Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II (1987)  84 min Rated X

Evil Dead II (referred to in publicity materials as Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn[2]) is a 1987 American comedy horror film directed by Sam Raimi and a parody sequel[3][4][5]to the 1981 film The Evil Dead. The film was written by Raimi and Scott Spiegel (they wrote the screenplay during the production of another collaboration Crimewave), produced by Robert Tapert, and stars Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams.

Opener:  Oh what cruel fate is this! First you take away my girlfriend…and now….you take away my hand. The horror. The unlitigated horror. Who will pleasure my boom stick now! GIVE ME BACK MY HAND! Give me back my hand!

Twitter: Evil Dead II – No Clamato was harmed in the making of this movie. Ok. That is a lie. All the Clamato.  met an untimely spewy demise.

Like Bobbi Joe. Run. Don’t walk from the Evil that is sam Raimi’s movie.

Stuff I Loved:

Written in the blood of the water.

1300 A.D. the book disappeared.

The Book of the dead.

Good use of miniatures. bridge.

What is up with the necklace?

Bruce Campbells singing is so hideous it hurts your ears.

Castle of Candar

hehe…rear chamber

Honda. Estrada. Mothra..

Linda isn’t here. cool worm’s eye view

Ride the camera through the woods

Sounds like a dirt bike running through the forest.

Possessed Bruce Campbell is the best.

Bruce Campbell can go cross eyed.

That cabin looks a lot smaller than I remember. Outhouse?

Taking a mud nap

Camera pulls are wild

The house has eyes.

Screw this cabin. I got a car!!

Them duke boys done blew up the bridge

Sam Raimi was really doing some unique stuff in this movie.

The camera is the monster. Camera chase!

Pretty sure the camera man hates Bruce Campbell

Never seen somebody fly out the windshield quite like that.

What are these doors made of…apparently not much. Bam.

I lost him!!

I miss Linda! She had good booty. Stiff hair…but good booty

Linda’s body sure decomposed quickly.

Creepy ass stop motion crap.

I don’t like Linda so much.

Bruce Campbell chair freak out…is the best.

Hello Lover….get off me head bitch.

30 minutes of Bruce Campbell fighting prosthetics is the best.

Clamp this bitch!

Chainsaw barbie rot

Blood (typo…typed bloob. bloody boob)  splattered on the light bulb turns the room red. Was this the first time?

Give me back my hand!!

Talk about sexual frustration. First they take away Ash’s girlfriend…and now his hand…GIVE ME BACK MY HAND!

Talk about your spider veins.

Check out that members only jacket

Hey Honey….Bobby Joe and me.

45….A hundred bucks

Sure Sam…I can do that…beat myself up…smash plates on my head. Done!

Possesed hand is strong.

Possesed gets a stabbing

Lots of blood splatter action

20 minutes into the walk and Bubba is still complaining about carrying the luggage he got succkered into.

“A Farewell to arms” Get it…

Detachable Penis!

Got ya didn’t I…ya little sucker.

Blood Shower!!

Holy Hell that deer head that comes to life is some scary shit.

The laughing.

Panasonic Reel To Reel

Bruce Campbell can scream like a girl

What’s in my Fruit Cellar!!

Head pull…always wanted to be saved with a head pull

Flying eyeballs gonna fly in your screamy mouth.

Hush little baby….DON’T BELIEVE IT! MOTHER IS EVIL!!

The big head shake. NOPE. NOPE…the big nope.

Possesed have green blood or red blood?

This house is possessed by a foley artist.

You are holding my hand too tight! Baby…I ain’t holding your hand!!!!!

Bobby Joe done had enough….nough I said!!

He who holds the double barrel shotgun holds the power

Matching Shorts and Shocks.

Sorry about that Bubba.

Get in the durn house Bubba…all of ya!!

Best way to block a door. Hold it and scream.

Ooops. Put bubba’s head right next to mom’s basement hole.

That is a lot of blood.

Love conquers all evil!

Mom’s Crazy Basement Sale!!

best transformer ever. Ash.


Tree ents!!

Best under the stairs grab. ever!

Grabbed her by the hair!!

That is some serious bloat

Dramatic hand. Coming out of the basement.

Snake head monkey noise.


Hey…Swallow your soul.

Killed at the hand of ash!

Chainsaw to the eye!

Christmas tree lights in the nether

Sound foley work in this movie is suspect

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