 Michigan….Bastard!
  • what’s in the briefcase with the handcuffs?
  • This president is hardcore on US policing the world.
  • He’s one of them! He’s one of them!
  • He has access to the weapons staff.
  • This movie did not waste a lot of time on getting to the hijacking!
  • Ramenstein Tower..Du Haste…
  • Geez…good thing Melanie did not tell the terrorists about the President pod….but they knew.
  • They shit that pod right out of air force one.
  • “What are our airborne scenarios.” There ain’t none!
  • Who do they trust? Who do we trust.
  • New Nuke Codes are generated.
  • He will not negotiate…he just made a whole speech about it…
  • Bad Politics.
  • The President is the unknown man on the inside! Who knew!
  • The Terrorist Pilot has turned off the No Smoking sign…smoke ’em if you got ’em.
  • I am a terrorist…let’s negotiate.
  • The President will get his Baseball glove back.
  • Whack A Mole President.
  • Fleet Footed President….butthole clinching run from one spot to the next.
  • Kill a hostage every 30 minutes
  • 50 people on a plane.
  • This terrorist at this point has to be thinking the plane is haunted. Suddenly Loud TV. Watches going off and beeping.
  • You can’t just leave that terrorist there..knocked out…he will come back to life.
  • Maybe he flushed himself!
  • Sat Phone! With Instructions.
  • Uh oh…Busted! Totally going to get charged.
  • Russian Ultra Nationalist Radicals.
  • We can not release Reddick.
  • “If you give a mouse a cookie…he is going to want a glass of milk.” – Entire negotiation philosophy.
  • Good thing the president knows a little Russian
  • Hey…this shot up milk gives me an idea!
  • The President Tasks me.
  • Fax and Voice ain’t the same.
  • 15k feet 200 knots…otherwise it is suicide.
  • Damn you CNN
  • This is the lollipop….don’t suck it….but if your chute don’t open…go ahead and suck it
  • Not without my family
  • weeee….suck it terrorist…fax this!!
  • uh oh…mistakes were made
  • 32 survivors out of 50
  • very intense struggle between the president and the terrorist
  • she does not negotiate with the secretary of defense
  • There is a knob…we are turning Bob. Intro, Idea…let bob tell me how to land this movie plane.
  • Raddick!
  • These Communist Hate Air Force One!
  • haha…Good Guys are here…
  • Halo 2 sacrificed his life.
  • This movie gives me the patriotism
  • This movie always has somebody with an idea…which they will not share with the audience until it is time.
  • Can’t land Air Force One…no problem…how about a zip line to Air Force Dues. Get off my Plane.
  • You are on the plane with the Traitor.
  • Get off the f’ing plane.
  • You can no have the thing strap! Get off my zip line!
  • Liberty is now Air Force One!