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Day Of The Dead (1985)  102 min Rated NR

Opener:  Inner Zombie Dialogue: Day 24. You know…being a Zombie ain’t so bad. Back when I was still alive I was always rushing head long into the fray. Just jumping right out there and grabbing life by the skroat…now look at me… just hanging out with 50 of my best dead friends riding down a really slow lift…oh…we’re here…just gonna casually step off…oh no!!!  Zombie Feet..Zombie Feet..and I’m down…no…no…zombie recover… I’m ok! I’m ok… where was I…oh yeah….rawr….rawr….brains…rawr


Twitter: Day Of The Dead – Like wearing your pants up to your tits…. this movies angy acting is just  too damn high. also, All the shopping malls are closed

If you have to use one dollar bills swirling in the wind outside a bank.

oh…a swirl of money!! all ones…this is low budget!



Stuff I Loved:


Nice collar jacket

Pumpkins. It must be October.

Rub the pumpkins…so soft…the pumpkin picture.

Hands through concrete.


We use the Bullhorn.

Set down…wait a minute…that isn’t in our contract.

I’ll set down…but I ain’t leaving my seat.

You are likely to have a lousy afternoon.

Logan and Bub….what! together…in the opening credits! Wolverine!

Casting by a Romero. Figures.

Yellow cab…we done.

Hello? Helllllo? I have a bullhorn..Hellllooooo?

These crabs love dead bodies.

oh…a swirl of money!! all ones…this is low budget!

Zombies love a theme….oh…and gators!

We are the Zombies with rigamortus! Arms too stiff to push down.

What up…I’m just out here watering the gonga…pot…weed.

Do not excite the zombies.

Migel…what a fruit.

We don’t bury the dead. Stupid.

All I can hear is Hermes Conrad

Couple of cut-ups in a serious situation. They gonna die.

Zombies don’t learn.

Dick faces? what kind of insult is that.

Biggest piece of meat in the cave!

Throw backs all got big dicks.

Don’t de-hat me…you sob

Zombie does not like confined spaces.

Cut you in half…that’s a gun…not a knife lady.

This is very pro army fatigue….so tired.

Hope you rot….they are already rotting morons

Migel is a fuck up.

Fuck…what kind of doctor stabs you in the shoulder with a sedative.

Should have fed Migel to the Zombies.

Check out my van dyke.

Wearing my pants up to my tits until I get some cooperation.

Jello…that’s how you say yellow…JELLO!

You better watch yourself…I mean physically watch yourself.


Watch this sarah!! Nom…missed me! Nom…missed me!!

They can’t even digest us…but he likes to eat.

cool…little brain. We can domesticate a brain head zombie.

You SOB…you chopped up Major Cooper!

Here…just let me turn off this zombie with my brain drill. There we go…much better.

All the shopping malls are closed.

What kind of Kindergarden did she go to?

A mouth full of Greek Salad.

I’m running the monkey farm now frankenstein!

Is that food enough for you!

Migel is such a pussy poet artist type.

We just gonna attach this here water fountain to the cave.

Brandy is good for the heart? BS

Where is this soundtrack going? It’s all over the place.

My job is to fly the whirly bird.

I’m doing…that is all that is left to do.

I think John is trying to get laid by the only available woman! John may have the only one with any sense.

Sarah could benefit from  water bottle. Everytime she goes to the water fountain shit happens.

Beef Treats…my dick won’t eat it.

Zombie Table Flip. Not nice…nice at all.

Zombie…no like dark!

Never really scared of these Zombies…mostly seem to be a joke.

A surgeon called “Bub.”

haha….Salems Lot, A tooth brush and a fucking razor blade!! Dumbass

I thought it would do that….

I fucking knew it…you bunch of scientist in here…laughing it up…having a good time! Pew pew pew.

Here ya go Zombie…wanna call home? Go on…call home now.

Mother o gawd…Zombie talking!

Salute my ass.

Dr. Dude…do not give Zombies a gun. Even an empty gun. What does Bub do in this situation.

oh shit…they are trying to teach civility to a teenager Zombie. Will never work.

haha….dumbass…Migel is such a fuck up.

We got a runner! Better use a sedative…here…this rock will do. SEDATED!

I’ll shoot him myself.

Don’t come to my underground trailer pointing guns at me….man.

Doctor Logan has mommy issues.

Cool head prostetics.

I’m beginning to think we should take that helicopter before before someone else does” – he says wistfully as he looks out into space.”

What ya listening to there Bub? Some sweet 80’s music? Nope…Flight of the Valkyries

Bub…follow my finger! That’s it….follow it…

We need his ass? What do you need his ass for…also, Jungle butt…that is a bad black joke.

ahhh yes…the ole shovel face.

People in horror movies have no peripheral vision.

Dual wielding Jamaican man.

Only other control is in the hand box!

When John barks (hoof) after nailing that Zombie in the head with the shovel…well…that made me laugh.

Did that one kid’s jersey say Mailbox?

Clown Zombie…Football ZOmbie…Cheerleader Zombie…soldier zombie…golfer zombie…prom zombie…Ballerina Zombie…Flannel Shirt Zombie….Lunch Lady zombie….Hawaiian Shirt Zombie…Sporty Tennis Zombie…Motorcycle punk Zombie

Haha…that over anxious zombie who stepped off the platform…face first.

Oh man…if the boss steals the golf cart…and you just stand there and bitch instead of just running him down…well that is your own fault.

Bub is all like….get up Doc. Shake it off.

Apparently Zombie Bub still has saliva flowing.

Your hiding spot sucks if it already contains zombies.

Got to love a guy who laughs it up all the way to the end.

Got to love the bullet throwing style of shooting some of these soldier have.

Bub’s got a gun. Was he wearing a head piece? who was he trying to impress? that is a much sadder story…there was only on girl.

It seems everybody in this movie likes to make funny voices.

Don’t dump the gun just because it is out of bullets now…you might find more bullets. Would you dump a Pez Dispenser if it was out of candy.

Fuck…I’ve never been shot…that really hurts bub. that really hurts. oh shit….

I love the fact that a zombie has a stupid name like bub…cause they can scream it as he fucks them up.

The slow walk of shame that the captain does down the hall when running from bub…hilarious.

Choke on ‘em….Choke on ‘em

Damn’it Zombies…we do this everytime…We eat everybody super fast then we are just hungry again

I tole u we should ‘av fueled up de whirl-i-bird the utter day…but nooooo…silly wohman.

Sike…we are on a beach somewhere.

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6 thoughts on “Day Of The Dead

  1. Casey Rafter says:

    Woo! Third? And TOTALLY…not…out of date (maybe). Just found my new favorite time suck: BRIAN’S NOTES. As mentioned on the tweets, your intro to this was my favorite so far and I’ve listened to a LOT of the episodes (most of them by now, I think). When you said “rawr” so nonchalantly I laughed so hard everyone in the office turned and looked at me. I just shrugged and said “Zombies” and they all rolled their eyes and went back to work. DON’T JUDGE ME!

    1. Brian Dunaway says:

      Thanks Casey! The openers are my favorite part to do on FilmSack. I love trying to find a character angle that slightly skews our thoughts on the meaning of the their lives in the movie’s universe. The Zombie who fell off the lift during the movie had a much bigger story and it practically wrote itself. You should always laugh at the office at things other people can not hear. It keeps people from getting too close and ruining our jobs!

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