OS Love/Hate

Living in the southern part of the United States, specifically South Carolina, I am in daily contact with people who passionately declare that their truck manufacturer is better than the competitor’s truck. People will expend great thought and varying degrees of creative effort into how they can insult their opposition. I’ve certainly seen my fair share of Calvin, of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes, peeing on a Ford or Chevy emblem. But even with all that hate, there is a bit of playfulness to it. Not a lot of venom in that bite.

Now switch over to the internet. Tell someone how fond you are of your OS and you will find yourself in a whole heap of trouble that even the Duke boys couldn’t get themselves out of. YeeeeHaaaaaaa!

So why all the love/hate when it comes to your choice of OS? If a bunch of rednecks can be civil about the truck they drive, can’t we all play nice when someone has something nice to say about their own OS choice? Maybe if we let off a little steam by having cartoon characters peeing on our rivals logos we could talk to each other in comments and message boards with a little more kindness.

I’m Brian Dunaway and I love all OSes.

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1 thought on “OS Love/Hate

  1. Morex says:

    Hey Brian!

    I was a Mac guy for more than 15 years until life got ugly. I had to sell all my crap and then I bought me a Windows PC and at first it was hard.

    But as a graphic designer I had to keep on working on Photoshop and CS3 (at that time) and it hit me. I don’t need a certain OS to work and be creative.

    Now I am writing to you from a Win 7 Acer laptop and it rocks.

    So now my only two requisites for geeting a new computer are:

    1. If it plays WoW
    2. If it runs CS4 (soon 5)

    So there!

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