Double Dragon

Double Dragon (1994) –

….To one son he gave the medallion for power over the body…for the other…the soul…And to his daughter he gave some wooden cookware…cause that is how they rolled in ancient china….Hey, my scroat has a mohawk too.


Double Dragon: Are you guys even real brothers? I am thinking way too hard for this movie. What’s up Chicken Butt


Stuff I Loved:

Shadow Warriors

The medallion is made of king

….To one son he gave the medallion for the body…for the other…the soul…And to his daughter he gave some pots…cause that is how they rolled in ancient china.

Oh that’s fair. Guys in chainmail and sewn on metal plates against old monks in robes

Monks who have a serious fire hazard in that cave.

Why does everyone always rip necklaces off stuff….you are destroying the clasps

Hey it’s a girl!!

Vanilla Ice!!..

Well which is it…the Emboss tool or Black and White paper.

That is a mighty fancy cigar.

Who breaks  the clasp!!

That is like a…what…ying yang in the henchmens hair.

Look…vanilla ice became paper mario!!

Sweep the leg…

don’t worry…we got short people for jacking up the ceiling…keep fighting.

Did this movie steal the foley album from every show in the 80s

Hey….who let the power ranger in here.

So TMNT/Saban choreography from the 90s

Dragon Droppings? Did he say Dragon dropping…

Noooo…not the noogies!! 10 points red!!

Didn’t see the rating…but pretty sure when the smack talk degraded to “Buttheads” I am watching a PG movie.

Jack City commerical. Love that crap. Who are these guys. “Pump you up!”

George Hamilton and Vanna White. Wow…this is the stuff and Andy dick! This is the news and weather…holy cow!

New Angeles.

As soon as curfew goes into place…time for the gangs to come out.

Gang Bait.

Always with the gang themes in movies….Clowns! Mohawks.. Wait…I thought we were watching The Warriors in a few weeks.

Man…that vanity mirror is awesome…tells you stats about gangs and all.

Don’t remember a station wagon in the Double Dragon lore.

ha…uses a trash burner like Back to the future

That is some pretty effiiceint trash to fuel motor….throw in a few sheets of newspaper…of the future and you get afterburn like a jet.

Best car chase scene sinceThe Rock!!

Who keeps piling cardboard boxes in the back streets of new angeles?

Hehe….I will admit…I laughed a little when they put the aerosol cheese can in and got some serious afterburn

Danger labels in the truck like in Knight Rider.

What a weird close up of the mohawk gang screaming…

“Hey broom man….we gonna sweep the floor with our skull….”

Look behind you…it’s the graphitti gang!

Hey…it’s Alyssa Milano….

High waist cut off blue jeans…those are fantastic….look…it’s alyssa milonas butt.


Run! It is the scroat monster!!

Wow…you can stop Vanilla ice by putting him in a chain link fence.

Awww…the soul monster plays the piano like I do..straight across

The gas line is broken! yeah…you broke it!

Man…this is really PG rated…they don’t even show the pimp hand smack of Satori…or whatever her name is


VR…it is the dystopian future!

If you don’t jack in…we will be vapor

Scary eye guy

You little Snarf? hehehe

Phew..scroat man lives!! thank goodness!

We ain’t got nobody but us

Worst motorcycle start ever.

Broom handle to the eye


The old …I can’t see a huge sign until it is shown on screen despite it should be totally obvious to anyone driving a speed boat.

Cop Cams! The Truce is over, man!

Does Tony know where you are at Samantha…has he seen your hair?

look here Hardy brothers….you can’t steal a necklace by sneaking into the cooling ducts and fishing for it

Gotta love a fan that is a soul sucker

If movies have taught us anything. Bad guys will wait around for you to postion them into a spot you can drop something hydrolic on them.

PG13 for Channel 69

Mime gang.

80s tie gang?

Shadow Demon. You shall not pass.

I can’t believe they would trash arcade games like that.

Ha! He went through the wall where it said BAM!!

Power of the body. vs Power of the soul

I kicked the soul right out of you.

“Shiiii….You said it!”

Silly string music for Feel Good ending. The bad guy is humilated

What’s up Chicken Butt

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