Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (1988) – Show Notes


Oh hi,

This week’s Skinsack is brought to you by Dr. Kellog’s Cenobite, mmm… it tastes like a lifetime of regret. Yep a big ole spoonful of fleshy meat regret.

Oh and Remember, Cenobite is fortified with 7 deadly sins to ensure you and your family can go straight to hell.

Jesus! this stuff sounds horrible.

Also, through the month of October we will be sneaking in a puzzle box in every bag of Cenobite.  So if you just can’t wait to get to hell. Then we got a Fast Pass just for you.

Wait…didn’t Ibbott do this opening  the last time we did Hellraiser?

Jesus Wept

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Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (1988) – Like a Rubik’s cube designed by Satan. Typical Satan.



What’s your pleasure sir?

Jesus Wept. Shorted verse in the bible.

Hey, it’s the Previously on Hellraiser. Shit happens. Like flayed man.

This music is Batman’esq

Image Animation. Hellraisers is know for it effects…gross gross effects and animation.

Clive Barker…woof

Music by Tony Randal? Wrong Randel.

Short-Wave and Long Wave Radio.

Hey…that dude has a safari hat and horse whisk…for shoo’ing flys.

No! He has the Rubics Cube of Satan!

Dude…if a scary box is playing scary music…don’t look inside…same for Jack in the box.

What is up with hooks and chains in this movie.

Ohh!! It’s Pinhead the origin story.

Those puppet hands are placing pins like a Muppet.

Ahh…nothing better for a young lady than waking up to some dude in a suit watching you sleep. Bronson…Homicide.

Is that your occupation? Do you research Homicide or are you homicide?

Do maggots make all those noises.

Police violence

Fairy Tales…Demon Fairy Tales.

Accidental Damage.

Portable Mattress that is bloody…we should totally bring it with us!

The mind is a labyrinth…a puzzle…like the box. So we are comparing the mind to the puzzle box…

Pretty sure you don’t want to use a blender in the brain. Unless your intention is to make it goo.

We have to see so we can know.

Don’t solve the box.

Cinnabites! Cinnamon Bites.

So her boyfriend done left. Typical horror movie trope for part 2. New love interest.

You have got to destroy that mattress!! It has bed bugs!

The main doctor is f’ed

Tiffany…gee I wonder if she will open the hells gate.

C’mon Kyle…I’m not crazy Kyle…but thanks for offering me drugs.

“I am in hell. Help Me.” and other notes from the other side.

“Pleasant Day.”

105 years and he still doesn’t know my name.

Why do they keep the crazies down in the boiler room.

This movie borrows from the House of Horrors idea of a crazy in every room. Suffering from one malady each.

I said…my father is dead and alone and is suffering…Do you got a Ticket To Hell?

The big doc wants the mattress at this house…cause he has been looking for a new mattress.

Uncle Frank and his Father’s Wife. But wait…there’s more…there was a puzzle box.

Hell was what he wanted…and hell was what he got.

Frank came back to life…in a weird grown man baby thing.

Julia brought back Uncle Frank to wear Dad’s skin suit.

Xinobites. Xenobytes. Cenobite

Death is the Fourth Dimension?

Jesus…is the Jesus Doctor…cause everything is Jesus to him.

Got to love some body horror.

Get them off me…Maggots everywhere.

Know how you get Maggots off? razor blades!!

That is the biggest bedbug I have ever seen!

Uh…geez. I wonder if I should stay hidden while slim good body eats that guy or if I should run.

People from Hell are always asking for help from the living.

Why does skin-o-bite need to get back to the bed?

If a skinless lady says “Don’t be scared of me.” you should totally be scared.

Who keeps giving that crazy kid puzzles.

Know what is a bad idea? Bloody Cenobite in your swanky white bachelor pad…and let’s give her my white doctor suit.

Cover her in gauze! Now she looks like the invisible man.

So the rest of her body has no skin…does that include her tongue?


Julia! Julia!

Bride of Frankenstein kind of thing.

That doctor’s house is real easy to break into.

Oh…it’s those green flys..they bite.

If I am in a house and someone sneaks up behind me who I do not know….well I don’t care if she ain’t deskinned. I’m running.

Was I right? Yes…you look terrible.

A room full of horror.

Goodbye Kyle the not doctor.

Julia has really strong hands…she digs into the back of people…back peeler.

No longer the evil step-mother…but the wicked queen.

The big doc wants to open a gateway to hell. What could possibly go wrong?

What I always wanted…”I have to see…I have to know.” Curiosity killed the doc.

Hey doc…why do you keep glass jars of stuff.

No…  No? No.. “It is not hands who call for us. It is desire”

Daddy! Are you down here in hells?

The road to hell is paved with clowns juggling eyeballs.

What is the baby with the stitch mouth?

Hell is a labyrinth

Kristy…so eager to play.

We have always been here…We have eternity to know your flesh.

Why is there so many crying babies?

Sex orgy in the hell hot tub…all hot tubs in hell are hot?

Know what…I’m in hell…it’s not hot enough…let’s get in a hot tub.


You wanted to know…now you know.

The doctor did not end well…now he is a Cinnamon Bite.

These sheet ladies are enjoying their sheets a little too much.


So can multiple people exist in the same hell area?

You can’t burn the sheets! Apparently.

This movie is about Skin…it should be called Skin. Some people want it…some people have it…now others have it.

Also, mouth fetish.

If you are already in hell and someone takes your heart…then what. are you still in hell…do you start over? Are you free?

The doctor is the latest Cenobyte.

Brain mixer..

How do you absorb the skin? do you put it on? do you eat it and then it manifests?

Scary skies.

All the crazies are doing the puzzles.

Bad doc jokes.

Hey! You can’t kill our anti-heroes the Cenobytes of old.

Now under new management.



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