Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow (1996) – what do you mean we can set the timer on the thermal nuclear bomb to any length of time with absolutely no code? 99 hours bam. Take your time. Bum Bum Bum.


Broken Arrow – When 2 military buddies suffering from gambling problems go on a road trip in Utah things goes nuclear.


Stuff I Loved:

The least sweatiest boxing match ever.

Christian Slater’s face is so pretty you can’t even box it ugly

Would someone take the stinking money already

Slo-mo salutes. Ahhhh yeah

Bum bum bum bum.

Go to war against Utah. Gonna kick ass.

Park Ranger…I want to talk to you about your campfire.

Dang. These park rangers are pretty hardcore

Nothing worse than a sit down and buckled up fight. Looks like my kids in the backseat.

Should your seat eject lever really be so close to your co-pilot

Do bombs have parachutes?

We checked for life real good. We probably looked around a good 30 seconds.

Broken Arrow? Crap…let me look that up in the big book of weird military terms.

Christian Slater gets his ass kicked a lot in this movie

No…Howie Long is bad!

I don’t know what the hell is happening….but I am finding $20 dollar bills all over the park.

If the park ranger could get that close to the helicopter…why didn’t she just take the gun and shoot the pilot?

We were carrying nuclear wessles.

Ouch. Howie please do not run me over.

Bullet proof glass…sure. Gas tank made of cheap tin foil. You better believe it.

what do you mean we can set the timer to any length of time with no code?

fully expected burnt corpse travolta to stand up at the end and start shooting

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