Equilibrium (2002) –  In case you can’t read…here are some voice over narration, Meanwhile back at the Palace of Justice! Gun Kata!! Grammaton Cleric listens to the grammaphone. Grammaphone Cleric.


Equilibrium: A movie about taking drugs so you can put up with your smart ass 8 year old. EC-10  I need an EC-10 for this twerp… Burn It!

 Despite Christian Bale being one slick piece of cheese….Sean Bean too  “EC-10” Burn It!




Stuff I Loved:

In case you can’t read…here is some over voice narration

Gramafone Cleric

Christian Bale is one slick piece of cheese….Sean Bean too

Man that was a long time in the dark before the shooting began. Bet that was uncomfortable at the theater.

In the future…the meek inherit the earth

Sense offense

So his superpower is being sensitive? Now I must kill you!

 Fascist future!

I always hated Davinchi! Burn you fake smiling bitch!!

Trench Coats!

Come on…smile…just once.

Hey Tae Diggs…stop asking me about my partner…You trying to make me cry…and to a greater degree die.

No art and no emotion. I would hate to see how boring sex would be.

Wife! You betray me with your senses! Take her away! and get me more pomade for my kid’s heads!

Apparently having no emotions allows you to take shit from your 8 year old.

Off my meds.

I would need meds too if I had to look at all those white walls

She is hiding some pasely…good place to keep it.

The Palace Of Justice….Meanwhile back at the Palace of Justice!

Don’t think you should come straight off Prosium…probably need to taper off…or else you may act like a freaking lunatic

Grammaton Cleric listening to a grammaphone

Sheesh…it would be hard to keep animals without getting caught…especially a bunch of barking dogs.

Alright…I can handle you shooting my wife…but you are not going to shoot this puppy! It’s a puppy!

About halfway through I was worried this might be turning into Turner and Hooch. or worse….k-9

Nothing says feelings like running.

Hey…isn’t anger an emotion. I see a lot of anger.

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