The Final Score: Episode 3

On this week’s episode of The Final Score we delve into gaming news, what we are playing, old school gaming and feedback from you.

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Latest News (discussed) :

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Trailer Revealed!:

StarCraft 2 given ‘Adults Only’ rating in South Korea:

Left 4 Dead 2 – “The Passing” Now Available on Steam!:

Xbox division posts $165 million profit in fiscal Q3 on strength of Xbox Live business:

PLAY TIME (what are we playing):

Scott:  (looking forward to 3D Dot Game Heroes on PS3) Played a little of the LD42 update.  Trying to finish Magic Ball

Brian: The Misadventures Of P.B. Winterbottom, Blur Demo

PLAY TIME (Brian’s Quick Notes):

The Misadventures Of P.B. Winterbottom (PC: Steam)

First impressions: Sounds like World Of Goo plays like Braid and looks like a silent film brought to video games

Story: In the Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom you play as Mr. Winterbottom, a pie thief who finds himself misplaced in time when he tries to steal the Chronoberry Pie. What a cruel world. Luckily for Winterbottom he discovers a way to manipulate time and uses his new found power to continue his pie thievry ways by cloning himself. Constantly thwarting young children’s appetites along the way.

Game Play: Puzzle game. Simple control scheme. Jump, direction and record. Based on the level, you will have to record a clone or clones of yourself to solve the puzzle of getting to all the tasty pies. Sometimes, based on a time limit and overcoming certain obsticals with creative thought.

Music: by David Stanton. I want this soundtrack. Make it available now. Do it.

Graphics: Winterbottom has the classic look of a villian from the silent era. A well dressed man with a pencil thin mustache and tall hat who likes to tie women up to train tracks. Or maybe a chimney sweep. It’s all in there. The game is mostly black and white and uses prose between scenes to give hints and further the story…and sometimes just to be witty. Totally immersion.

Blur Demo (xbox 360)

First impressions: Mario Kart meets Need For Speed: Underground.

Story: We don’t need no story. Let’s race and blow each other up.

Game Play: Race game. Just like in most Kart games you will be collecting items along the way to slow down or blow past the competition. My favorite is the bubble of protection (i’m sure it has a name…but I’m playing a demo here.) I tried the blaster power up but I could never stay on the road and hit anyone. When I tried the boost power up I did just I do in all race games that give you boost. I ran straight into the wall at 200 mph. Overall, this game was fun. It’s going to be all about the online play. But at $59.99 I may be waiting until the price comes down.

Music/Audio: I think they did a fine job with the music and audio in this demo. Most of the power ups have their own audio effects which helps with the immersion factor.
Graphics: This game looks great. Just what you would expect from a race game. Nothing really all that new here.



Speaking of old school gaming, I challenged Scott to a better practice run in Marble Madness. I sucked it pretty bad. I need a trackball to play this game…laser mouse not recommended. Watch me painfully play the practice level!

Thanks to all those who sent in Force Feedback questions and comments. I love those. Reminds me of the reader feedback in the front of gaming magazines. CALL US OUT!
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