The “Never Saw It” Movie Challenge



I Am Northern Monkey @Jimbo2308
@thebriandunaway Rumblefish

Octogirl Melissa @themelizzabeth
@thebriandunaway Brainscan. Funny bad horror movie with a cool villain


Bjoern Mueller @baumbaTz
@thebriandunaway i assume you’ve seen this one:


Bjoern Mueller @baumbaTz
@thebriandunaway have ya seen the 6ep miniseries version of “das boot”? 😀

No! hehe

Thomas Chambers @Trumppoll
@thebriandunaway Short Time starring Dabney Coleman

Mike @mmogdog
@thebriandunaway Bad eggs.



Adam Woloszyk @shanafan

@thebriandunaway Like Hugh Grant? Notting Hill is a fantastic movie.

Damian Steward @Damo1972
@thebriandunaway The Time Guardian, a god awful Aussie sci fi from the 80’s, did have Carrie In there tho!


Matthew Johnson @TheMjohns
@thebriandunaway Glitter with Mariah Carey

JC Millot @Elmilo_Pio
@thebriandunaway Things to do in Denver when you’re dead (

Bill @Punted
@thebriandunaway Reign of Fire. Old terrible but somehow fun

Jenn Lee @y2jenn
@thebriandunaway Totally this one. Such a lovely movie.

Ken Cowan @mrken3235
@thebriandunaway Anthropoid

Chris Tackett @topherTackett
@thebriandunaway Head Office

Dave Fitzgerald II @BuckeyeFitzy
@thebriandunaway Sharknado 3: The Search for Plot

Doug Wild @acedia
@thebriandunaway “Man Bites Dog” (1992)


KAPT Kipper @Smokeme_aKipper
@thebriandunaway Dark Star


Steve Mannes‏ @SteveMannes
@thebriandunawayTim and Eric’s Billion Dollar movie

Josh Sanders‏ @themule42

@thebriandunaway Rock n’Roll Nightmare


I Have No Culottes @noculottes
@thebriandunaway Bringing Up Baby.

Martin Macdonald @MartinMac1
@thebriandunaway The Guard and or Calvary.



Tracy L. Tidwell @tracelt12
@thebriandunaway Spring (2014). Might also be sackable

Lance Richardson @Byytorr
@thebriandunaway Hunt for the Wilderpeople


Craig Chapman @CWChap
@thebriandunaway No retreat, no surrender

Adam Martin @webslingingadam
@thebriandunaway Locke with Tom Hardy

Jon Martin @Kojak_70
@thebriandunaway The Changeling starring George C Scott. If you’ve seen it, right on! 🙂

Mark P Crimmins @markpcrimmins
@thebriandunaway The Castle, Australia’s most cherished movie.

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