Leprechaun (1993) (Show Notes)

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*WARNING : My show notes are unrated. I do not censor my thoughts while making notes.

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Leprechaun (1993)

– FilmSack Edition




Opener:  Hey,  O.K. Apparently nobody involved with this movie has ever painted a house or….well…anything….ever…It’s like they had Warwick Davis pulling double duty as the Leprechaun and the set designer…painting in his wee irish man makeup and high heels on a pogo stick. In fact. I’m convinced that’s what they did…while Jennifer Aniston and that sleeveless Kevin Bacon knockoff had a sexy paint fight with cousin doofus. Oh yeah…and speaking of doofus, Billy, there ain’t no surgery for stupid. If there was..we would have done already have go funded that for Scott. 3 Guys that paint. 

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4 leaf clover, luck, Irish, crate, 100 pieces of gold, shoe fetish

Twitter:   Leprechaun (1993) Like  expecting a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow that turns out to just be a crappy sack of gold.  Someone needs Stupid Surgery and can’t afford it.

Alt: Like a gentle 

Stuff I Loved:

That sure is a small pot of gold

Rachel wants to be in L.A,

Trope: All spiders in movies are Tarantulas.

Kevin Bacon look alike.

Jennifer Aniston was around 24 in this movie

Leprechaun (Warick Davis) in a crate for 10 years. That has to funk.

Leprechauns sure have to follow some stupid rules.

A shoe maker by trade.

Pretty sure you can’t shine Chuck Taylors

Dim witted friend. Gonyna feel bad when he dies.

That was one weird rainbow.

haha…here is your coin..I got a whole bag Ozzie

Gonna be shitting gold for a week.

I can buy comics every week.

Haha…what kind of surgery fixes stupid?

Worst painters ever. More paint on his arm than on the house.

Warwick Davis getting a little Aniston leg action.

Probably just a possum. Weirdo.

Good rule of thumb…don’t stick your hand into a stump hole.

3 Guys that paint.

This must be 1993…using a book to identify a coin.

Do Leprechauns pretend to be kids? is that lore?

Was not aware Leprechauns were such biters

Death by pogo.

100 gold coins to reach full power

That’s a lot of gravy

Leprechauns are freakishly strong

Yay…L.A. girl who is a vegetarian

Shoe man by trade.

No Shit Sherlock. Haven’t heard that since 1993

Button up sleeveless shirt. I miss those.

Smallest bear trap ever.

Help. Help. The attack is on. Help …Leprechauns are attacking.

I don’t think that is how shotguns work

That windshield is not safety glass…but has one hell of a quick cigarette lighter.

haha…he souped up that little car. Guess it involves a bit of magic to flip that truck

My portable! problems solved by a cell phone. Awful battery life.

Crippet. Deputy Crippet.

Oh shit. He swallowed the one coin.

Leprechauns apparently have some kind of portal powers.

Mother…good thing the Leprechaun has a gentle touch when it comes to nut grabs

How do you kill a Leprechaun?

Old Man O’Grady….thought he was dead. OHHHH

L.A. Gears….ahhh yeah

Sleepy late shift security guard.

Stupid speed up and slow down film.

Freshly picked 4 leaf clover…yeah that is likely.

Chased Jennifer Aniston’s ass.




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