Children Of The Corn

Children Of The Corn (1984) –

Here ya go baby…I couldn’t help thinking this piece of paper and crayons would help your hundred and four degree fever……Now draw something horrific for mommy

MMMM….Good coffee…doesn’t taste like poison at all. gaaaaahhh….what are you children doing


Children Of The Corn: Like setting a field of corn on fire while you are still in said field. Not a good idea. is that Zombie Jesus?


Stuff I Loved:

  • Short story was first published in Penthouse
  • Sarah was home sick with mom…she came down with the fever.
  • “Dad was worried so he went to make a phone call…” Hey…I’m going to go make a phone call.”

It was 3 years ago…but these kids never age during that time.

  • Good coffee…doesn’t taste like poison at all.
  • Good thing we all drank our coffee at the exact same moment.
  • We are going to kill everyone….but we are going to slice the cooks hand in the meat slicer first.
  • “What are you kids doi…..ugh”
  • Here baby…I couldn’t help thinking this piece of paper and crayons would help your fever…here ya go.” Now draw something horrific for mommy.

  • Do you know what Gatlin spelled backwards is? NilTag.
  • Corn drought and the lord
  • Narrative…first they say it…then they do it.
  • The one who walks behind the rows….you mean on the road?
  • No…we meant the kid with the corn rows…
  • Are they a cult or Amish?
  • The man in blue…you mean a cop.
  • Cell phones would solve a lot of this.

What is up with the corn…it is randomly stuffed places like it is over grown.

  • Haha…Zombie Jesus.
  • That’s offensive.
  • The little kid impath.

Hey Burt! – Ernie voice

It’s weird here but it’s safe.

Stop sticking corn in my chute!

  • Making their fuel from corn.
  • Pentagram blood boy is having way too much fun.
  • Yeah Pal.

Stop calling me an interloper.

Don’t be drinking Amos chest blood

Best running fall ever

Alright…I need you to run past the camera with a knife and scream. GAHHHH

You killed the old man with the Gas.

  • Circle fight! Punch your way through the 4 year old girls…it’s their weakest part.


Stop calling me names…

The doc seems a little OP for this movie.

oooh…a healthpack…

Outlander!!!! We have your woman!!!

Issac is going to keep me company? Dangit…aren’t I getting killed enough…now I have to listen to whiney Issac as well. Worst 19th birthday ever.

If anything happens to me….

Sandworms! Grabboid!

Turned Issac into a bottle rocket.

Slap fight!!

Alright…that whole thing where I said you guys were just buying into the holy roller junk…no one told me you had a bonified demon…runnnnn

Them is some sweet kicks (nike)

  • Gasohol

 Hey…that’s not a rag…that is my best potato sack vest!!

  • Corn is pretty flammable…do you really need a gas fire.

haha…bitch slapped by the corn….I think I could take corn!

Trope: What are you doing here? Get back to the barn…well I just saved your life.

  • You dumbass…you just got corn-a-hol all over you.
  • Crank it! That is how you work it…crank it!
  • Worst throw ever
  • Apparently demons are very flammable…booom
  • Alright…we did it…we set the field on fire…the corn field that is surrounding us for miles….eeeek
  • Alright! All the kids in the barn are this weeks Chick In A Bucket…we saved the 2 primary kid actors…but let the rest fend for themselves.
  • How many kids are we going to kill in this town Sarah? I don’t know Burt. But I hope we can adapt at least a few of them. Cause they are sure to have no problems.
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