Barbarella (1968) – Yes…I will play you like a piano. At first it will feel rather warm and pleasant…then it will hurt like hell. No Wait. This is the bikini waxer setting. One moment please. Love


Barbarella- Saving the universe with her [vagina] [sex] [cooch] [loving] [love box] [box] (double entendre intended) Good night Alfie


Stuff I Loved:

Pretty impressive intro credits for the late 80s

I think Jane Fonda is confusing Sexy with Stoned

Barbarella Song….really…find the lyrics

Uh…gotta be a record Boobies in the first 5 minutes

Start of the sexual revolution?

Nothing is more orgasmic than taking off your clothes in Zero G

“Love” as a greeting

Duran Durante –

Eye up here Mr. President


In the future everybody has a lot of self esteem

Astronaughta Natrix?

Boing…Boing…Boing…teleportation device.


Space ship with Carpet interior

Good night Alphie

Sheesh…how many fetishes can one movie have.

If this was on network TV back in the day Star Trek would have never had a chance

Non-Destruction. What a positive outlook.

Kind of reminds me of Lexx

can we talk about the latex Fish Bowl Boobie suit.

Pretty clever Computer Display of Alphie.

Leave it to a lady to have a pink/red spaceship.Wonder if that is Mary Kay?

Let me adjust my tongue box…while you make a slush ball and hit me in the head.

A concusion is nothing to take lightly.

Alright….what drugs were these guys on. Snow skiing like water skiing with a some alien sting ray pulling you

What is this…the Thing 1 and Thing 2 planet.

Looking for Child Twin Actors to star in soft porn movie that you won’t get to watch until you are 17.

Alright those dolls are pretty freaking creepy…but pretty sure those metal teeth would leave some pretty deep scars

It is nice to see something pre Trek with their own interpretation of how space guns sound.

You forgot to kill the space bunnies.

Apparently, English and French are the only 2 languages we think others in space will speak without a tongue box.

Catchman….no Catch Man.

So…Catchman…you think since you service this weird ass wind sleigh ride that you can fix my Mary Kay ship. Doubt it.

How can you repay me? Make Love to me?

Psycho Cardiogram

Barberella…what a waste. All looks and no brains.

Actually pretty good dialogue

hahah…let me take off my bear suit…so you can see my just slightly less hairy chest and back

I think I found the problem with your ship. It is this big hole you have in the front of the ship.


Door that looks like a spinchter.

That is the last time I let some hairy dude screw me and repair my ship.

Barbarella…empowered future woman. Only vulnerability. Sex and high heels. Always falling for both

Pigar last of the omnipothroats

And I thought David Bowie’s Labyrinth was weird.

I was pretty sure Professor Ping was going to be Asian.

Jane Fonda must have taken inspiration from Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. For her acting


Thank you.

Barbarella…Saving the universe with her [vagina] [sex] [cooch] [loving] [box] (double entre intended)

My energy box is completely dead

Everything in this universe is “Box”

How many rubber tree plants had to die for the making of this film.

How many plastic bags had to die for this movie

good thing the chamber of ultimate solution is written in braille


Sex pills. Hope they have a long shelf life. He has had that pill for 5 years.

Jon-Paul….How long have you been standing there?

It is Durand-Durand….not Duran Duran

Password will be gogoo

Essence Of Man – Tastes like feet.

Yes…I will play you like a piano. At first it will feel rather warm and pleasant…then it will feel like a bikini wax.

Come on maestro. You promised a cresendo. What’s the matter?

Barbarella is so good she fixed everything

Wing P R instead of CPR

An Angel had no memory…what was I saying…oh yeah…an angel has no memory

sound bytes

Thank you – Early on

18:53 – dramatic situations

21:08 screams and laughs

41:57 – Ehh- Ehhh

43:42 – Password

53:00 – Faggotts?



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