What I’m Playing, Watching, Writing, Drawing & Comics This Week (07/10/2017)

Oh hi! Here is what I am doing this week!


Overwatch – Some Doomfist action!


Hello Neighbor (Demo)

Old Man’s Journey (Android)


I do a weekly Podcast with Scott Johnson on gaming called The Boop Show where we talk about Gaming News, Gameplay Stories and more.  We record on Saturdays!


Spawn (1997) on Netflix for FilmSack

I do a weekly Podcast with Scott Johnson, Randy Jordan and the other Brian (Ibbott) where we go back in time to see how a movie has held up over time. Spoiler, usually…no.

also, I release my SHOW NOTES with Intros that I record on YouTube.

Here is a recent one!

The Manhattan Project (1986) SHOW NOTES


I’m writing. It’s a project with a few of my friends. It’s fun. You will hear more in the coming weeks.

UPDATE: I am about 30% Done. I’ve learned a lot!


I made a promise with myself 43 days ago that I would draw digitally every day. Some of those drawings have been worth posting. Follow me on Instagram to see more!

I don’t normally do requests. But when I’s usually Deadpool.



Comics books, Webcomics, Syndicated Comics and Animation. I am always on the look out for something interesting. When we find it. We talk about it on a weekly webcomic show Comics Coast To Coast with Joel Duggan and Matthew Ducharme.

recently we talked about the Saga comic and Season 3 of the Flash on Netflix

CCC 304 – The No One Tell Joel Episode



As of last week I have joined The Morning Stream.

You can hear Scott and Ibbott and a listener try to STUMP ME with some Trivia.  Tune in on Monday’s to hear it live 12PM Eastern


I also quips on the daily on Twitter…



I’m still reading Avenger’s Disassembled. It’s not great.


The binging is easy. I checked out all four episodes  (24 min each) of the Netflix original animated series Castlevania. It’s not for the kids. A lot of graphic scenes and bit of profanity. Good news is…no naked ladies or sex scenes. No time…what with all the slaying.

Having the time of my life!




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